It’s Not Only Fans Of Blues and Blues-Rock That Are Excited About Joanna Connor Coming To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for our 2024 Fest…

It’s Not Only Fans Of Blues and Blues-Rock That Are Excited About Joanna Connor Coming To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for our 2024 Fest…, Guitar Players, Young and Old, New or Experienced Are Asking…When’s The Up Close And Personal Lessons and Clinic?

We’re On It Friends. It’s A Must Have, We Agree! We’ll Tell You More About The Clinic and Lesson Plans Soon.

The Best Blues Rock Guitarist To Ever Play In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. We Certainly Think So. Don’t Take Our Word For It. Listen To Her Videos, Read All The Comments On Her YouTube Music, and Most Of All Trust What The Big Name Professional Performers Say.

See Below Where She Offers An Online Lesson For All Guitar Players

Click Through Here To Watch It Directly On Youtube: (Youtube restricts embedding…it’s so good, smiles, our apologies)

Now Check Out Joanna On Stage.

Joanna Connor-Shake Your Money Maker

Where Do You Want To Be January 18-22, 2024 When Joanna Connor Is In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico? Tickets On Sale Now For January 19, 20 and 21 Events at Selling well, because they come with Table Reservation Privileges until September 27 only when we announce our second wave of Performers and Events. Joanna will also be with us for a special and big Fundraising Dinner Night with New Performers and First-weekend Fest Performers on January 22. Details to come shortly.

Announcing 2024-The Performers & The Better & Better Fests Plan…The News Release To All Media And Fans Everywhere…It’s Go Mexico…Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Time Once Again…Soon.

Please Note: Text Version in English and Spanish After PDF Downloads

Download PDF. The July 6, 2023 Release For 2024 In English

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Full Text News Release July 6, 2023 for January 18-28, 2024-Texto completo en español a continuación

The Paraiso Society presents the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival and our new Generations Unite Fest on January 18-28, 2024. 

World Renowned Blues and Rock Guitarist and Vocalist Joanna Connor Coming To Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo To Help Launch The Group’s “Better and Better” 3 Year Plan And Major New Fundraising Campaign For A  Music Training For Youth And Animal Rescue Multi-Purpose Facility For The Region.

July 6, 2023  Our Contact Info (Social Media At End)

Contact: Bob Rempel, Managing Chairperson. Residence & Office Address: Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico. 

Phone/W.A:+52 755 101 5989  Emails: &  

Website: FB: 

(July 6: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico) Live rock and blues music events are returning to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, in Mexico, after a strong 2023 relaunch with sold-out shows. The organizing committee has a new 3-year “Better and Better” plan for the Fests, which will see the events raising funds for a major new facility in the Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo community or nearby region, for street animals, musical education for youth, and live music performances. 

Advance Tickets and Table Reservations for 2024 are now on sale at the Fest’s website:

The all-volunteer Paraiso Society organizing group is thrilled to announce the new 2024 version of our unique Festival, which will be an important destination event for the Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo region for tourism from everywhere at that time of year.   “It’s cold everywhere else, ”we say in our marketing, “you need to be in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo for some warm weather live music fun with highly regarded  performers from around the world, that you won’t see anywhere else in Mexico.”

The always rockin’,’ Always a fun event features rock, blues, and boogie-woogie music and more, world-class guitars and vocals, fun and lots of dancing, and now new support for a great New Cause and Project for the community.

1-Minute Promo Video Headliners With Music On YouTube 2024/  Direct Link:  Our YouTube Channel: 

Headlining the 2024 Performers will be Joanna Connor of Chicago, USA, acknowledged by all as the Queen of Blues-Rock Guitar and Vocals who performs at all the top Festivals;’ four in July 2023 alone- 2 USA and 2 Europe ,(full Joanna Connor bio also on our website)  and 

Reggie “King”  Sears, of Fort Lauderdale, USA,  a child prodigy, now a world-class blues and rock guitarist and vocals. He is performing at both USA and European Festivals as well in 2023.  

Mexico will be well represented. with vibrant vocalist Mariana Gajma of Mexico City and Morelia performers being announced today.  Trebor Villa, @treborvilla Instagram, rock and folk rock guitarist and vocalist will present the music of Jimi Hendrix and the folk-rock music of Bob Dylan, and be part of the “All-Star” Band from Morelia that will present Classic Rock favorites.  The band also includes Kristel Rodriguez on bass guitar and vocals (@krisroad3 Facebook) and America Hernandez on drums (@america.hernandez.96780 Facebook).  All three from Morelia were at our 2023 Fest and were crowd favorites.     

