5 Hours of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Begins Again Tonight As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Returns For The Second Weekend

We Keep Updating Our Schedule Of Performances.

5 Hours Of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Fest Format Ahead Tonight in Zihuatanejo at Madana Bar and Restaurant. The Same for Ixtapa at Villa Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant for Saturday Night. We Begin At 6:00 PM With The Music Of The Early Bob Dylan And The Beatles. It’s Can’t-Miss For Some Of The Best Musio Of Our Lives.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music is added for later in the Evening after high energy uptempo Charlie Jacobson and The Oralia Band Sets. Blues Brothers style. Same for Zeppelin And AC-DC Music after Stevie Ray Vaughan music by Torke Ross.

Will You Be In The House A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’?

We Start The Live Rockin’ ‘n A Bluesin’ Tonight…Mexico Style…Tequila Mezcal Style…In Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023…Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

We Start The Live Rockin’ ‘n A Bluesin’ Tonight…Mexico Style…Tequila Mezcal Style…In Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023…Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

We’re At Villas Paraiso Hotel In Ixtapa Tonight! Live Music Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest Style Returns. Our Mission: To Rock You Uptempo All Night With The Music Of Our Lives. 6:00 pm

Tonight Live Rock ‘n Blues Returns

It’s Game Day, It’s Rock Day. Still Good Seats Available For The Return Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests After Two Long Years…For Those Of Us That Like To Rock…Live Up Close And Personal.

Don’t Miss Our Opening Moments As We Take A Moment To Remember The Pain And Hurt That Most Of us Felt During Covid Times When We Lost Dear Loved Ones Then We All Grab Our Tequila Sampler Glass And Say “Salud”

“We’re Still Standing is our Theme Song for our Return. Then you’ll hear the opening riff from Rock and Roll by Zeppelin or Hotel California by the Eagles or Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. or Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones, or maybe even “I Love Rock and Roll:…and Blues by Joan Jett.

We’ve At Villas Paraiso Hotel Villas Paraíso and Ricardo’s Restaurante Villas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo in Ixtapa Tonight. Great Fest Style Dinner Buffet Specials and All Inclusive Drinks (beer, wine, tequila) both at 200 pesos each per person. Worth the price of admission for the All Inclusive Drinks package alone, we say.

Get Your Two (4,6,8, 10) Tickets To Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise, It’s Rockin’ in the Free World Time. https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Tonight!

We Will Rock You!

Start Us Up And We’ll Never Stop. The Stones Open Every Concert With This Song. Perfect!

For #Blues lovers For #Bluesmusic lovers…Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests returns to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo very soon now and we are still very much a Blues and Blues-rock festival.

#bluesrockmusic The 3 Kings of Blues Tribute Show Is Unique To Our Festival

More about the January 27 & 28 Shows. The second weekend. Two Great Weekends Of Live Rockin’ ‘n a Bluesin’ Not Seen In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo since…well 2020 when we last had an event.

We’re a hybrid, I know, rock and blues together, the perfect scrambled egg of music we think. We love blues-rock and the blues. And it will always be an important part of our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

So if you’re a blues or blues-rock lover, and you want a little sun and beach in your life, and some fun in your evening, how can you allow yourself to miss two great nights of the 3 Kings Of Blues Tribute (B.B King, Albert King and Freddie King) January 27 (Zihuatanejo Madana Bar Victor Manjarrez our host) and January 28 (Ixtapa, Villas Paraiso Hotel Villas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo our host

Presented by the Chris Sanchez Blues Band, Chicago-born Chris, steeped in the blues and influenced greatly by the 3 Kings of Blues, as is everyone else who has ever played the blues, shared their 2-night song list with us recently. Awesome list. We can’t wait, and we hope you feel; the same. Did we say they are bringing an added Horns section for their show? Check out one of their rehearsal songs from the Basement.

