We’re Back With More Preview Audio And Video For The Big Hearts Show Online April 18, 2021.

Sign up right here on our site….Sign Up To Watch Big Hearts Show To Get All The Details On How To Watch The Show And Qualify For Big Rewards Too. Did We Mention Cancun Live Fest December 2-5, 2021? Tell Us The Performers You Want To See Live. Qualify For 2 Free Fest Passes And Spending Credit Or 50% Off Earlybird Tickets.

For April 18 We Have 6 Segments…Each 35-45 Minutes Long…Each Will Rock & Blues Rock You! With A Some Jazz Rock & Pop Thrown In For Good Measure. Replays To Follow Of Course.

A Donation To Our Street Animal Cause In Mexico Qualifies You Immediately To Watch A Special Bonus Segment With More Great Videos And Some Special Blues Brothers Tribute Unpublished Footage From A Recent Festival Of Ours. Our Donorbox Donation Link For Street Animal Rescue Mexico

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