All evening events are 5 hours of almost nonstop live music.

“This just gets us started, so you know the high talent quality level of the performers for 2024,” said Bob Rempel, the event chairperson.  We’ll have more great complementary performers to announce for January 2024 from about September 15-October 1.  A special headline performer just for a big Fundraising Dinner and Show on January 22 will also be announced.

In addition, showing our strong commitment to building a stronger viable event that will attract more and more visitors to the region,  we are now announcing excellent internationally known performers that have agreed to perform at our 2025 event during the last two weekends of January.  These include Steve Marriner of Canada, lead singer, guitarist, and harmonica of Monkey Junk, an internationally well-known blues-rock group, and a solo performer.  Couldn’t perform in 2024 because of a co-headlining tour with fellow Canadian Colin James in the USA, so we’re very pleased to have him come and perform for us in 2025.  From Mexico City, a blues rock band, formed 14 years ago,  Ensamble Ardiente, will be performing.   Younger, up-and-coming performers that you see first are always a priority of our programming, so In addition, 21-year-old blues-rock guitar and vocalist Trey Vanwig of Sarasota, Florida, and 21-year-old Dylan Triplett, blues and soul vocalist from St. Louis, Missouri.  More will be announced for 2025 next July 2024.

Steve Marriner

After a very successful relaunch of the events in 2023, the Paraiso Society organizers decided to commit seriously to “Better and Better Festivals and Events” and create an important Community Legacy.   Our detailed  “Better and Better” Vision and Action Plan for 2024-2026 for the Paraiso Society’s Rockin’ Fun Festivals (available to all for download at ( includes a major new commitment to raising funds to build or renovate a facility for Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and region, with a target of completion by  2026 end of the year, that will:   

1) create a unique Animal Rescue shelter for the entire region with a special focus on senior dogs and cats and providing them treatment, care, and the quality of life they deserve too;

2) create a special music education program, a “School of Rock and Blues” it could be called, with facilities and equipment and training, and special support for disadvantaged youth and;

3) a Performance Stage with all the necessities that could hold events by the Youth Performers or even our own Festival Events.  Meetings rooms and a Film Theatre for our future Film Festival are also in the plans.

The vision and action plan also states that we are committed to building our local and national Partnerships over the next 3 years.   We are pleased to announce today our first 3-year partnership agreement with the new luxury Luana Suites of Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo  This will involve their generous donation of a prize(s) for fundraising, accommodations for future performers, and additional Festival events at their location such as this year’s Meet and Greet-Open House at their location on Friday afternoon January 19.

Partnerships in transportation, accommodations, food and beverage, and tourism both local and national are of particular interest to us so we can support and offer more options to the growing number of tourists and performers that will attend our Events, said Rempel the chairperson.  “Let’s Talk and help build the region,  help build your business and image and help us build better events that will attract more tourists and locals to you and us”, he said.  

Music is truly a major part of the Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo experience for visitors and locals as the Washington Post article said a year or so ago, Bob  Rempel stated. 

“Taking place from January 18-28, 2024, and the last two weekends of future years,  the unofficial Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Rocks Week with both the Tequila Rock and Blues Explosion Festival and the new Generations Unite Festival (Generations United for Peace, Love, Understanding, Kindness, and Mother Earth)  will help further transform Ixtapa-Zihuataenjo into a vibrant hub of cultural immersion, artistic expression, and joyful festivities.”  “With its rich history and diverse community, and now “Magical” tourist status Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and region serve as an ideal backdrop for this one-of-a-kind event that embraces the spirit of fun in paradise, with flavors of Mexico everywhere and hearts open widely to do more for the community at the same time”, Rempel stated.

Throughout the festival, attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in a wide array of related unforgettable experiences and moments we call them.  The Better and Better Vision and Action Plan 2024-2026 also highlights several improvements and changes for 2024 Events.  Here are some highlights of what’s new for 2024-2026!

