Want Your Invitation For The Garden Party Rock ‘n Blues Jam For The Street Animals Of Mexico November 27 Mexico City?

Want Your Invitation For The Garden Party Rock ‘n Blues Jam Fest For The Street Animals Of Mexico November 27 Mexico City?

Great Lineup. Big Hearted Performers Coming Together For This Benefit Event. From 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm approximately.

It’s A Semi-Private Event…For Animal Lovers…For Live Music Lovers…For Come Together Fun Lovers.

Send An Email To “Tequilabluesfest@gmail.com”  with the word “Garden or “Jardin” in the subject or Write to Us On Facebook Messenger  @tequilabluesfests     (https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/) Or A Chat Note from our Website right here:  https://tequilabluesrock.com

Not Only A Heartbreaker…A Great Singer Songwriter Mixing Country Roots & Rock Beth Lee Is Perfect For Our Big Hearts-Big Stars For The Cause Show In The Mayan Riviera December 2-5

Not Only A Heartbreaker…A Great Singer-Songwriter Mixing Country, Roots, & Rock, Beth Lee Is Perfect For Our Big Hearts-Big Stars For The Cause Show In The Mayan Riviera December 2-5. Earlier This Week We Announced Chris Duarte, from Texas, a Blues-Rock Guitar legend. We Also Announced Lorena Cabrera, one of Mexico’s finest power rock voices, and her new project, a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Band. All Girls, All 80’s Music. Today we announce Beth Lee, of Beth Lee and The Breakups, another Texan.

The 80’s Comes To The Mayan Riviera Love Fest…Rock ‘n Blues Explosions With One Of Mexico’s Finest Power Rock Voices

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN It’s December 2-5, 2021!

We Get Them First To Launch Our Mayan Riviera Fest!
Psst….Great News For Rockers At Our Fest…One Of Mexico’s Finest Power Rock ‘n Blues Voices Over The Past 10 Years Is Forming A New Band. And You Fans Will See Them First. The Hook: All Girl! Big Talent. Edgy But Ready For Cindi Lauper Style Fun On Stage.

Lorena Cabrera
Is Joining Us Folks

Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest Cancun-Mayan Riviera Excited To Welcome Chris Duarte To Our Ist Annual Fest…A True Blues Rock Guitar Legend

Look Who’s Coming To Puerto Morelos & Playa del Carmen December 2-5, 2021. We’re Very Excited. Perfect For Our Jam Oriented Weekend Fest. Blues & Rock Explosions Come To The Mayan Riviera in Mexico.
A Blues-Rock Guitar Legend-Chris Duarte-based in Austin, Texas, Chris will conjure up memories of another Texas-based guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan, RIP.
Humble, Big Heart, Hard Working On Stage. Fits Perfectly for our Big Hearts-Big Stars-Big Talent Fests. Truly A Can’t-Miss Live Talent.
And He’s Bringing A Friend, Perhaps Friends. We’ll Tell You More About Her Soon.
Where Do You Want To Be December 2-5, 2021?
Join Us As We Begin Rockin’ LIVE For Street Animal Rescue Mexico & Awareness Everywhere.


https://tequilabluesrock.com/ Festival Passes: https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/
https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/ Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

Don’t Forget To Boogie-The Live Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests Mexico 2021-22 Coming Soon.

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests & Events in Mexico 2021-22 will feature an explosion of Live rock ‘n blues with unique shows and excellent Big Hearted performers and groups.
We begin by telling you about some of the shows we’re presenting.
And there’s more: The Little Walter Harmonica Tributes, The Queens of Blues & Rock, The Blues-Rock Guitar Challenge Battles and Spanish Language Rock Originals & Covers
Watch for future videos highlighting our many Big Hearted Performers and the Additional Events at the Fest locations.

For Fest Passes or for more information and to contact us please go to Tequilabluesrock.com

Join The Mexico Winter Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Tour 2021-22

Join The Mexico Winter Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Tour 2021-22. See The Best Of Mexico, And Enjoy Great Rock ‘n Blues While Your Big Heart Supports Street Animal Rescue in Mexico and Everywhere.

Follow Us At Tequilabluesrock.com and at our Facebook page to get all the details. Fest Passes Now At Best Value And Best Seating. Great Promotional Offer For Those Who Take The Entire Tour. Just Ask Us.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide…December & Winter Is Just Months Away…The Mexico Fests Are On Their Way…Always For A Great Cause Post

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide…December & Winter Is Just Months Aways…The Mexico Fests Are On Their Way…Always For A Great Cause

Join A Tour Group Of Fellow Rock ‘n Blues ‘n Sun Lovers In Cancun For The Fest-December 2-5, 2021

You Love Rock ‘n Blues..An International Performers Lineup…Performers You Don’t See Very Often…Other You Know Well And Are Big Fans Of…You Love The Beaches And San And Warm Sun And Cold Drinks.

Put A Group Together To Travel Together To Cancun…We’ll Connect You With Our Contacts If You Are On Your Own Or Just A Couple Of You.