This is the full song list, 16 songs:


Every day I have the Blues https://youtu.be/jWEeL__sMN0

Sweet sixteen https://youtu.be/bIwZnT-qbgg

Rock me baby https://youtu.be/RmDIOLWexts

Caldonia https://youtu.be/VXPouT8ZP0A

The Thrill is gone https://youtu.be/kpC69qIe02E

Paying the cost to be the boss https://youtu.be/oUTwVtS_-NA


Born under a bad sign https://youtu.be/2Py37G9qsfY

Don’t burn down the bridge https://youtu.be/Gt0p2wN-SGM

As the years go passing by https://youtu.be/b3Gxg3cEcKU

I’ll play the Blues for you https://youtu.be/RznyMS6lYFw

I’m ready https://youtu.be/LwpkFCv9lug

Kansas City https://youtu.be/ZuWtu5lw6Vg

I’ll be doggone https://youtu.be/4yeNf_Sbrpo


I’m tore down https://youtu.be/YxqnKmTo4SY

She’s a burglar https://youtu.be/G3QwlUDSqYY

Pack it up https://youtu.be/7bP5B

Advance Tickets get you a guaranteed seat and table in order of purchase. https://tequilabluesrock.com has all the info about our event. Click Festival Tickets for online advance tickets. Face-to-face ticket sales start Friday January 13 in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. 11:30 am at Villas Paraiso Hotel Ixtapa. or Wednesday, January 11 at 5:30 pm at Madana Bar in Zihuatanejo. By appointment, please. Send us a message to confirm. +52 755 101 5989 (whatsapp) or from our website.

So Many Great Blues & Rock Vocalists Coming To Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico January 27 & 28 For The Big Return Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Music Explosion Festivals…Today We Feature Torke Ross of Mexico City

We’ve been telling you about so many great blues and rock vocalists coming to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo for January 27 and January 28. We told you about Joseph Leal of Mexico City, we told you about Chris Ghidoni from Canada...the long list here and we’re still working on making it better.

Torke Ross of Mexico City is a big talent. A big heart. Great guy to work with. Ready to support always. Both Lead vocals and lead guitar. Bilingual. Classic Rock and Blues in Spanish or English. Everything from Doors and CCR covers, yes Kiss too to 3 Souls in Mind and more for popular Mexico rock. He’ll be performing with the Mexico City Supergroup and presenting Beatles, Stones , CCR and more great classic rock and blues music.

See videos here below from 2 performances on our stages.

Torke Ross on left. With Isidoro Negrete Reynoso and The Blues Machine. Isidoro also coming to Fest 2023 Second Weekend

Please Don’t Miss Torke and his Classic Rock and Blues music January 27 & 28. Ticketing Information at our Website. Advance online sales at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Face to-face sales in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo start January 11 today. Details on our website.

The Music And The Fun Make The Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events Great…The Causes Give Us…And You, Added Motivation To Do This, And Go All In

The Music And The Fun Make The Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events Great…The Causes Give Us…And You, Added Motivation To Do This, And Go All In

We’ve been out of the public spotlight in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for two years. Blame Covid. Nothing else. Ended 2020 on a high note and all momentum we had as a local community-based, business organization with a purpose beyond profits was lost. So it’s the big reboot for 2023 and new people who weren’t with us before, have started asking who we are and why we are different.

Our purpose is to help build the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and region community we live in and started our business enterprise in. Festivals and high-level music and other events are well acknowledged excellent ways of bringing in new tourism dollars. Bringing back previous visitors to the area as well. International and national visitors.

The Big Reboot Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest & Shows 2023

And we wanted to support causes dear to our hearts and others in the community. The model we chose for our core Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events business was a “social enterprise”. A model dear to the heart of the founder Bob Rempel,

After a long business career in western Canada, he discovered the power of the social enterprise model when he served as Executive Director of a non-profit organization called SSCOPE for six years back in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Before coming to Mexico as a tourist. And ending up Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Now with permanent resident status in Mexico.