  • There will be an Event that features at least 50 percent Spanish-language rock and blues music.  It will be at our new Oceanside/Beachside Event, Sunday, January 21 in conjunction with our new venue partner; Coco Ixtapa Beach Club of Playa Linda.  
  • Set up of a “Show Us What You Got” Music Stage(s) for full community participation and fun during the entire Festival period. Open to local youth and local performers talented visiting tourists and karaoke singers out for fun, all will be recorded for social media.
  • Special Prizes from our Partners for Fundraising plus more great Win-Win fundraising:  For 2024 to date, we already have a special Weekend Stay at Luana Suites at Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo plus many more from new and existing partners to be announced.
  • Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Film Festival with a focus on music-themed movies and documentaries, will return on a trial basis, with plans for full implementation of an annual complimentary Film Festival by 2025
  • A Walk-Run-Cycle Event…with or without your special dog(s) or cat(s) leading to live music and food and drink upon return will be tested in 2024 with plans to make it a full event for 2025. Full course: Zihua to Playa Linda and return for active runners. Shorter distances available of course.  The opportunity is here for a new Venue Partner here to serve as the start and finish location.
  • An additional complementary unique annual Sports related event, that will attract tourists of all ages,  involving a basketball court and soccer field, near a beach, is planned for testing in 2024 as well,  for full implementation in 2025.

Dates and Venues: (As of July 5, 2023)

-January 19 afternoon: Meet and Greet and Live Music from Fest Performers. At Fest Partner,  Luana Suites, Playa La Ropa Zihuatanejo. 

-January 19 Festival Opening Night  (Canada Night Theme) at Madana Bar and Restaurant, Zihuatanejo,  6;00 pm.  Reserved Table program in effect.

-January 20 Festival at Ricardo’s Restaurante and Bar, Ixtapa (USA Night Theme) 6:00 pm start.  New Music, New Sets. Reserved Table program in effect

-January 21   (Mexico Afternoon Theme)  at Coco Ixtapa Beach Club at Playa Linda, Spanish and English Rock and Blues. Reserved Table program in effect

-January  22  Special Fundraising Dress Up-Dress Down Dinner, Show and Dance- With Special New Performer Guest Plus Fest Performers. (Location To Be Announced)

January 23-28:  2-3 More Events as part of our spin-off Fest: Generations Unite…The Festival for Peace, Love, Understanding and Mother Earth

The Vision and Action Plan  (download on website) also outlines other changes and improvements that are scheduled to be made in 2025 and 2026.

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival presents classic rock ‘n blues ‘n rockabilly ‘n boogie woogie music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s primarily, the  Music of our Lives we call it, on the last two weekends of January, for visitors to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Mexico from everywhere.  The first Fest was held in 2018 and has been held every year in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo since except for Covid caused shutdowns in 2021 and 2022.  All events have been fundraising events organized by volunteers.  All events have operated with cash flow only from ticket sales and the help of local partners.  No other subsidies or support said Rempel.  “It’s the true test of events like this…Do they want it, If you build it will they come”  For the community impact of events to date, search “community”  on our website “We were not satisfied that we have done enough for the community, so with “Better and Better Vision and Plan” you see our commitment to creating a new significant impact on this community in the next 3 years and beyond,” stated Rempel.

The new Generations Unite Festival…The Festival for Peace, Love, Understanding, Kindness and Mother Earth (short name: Generations Unite Fest) will offer a wider selection of music that will appeal to a wide variety of folks, including folk-rock, country rock, country, reggae, jazz-rock, pop and more, but always with a fun atmosphere that visitors and locals love for a night or afternoon out.

The Paraiso Society is a small ad hoc group of volunteers from Canada, the USA, and Mexico who love the still-too-hidden paradise of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and the region whose mission is to create fun, destination-worthy events with entertainment and entertainers from Mexico, Canada, USA, and the U.K., that are unique to the area, while supporting local causes such as street animal rescue, youth development, and creating a lasting legacy. The Society has also organized other events in Mexico City in the past and will continue to be open to establishing similar events in other tourism-focused communities where the right partnerships are available.

For Online Tickets To All Events and Reserved Tables (up to 7:30 pm or by special arrangement) Selection In Order Of Purchase please go to our Festival Tickets page on our Website.

For media or partnership inquiries, please contact Bob Rempel, Organizing Committee Chairperson, with contact details on top.

Social Media:  Facebook, (Fan Page) Twitter    Youtube Channel   Spotify 2024 Music Coming Soon.