Mexico’s Premiere Vacation Destination. A World-Class Vacation Destination. Fly To Cancun…The Mayan Riviera Awaits You. Fest Will Be Held At Puerto Morelos, About 25 km from Cancun Airport, With Resort Accommodation For All Tour Group Members Nearby

Most Importantly, Stay At The Same Hotel/Resort That Performers And Other Fest Fans Are Staying At. And Get Your Fest Tickets, Merch, And Optional Tours & Events All In A Bundle. Savings, Of Course, Going This Way, But Most Importantly You Will Have A Great Fest Music & Vacation Experience With Old & New Friends.

Please Fill Out The Form Below To Tell Us You’re Interested In Joining A Tour Group, Or Will Organize One, Or Just Want More Information On Festival Passes And Optional Events & Tours. We’ll Be Back In Touch With You As Soon As Possible With The Information, You Need.

    Big Hearts-Big Stars June 24 Rock ‘n Blues Video Show Tonight

    Join Us Tonight. 6:00 pm CDT. Please Sign Up Below To Get The Special Viewing Link For Our Site.

    When Rivers Meet-UK: 4 Recent U.K. Blues Rock Awards

    Tonight’s Performers: In Order Of Appearance. One Great Show-45 Minutes!

    Welcome From Director…Bob Rempel

    Evelyn Rubio-USA/Mexico

    When Rivers Meet-UK

    Eric Lee-USA

    Red Rooster Original-Mexico

    Evelyn Rubio-USA/Mexico

    Steve Marriner-Canada

    The Broken Brothers Blues Band-Mexico


    Rebel Heart Band-Canada

    Red Rooster Original-Mexico

    When Rivers Meet-UK

    Check Out Previous Shows from April 18 and May 16. Many Segments.

      More Than Just Great Music-Cancun Big Hearts Fest December 2-5, 2021

      We Continue To Announce More Details For Our Cancun Region-Maya Riviera Fest to be held in Puerto Morelos, Mexico December 2-5. Great Weekend Shaping Up. Here’s The Latest Based On Our “More Than Just Great Music” Theme. See Details In The Poster Below. If You Want To Register Or Just Get More Information Please Send Us A Message Using The Form Below, Or Email or Messenger As Noted. Thank You! Let’s Get Ready To Rock & Blues-Rock!

      1. Rock ‘n Run Events-10 K For All Ages-Different Categories, Final Stretch And Finish Line On The Beach Sand, And A Big Fun “Beer Mile” Event…you drink a beer every quarter mile. All For Fundraising And Fun.

      2. Yacht Rock-Hours At Sea, the beautiful Caribbean Sea, On A Large Boat With Fest Performers Providing Music, All-Inclusive Drinks & Food And A Secluded Spot For Swimming, Snorkeling Or Sunbathing. More Fundraising.

      3. Rock ‘n Blues & The Love Explosion Too Festival. Not Only An Old School Singles Mixer Table…fun, fun, fun but most importantly Rockin’ Vows Commitment Ceremonies. Renewal Your Vows. Make Them For The First Time. In Front Of Family And Friends And Fellow Rock ‘n Blues Music Lovers. With Your Special Video of the Ceremony. Choice Of Song To Dance To Or Enjoy Together After The Ceremony. Starts Each Day At Happy Hours Before Fest Music Show Starts At 7:00 pm Big Hearts Love For The Cause And Making A Difference…And Our Special Effort To Honor The Doobie Brothers Song Long Train Runnin’ With the Key Words: “Without Love Where Would We Be Now”? More Fundraising. Book Your Ceremony Now At The Festival Tickets Link Below. Also A Fundraiser.

      4. Tour Groups Forming Now. Come From Anywhere. Book Your Air Transportation Individually. We Give You A Package Including Fest Tickets, Merch, Yacht Rock, Other Tours Like Cenotes & Mayan Ruins Plus Of Course Great All-Inclusive Accommodations Where Other Fest Attendees And Performers Will Be.

      June Will Be The Best Pricing For EarlyBird Festival Passes & Tickets for Cancun And All Other Fests. You Know The “Earlybird Gets The Worm” You Can Easily Be An EarlyBird Too. Just Go To Our Festival Tickets Page Here.

      Want More Information Or Sign Up. Just Send Us A Note Below, Email us at “tequilabluesfest@gmail.com” , or Contact us through Messenger at our Facebook Page: F.B. @Tequilabluesfests

        Early Bird Tickets For 2021 & 2022 Events Available Now

        EarlyBird Tickets Available Starting Today June 1 At Our Tickets Page Here. https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Tickets Prices Adjusted Monthly. June 2021 Will Be Your Best Value Friends!

        We’re Getting Ready For Some Great Upcoming Big Hearts-Big Stars Rock ‘n Blues ‘n Love Events. Follow All Our Announcements At Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Love Explosion Facebook Page And Here. Yes, We Are Now Tequila Rock ‘n Blues ‘n Love Explosion Fests & Events. We Can’t Get Too Much Rock ‘n Blues ‘n Love In This Life Can We?

        Can You Rock A Crowd?

        Can You Rock A Crowd? Help Create A Memorable Experience For Them! Have Some Excellent Performance Video Online So Fans Can See You In Action?