The social enterprise entity operates as a business, using all normal effective business principles, except all profits are turned back into the organization or donated to the community and causes, instead of going to shareholders or the owner(s). So that was the model adopted when we first launched Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion events in January 2018 with a great blues and rock event. And then more concerts and festivals in 2019 and 2020.

Then Covid came along halting all live events in 2021 & 2022, except one live event in Mexico City, on December 11, 2021, called “The Spirit of Christmas Rock ‘n Blues Explosion” supporting animal rescue work in Mexico City. Excellent videos on our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Youtube page.

We’ve written before about our community involvement and our mission to support the community we live and operate in before.

Here are some links to previous posts on our website:

Community 1 (Our main report to the Community…being updated at the present time to add more information for the periond from 2020 to today)

Community 2

Community 3

Community 4

Now we’re here in September 2022 planning for the big reboot in January 2023 and I want to tell you more about the Causes we want to support and help as much as possible in 2023.

In 2023 We Continue To Support Street Animal Rescue in Mexico, now with our own small shelter too, and our Animales Angeles Fund MX. This Year Have Taken On The Challenge Of Beginning To Support As Much As Possible What We Call Street Kids Rescue-Helping Kids In Need, One By One, With Food, Shelter, Education, School Clothing, and Such. To Help Them Realize Their Full Potential. The “Rescue” theme works well for our mission we believe.

We Have Requested That The City of Zihuatanejo Give Us the Authorization To Use The Zihuatanejo Cultural Centre For Shows on January 21, 22 and 27. In Return If Granted, We Have Also Committed To Raise Funds For A New “School Of Rock” Based Out Of Zihuatanejo’s Cultural Centre, and Working In The Region With Good Teachers And Equipment To Create Talented Future Rockers. So That Means Clinics At Every Fest And Event Too With Some Of Our World Class Talent.

Plus, Where We See An Opportunity If Possible We Want To Help Ukrainian War Refugees In Mexico. We’re Warred Out, To Turn A Phrase. Let’s Help If We Can Is Our Thinking.

These causes are dear to our hearts of us as organizers and our small dedicated volunteer group. Plus we believe these are very worthy causes that our fans and performers can easily get behind. Mexicans, Americans, and Canadians come together to enjoy the music of our lives in a fun atmosphere at destination-worthy events, while trying to support the local community and worthy causes. See you in January, or earllier at some of our lead-up events in the community!

We Love To Partner With Community Minded Enterprises And Biz. Is That You? Let’s Come Together For The Causes!

We Love To Partner With Community Minded Enterprises And Biz. Is That You? Let’s Come Together For The Causes. For The Community!

You Asked How Did Tequila Blues & Rock Get To Here-Tell Us How You’ve Done So Far?

We Are All About Causes, Live Music & Films. Our Causes for 2020 Continue To Be The Children of Ixtapa-Zihua. We’ve Added A Street Animal Rescue Focus With Support For The Amigos de Animals Project And the Animales Angels MX Projects.

But You Asked How Did Tequila Blues & Rock Get To Here-Tell Us How You’ve Done So Far? We’re All In This Together And We Sincerely Thank Every One Who Has Been Part Of Our First Two Years Of Events.

Our 2019 Fest Wrap-Up

Boletos, Boletos, Tickets, Tickets. Now On Sale In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo And Online

Boletos, Boletos, Tickets, Tickets. Now On Sale In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo And Online

Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough Moment?

Alvin Lee and Ten Years After Were: Mindsets in Motion For Your Life Your Business, Your Family Coming Soon!

Animales Angels MX July 11 Evento En Las Noticias

Mexico News Daily featured our July 11 Animales Angels event in Mexico City in their June 27 edition. We are very grateful for their support

Read the full story on their site Here
and please join us at McCarthy’s Patios Tlalpan on July 11 to show your support too.

More information about Animales Angels MX, the event, and our news release here at our Tequila Blues event page