Logo & More Images Below:

(More Below)

Espanol-In Spanish:

La Sociedad Paraíso presenta el Festival de Explosiones de Tequila Rock ‘n Bluesy nuestro nuevoFestival de unión de generaciones del 18 al 28 de enero de 2024.

Guitarrista y vocalista de blues y rock de renombre mundialJuana ConnorLlegando a Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo para ayudar a lanzar el plan de 3 años “Cada vez mejor” del grupo y una nueva e importante campaña de recaudación de fondos para un entrenamiento musical para jóvenes y un centro de usos múltiples para el rescate de animales en la región.

6 de julio, 2023Nuestra información de contacto (redes sociales al final)

Contacto: Bob Rempel, Presidente Ejecutivo. Dirección de Residencia y Oficina: Ixtapa-Zihua, México.

Teléfono/W.A:+52 755 101 5989 Correos electró &  


(6 de julio: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, México) Los eventos de música rock y blues en vivo regresan a Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo, en México, después de un fuerte relanzamiento en 2023 con espectáculos con entradas agotadas. El comité organizador tiene un nuevo mandato de 3 años.“Mejor y mejor”plan para los Fests, que verá los eventos recaudando fondos para una nueva e importante instalación en la comunidad de Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo o región cercana, para animales callejeros, educación musical para jóvenes y presentaciones de música en vivo.

Las Entradas Anticipadas y Reservas de Mesas para 2024 ya están a la venta en la web del Fest:

Eltotalmente voluntario El grupo organizador de Paraiso Society se complace en anunciar la nueva versión 2024 de nuestro exclusivoFestival, el cual será un evento de destino importante para la región de Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo para el turismo de todas partes en esa época del año. “Hace frío en cualquier otro lugar”, decimos en nuestro marketing, “tienes que estar en Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo para disfrutar de música en vivo en un clima cálido con artistas de renombre de todo el mundo, que no verás en ningún otro lugar de México”.

el siemprerockeando, ‘Siempre un evento divertido que presenta música rock, blues y boogie-woogie y más, guitarras y voces de clase mundial, diversión y mucho baile, y ahora nuevo apoyo para una gran Nueva Causa y Proyecto para la comunidad.

1 minuto Cabezas de cartel de video promocional con música en YouTube 2024/ Enlace directo: Nuestro canal de YouTube:

Los artistas principales de 2024 seránJoanna Connor de Chicago, EE. UU., reconocido por todos como elReina del Blues-Rock Guitarra y Vozque se presenta en todos los festivales principales; cuatro en julio de 2023 solo: 2 en EE. UU. y 2 en Europa (la biografía completa de Joanna Connor también está en nuestro sitio web) y

Reggie “King” Sears, de Fort Lauderdale, EE. UU.,  un niño prodigio, ahora un guitarrista y vocalista de blues y rock de clase mundial. Actuará en festivales de EE. UU. y Europa también en 2023.

México estará bien representado. con vibrante vocalista Mariana Gajma de la Ciudad de México y los artistas de Morelia se anunciarán hoy.Villa Trevor, guitarrista y vocalista de rock y folk rock presentará la música de Jimi Hendrix y la música folk-rock de Bob Dylan, y formará parte de la Banda “All-Star” de Morelia que presentará los favoritos del Rock Clásico. La banda también incluyeKristel Rodriguez en el bajo y la voz yAmerica Hernandezen tambores Los tres de Morelia estuvieron en nuestro Fest 2023 y fueron los favoritos del público.

Todos los eventos nocturnos son 5 horas de música en vivo casi sin parar.

Joanna Connor (below)

“Esto solo nos sirve para comenzar, para que conozcan el alto nivel de calidad de talento de los artistas para 2024”, dijo Bob Rempel, presidente del evento. Tendremos más grandes artistas complementarios para anunciar para enero de 2024 desde aproximadamente el 15 de septiembre hasta el 1 de octubre. También se anunciará un artista principal especial solo para una gran cena y espectáculo de recaudación de fondos el 22 de enero.