        Do You Want To Grow Your Fan Base & Your Reputation As Caring Big Hearts? Do You Want A Great Warm Weather Destination For A Fan Group Excursion

        We Create Benefit Fests For Great Music & Support For Worthy Local Causes. We’re Growing And We’re Interested In Expanding Our Performers’ Group.

        Please Go To Future Performers On Our Site Here And See If This Is A Partnership You’d Like To Develop. We’re Ready To Talk.

        With Your Big Heart & Love For Animals You Can Wear The Shirt Proudly

        You Can Still Catch Our May 16 Big Hearts-Big Stars Online Rock ‘n Blues Show

        Check It Out!

        We heard comments like ” great show”, “all the musicians were great! I loved the selection”, “liked the mix of music”, “wow, she is awesome”,

        You can check it out for yourself.
        If you wish to access Segment 1 May 16 Show you can use this link.

        Segment 2 Direct Link

        Segment 3 Direct Link


        All April 18 Segments & Now May 16 Segments are also available by browsing and scrolling..and clicking the link of the segment you want to see, at https://tequilabluesrock.com/Streams/


        How To Watch The May 16 Big Hearts-Big Stars Shows Here At TequilaBluesRock.com

        Thank You For Your Interest In The Big Hearts-Big Stars Online Rock ‘n Blues Shows. For The Rescue!

        This Is How To Watch The Shows. Very Simple. There Are Three Segments. About 2 Hours Of Great Music From Big Hearted Performers.

        Go To Our Website At This Link: https://tequilabluesrock.com/Streams/

        Find The Video Stream You Wish To Watch. Look For May 16 In The Title. The Previous Post Listed The Performers In Each Stream.

        Segment 1: Goes Live At 6:00 pm CDT

        Segment 2: Goes Live At 6:30 pm CDT

        Segment 3: Goes Live at 7:00 pm CDT

        Reminder: Go To https://tequilabluesrock.com/Streams/

        Pick The Segment You Wish To Watch. Segments from April 18 Also Still Available. There were 6 in total plus a Bonus Segment For Donors.

        Please Enjoy The Great Music. You Can Support Street Animal Rescue, Neutering & Treatment In Mexico & Everywhere We Can Raise Awareness Of Serious Plight Of The Homeless & Abandoned Animals Living On The Streets. Together We Can Make A Difference In Their Lives.


        Come Together 2021!

        Who When Where?…It’s Tonight Sunday, May 16

        You Asked For It! Who Performs When? Tonight. It’s Below. And A Special Musical Treat Right Here…Right Now To Show You Some Of What You Have In Store If You Come To Our Live Events Starting Later This Year.

        And That’s Just The Start. Watch The Shows And Enter Our Free Front Row Passes & Spending Credit Contest For Cancun Region Live! But First Please Sign Up To Watch The 3 Segments Tonight…Over 2 Hours Of Music.

        Segment 1 Goes Live At 6:00 pm CDT. Segment 2 At 6:30 pm, Segment 3 At 7:00 pm CDT Sign Up Here At Our Facebook Events Page: Big Hearts Show 2-The Return Of Rock ‘n Blues ‘n More Online In Support Of Street Animal Rescue MX or go to https://tequilabluesrock.com/Lineup/ and enter with email here.

        Segment 1
        The Nova Scotiables-Canada
        Kitty Daisy & Lewis-England
        Fonzeca Caja Pandora Project-Mexico
        Gil Gaidola-Canada
        The Mojo Stars-Canada
        Brian Melo-Canada
        The Crystal Ship-Mexico
        Jimena Segovia & The Electricks-Mexico
        Segment 2
        Gil Gaidola-Canada
        Tritton Metal Band-Mexico
        Jimena Segovia & The Electricks-2 Songs-Mexico
        Brian Melo-Canada
        The Folks-Mexico 
        Jimena Segovia & The Electricks-Mexico
        The Nova Scotiables-Canada

        Segment 3
        Kal David & Lauri Bono-USA
        Ladies Sing The Blues-Tequila Rock ‘n Blues  2019-Mexico & Canada

        The Folks-Mexico
        Elihu Barbara Azul-Mexico

        Gil Gaidola-Canada
        Austin “Walkin” Cane-USA

        Clay Melton-USA

        Niece-2 Songs-USA
        Kal David & Lauri Bono-USA

        Enjoy! We Love These Big Hearts-Big Stars…and You’ll See Many Live Up Close And Personal At Our Upcoming Events. And Now Mystic Highway from our April 18 show with a song that has timeless appeal…written during the Vietnam War time…There are no fortunate sons and daughters on the street either. People…animals…we can try to make a difference. We Come Together 2021!

        Did You Miss Our April 18 Online Big Hearts-Big Stars Rock ‘n Blue Shows?

        We’re Counting Down To Kickoff…Kickoff Of Our New Big Hearts-Big Stars Shows…For The Rescue!, Sunday Night 6:00 pm. 3 Great Segments…A Total Of Over 2 Hours Of Music This Sunday. The Best Rock ‘n Blues Music Variety You’ll Find Online!…Well, That’s Our Position!

        Here’s Segment 1 To Start Getting Us Ready To Rock Again For The Rescue Sunday Night