Además, mostrando nuestro fuerte compromiso de construir un evento más sólido y viable que atraiga a más y más visitantes a la región, ahora anunciamos excelentes artistas de renombre internacional que aceptaron actuar en nuestro evento 2025 durante los dos últimos fines de semana de enero. Éstas incluyenSteve Marriner de Canadá, cantante principal, guitarrista y armónica de Monkey Junk, un grupo de blues-rock de renombre internacional, y solista. No pudo presentarse en 2024 debido a una gira conjunta con su compatriota canadiense Colin James en los EE. hace años que,Ensamble Ardiente, estará actuando. Los artistas más jóvenes y prometedores que ves primero son siempre una prioridad de nuestra programación, por lo que además, el guitarrista y vocalista de blues-rock de 21 añostrey vanwig de Sarasota, Florida, y de 21 añosDylan Triplet, vocalista de blues y soul de St. Louis, Missouri. Se anunciarán más para 2025 el próximo julio de 2024.

Steve Marriner

Luego de un relanzamiento muy exitoso de los eventos en 2023, los organizadores de Paraiso Society decidieron comprometerse seriamente con “Better and Better Festivals and Events” y crear una importanteClegado de la comunidad. Nuestro detalladoVisión y Plan de Acción “Cada vez mejor” para 2024-2026para los festivales Rockin’ Fun de Paraiso Society (disponible para descargar en ( incluye un nuevo compromiso importante para recaudar fondos para construir o renovar una instalación para Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo y la región, con un objetivo de finalización para fines de año en 2026, que:

1) crear un refugio de rescate de animales único para toda la región con un enfoque especial en perros y gatos mayores y brindarles el tratamiento, la atención y la calidad de vida que también merecen;

2) crear un programa especial de educación musical, una “Escuela de Rock y Blues” podría llamarse, con instalaciones y equipamiento y formación, y apoyo especial para jóvenes desfavorecidos y;

3) un Escenario de Actuación con todas las necesidades que podrían albergar eventos de los Jóvenes Intérpretes o incluso nuestros propios Eventos del Festival. También están en proyecto salas de reuniones y una Sala de Cine para nuestro futuro Festival de Cine.

La visión y el plan de acción también establece que estamos comprometidos a construir nuestra comunidad local y nacional.Asociaciones durante los próximos 3 años. Nos complace anunciar hoy nuestro primer acuerdo de asociación de 3 años con el nuevo lujoLuana Suites of Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo Esto implicará su generosa donación de premio(s) para la recaudación de fondos, alojamiento para futuros artistas y eventos adicionales del Festival en su ubicación, como el de este año.Meet and Greet-Open House en su ubicación el viernes 19 de enero por la tarde.

Las alianzas en transporte, alojamiento, alimentos y bebidas, y turismo tanto local como nacional son de particular interés para nosotros para que podamos apoyar y ofrecer más opciones al creciente número de turistas y artistas que asistirán a nuestros Eventos, dijo el presidente de Rempel. “Hablemos y ayudemos a construir la región, ayude a construir su negocio e imagen y ayúdenos a construir mejores eventos que atraigan a más turistas y lugareños hacia usted y hacia nosotros”, dijo.

La música es verdaderamente una parte importante de la experiencia de Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo para visitantes y lugareños, ya que laArtículo del Washington Postdijo hace aproximadamente un año, dijo Bob Rempel.

“Del 18 al 28 de enero de 2024 y los dos últimos fines de semana de años futuros, el evento no oficialIxtapa and Zihuatanejo Rocks Week con el Tequila Rock and Blues Explosion Festival y el nuevo Generations Unite Festival (Generaciones Unidas por la Paz, el Amor, la Comprensión, la Bondad y la Madre Tierra) ayudarán a transformar aún más a Ixtapa-Zihuataenjo en un centro vibrante de inmersión cultural, expresión artística y festividades alegres.” “Con su rica historia y comunidad diversa, y ahora estatus turístico “Mágico” Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo y regiónatender como telón de fondo ideal para este evento único que abraza el espíritu de diversión en el paraíso, con sabores de Méxicoen todos lados y los corazones se abren ampliamente para hacer más por la comunidad al mismo tiempo”, afirmó Rempel.

A lo largo del festival, los asistentes tendrán la oportunidad de disfrutar de una amplia gama de experiencias y momentos inolvidables relacionados, como los llamamos.La mejor y mejor visión y plan de acción 2024-2026también destaca varias mejoras y cambios para los eventos de 2024. ¡Aquí hay algunos aspectos destacados de las novedades para 2024-2026!

  • Habráserun evento que presenta al menos50por ciento Lengua española música rock y blues. Será en nuestro nuevo evento Oceanside/Beachside, el domingo 21 de enero junto con nuestro nuevo socio de sede; Club de Playa Coco Ixtapa de Playa Linda.
  • puesta a punto de unEtapa(s) musical(es) de “Muéstranos lo que tienes” para la plena participación y diversión de la comunidad durante todo el período del Festival. Abierto a jóvenes locales y artistas locales talentosos turistas visitantes y cantantes de karaoke para divertirse, todo será grabado para las redes sociales.
  • Premios especiales de nuestros socios para la recaudación de fondosademás de una gran recaudación de fondos Win-Win: para 2024 hasta la fecha, ya tenemos unaEstadía especial de fin de semana en Luana Suites en Playa La Ropa en Zihuatanejo y muchos más de socios nuevos y existentes por anunciar.
  • Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Film Festival conaconcentrarse encon tema musical películas y documentales, regresará a modo de prueba, con planes para la implementación completa de un programa anualComplementario Festival de Cine para 2025
  • Un evento de caminar, correr y andar en bicicleta…con o sin su(s) perro(s) o gato(s) especial(es) que conducirá a música en vivo y comida y bebida al regreso se probará en 2024 con planes para convertirlo en un evento completo para 2025. Curso completo: Zihua a Playa Linda y regreso para corredores activos. Distancias más cortas disponibles, por oportunidad es aquí para un nuevo Venue Partner aquí para servir comoellugar de inicio y fin.
  • Un complemento único adicionalevento anual relacionado con el deporte, que atraerá a turistas de todas las edades, que involucra una cancha de baloncesto y un campo de fútbol, ​​cerca de una playa, también está planificada para probarse en 2024, para su implementación total en 2025.

Fechas y lugares: (a partir del 5 de julio de 2023)

-19 de enero por la tarde: Meet and Greet y Live Music de Fest Performers. En Fest Partner, Luana Suites, Playa La Ropa Zihuatanejo.

-19 de enero Noche de Apertura del Festival (Tema de la Noche de Canadá) en Madana Bar and Restaurant, Zihuatanejo, 6:00 pm. Programa Mesa Reservada vigente.

-20 de enero Festival en Ricardo’s Restaurante and Bar, Ixtapa (Noche Temática USA) 6:00 pm inicio. Nueva música, nuevos conjuntos. Programa Mesa Reservada vigente

-21 de enero (Tema Tarde México) en Coco Ixtapa Beach Club en Playa Linda, Rock and Blues en español e inglés. Programa Mesa Reservada vigente

-22 de enero Especial para recaudar fondos: Cena formal, espectáculo y baile para recaudar fondos – Con invitados especiales para nuevos artistas e intérpretes del festival. (Ubicación por anunciar)

23-28 de enero: 2-3 eventos más como parte de nuestro Festival derivado: Generations Unite… El Festival por la Paz, el Amor, la Comprensión y la Madre Tierra

La Visión y el Plan de acción (descarga en el sitio web) también describe otros cambios y mejoras que están programados para realizarse en 2025 y 2026.

Festival de Explosiones de Tequila Rock ‘n Blues presenta rock ‘n blues’ n rockabilly ‘n boogie woogie clásicomúsica desde elaños 50,años 60,años 70 yaños 80 principalmente, la Música de Nuestras Vidas la llamamos, los dos últimos fines de semana de enero, para los visitantes de Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo México de todas partes. El primer Fest se llevó a cabo en 2018 y se ha llevado a cabo todos los años en Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo desde entonces, excepto por el cierre causado por Covid en 2021 y 2022. Todos los eventos han sidorecaudación de fondos eventos organizados por voluntarios. Todos los eventos han operado con flujo de efectivo solo de la venta de boletos y la ayuda de socios locales. Ninguna otrasubsidios o apoyar dicho Rempel. “Es la verdadera prueba de eventos como este… ¿Lo quieren? Si lo construyes, ellos vendrán” Para conocer el impacto de los eventos en la comunidad hasta la fecha, busque “comunidad” en nuestro sitio web “Nosotros no estábamos allísatisfecho que hemos hecho lo suficiente por la comunidad, por lo que con “Mejor y mejor visión y plan” ven nuestracompromiso para crear un nuevo impacto significativo en esta comunidad en los próximos 3 años y más allá”, afirmó Rempel.

El nuevo Festival Generations Unite… El Festival por la Paz, el Amor, la Comprensión, la Bondad y la Madre Tierra (nombre corto: Generations Unite Fest)oferta una selección más amplia de música que atraerá aagran variedad de gente, incluyendo folk-rock, country rock, country, reggae,jazz-rock, pop y más, pero siempre con un ambiente divertido que a los visitantes y locales les encanta para una noche o una tarde de fiesta.

La Sociedad Paraíso es un pequeño grupo ad hoc de voluntarios de Canadá, EE. UU. y México que aman el paraíso aún demasiado escondido de Ixtapa y Zihuatanejo y la región cuya misión es crear eventos divertidos y dignos de destino con entretenimiento y animadores. de México, Canadá, EE. UU. y el Reino Unido, que son únicos en el área, mientras apoyan causas locales como el rescate de animales callejeros, el desarrollo de la juventud y la creación de un legado duradero. La Sociedad también ha organizado otros eventos en la Ciudad de México en el pasado y seguirá abierta a establecer eventos similares en otroscentrado en el turismo comunidades donde las asociaciones adecuadas están disponibles.

Para boletos en línea para todos los eventos y mesas reservadas (hasta las 7:30 p. m. o por acuerdo especial) Selección en orden de compra, visite nuestra página de boletos para festivales en nuestro sitio web.

Para consultas de medios o asociaciones, comuníquese con Bob Rempel, presidente del comité organizador,condetalles de contacto en la parte superior.

Medios de comunicación social:Facebook, (Página de fans)Gorjeo    Canal de Youtube   Spotify 2024 Música próximamente.

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The Best Ever Guitarist In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo? That’s What We Believe And We Challenge You To Check Her Out.

The Best Ever Guitarist In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo? That’s What We Believe And We Challenge You To Check Her Out. And Her Co-Headliner Is No Slouch On The Guitar Either. Held His Own With Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, the current blues rock guitar sensation around the world. We’ll post the video.

The full text of our Social Media Post is below:

See For Yourself What We Saw And Heard.

We Tell You And Show You More July 6

And We’ve Got A Guy Who Held His Own

With Christone “Kingfish” Ingram On Stage

In A Recent Jam In Florida. We’ve Got That Video Too.

Guitar and Vocals Both!

Wonderful Performers With Big Hearts

Magnetic Appeal For Fans and Other Performers. (this website)

That’s July 6 for Breaking News from Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests (Facebook Fan Page Link) for January 18-28, 2024

For Those Of You Who Weren’t With Us Live…A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’…Here Are Some Great Performances From The 2023 Event Over Two Weekends…We Welcome You To Join Us Live In January 2024

For Those Of You Who Weren’t With Us Live…A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’…Here Are Some Great Performances From The 2023 Event Over Two Weekends…We Welcome You To Join Us Live In January 2024. January 18-21, 2024 For Our Opening Weekend. Please Leave Us Your Email Address On Our Messaging App To Get In On All Announcements And Special Ticket Promos For 2024

Here Is The Festival Closing Jam, January 28, 2023, Hoochie Coochie Man, Originally by Muddy Waters

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta, Canada and The Picante Band, January 27 with Chuck Berry’s Rock ‘n Roll Music. Kristel Rodriguez on bass guitar and America Hernandez on drums, both of Morelia, MX.

The Oralia Band, from Morelia, Mexico, With Victoria Ruzzek on Lead Vocals, January 21 Afternoon, Zihuatanejo

The Soul Brothers-Real Brothers Show, Geoff and Chris Dahl, of London Ontario Canada, take over the Fest Night, Saturday, January 21 in Zihuatanejo, MX

Chris Sanchez Blues Band of Morelia, Mexico with Albert King’s Born Under A Bad Sign

Trebor Villa, of Morelia, Mexico, and the music of the Early Bob Dylan. Like A Rolling Stone.

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta Canada and The Picante Band, Kristell Rodriguez and America Hernandez of Morelia Mexico with our theme song for the Chuck Berry tribute on our second weekend in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.
Torke Ross of Mexico City, Mexico performs Free Bird, the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, on our second weekend at Zihuatanejo’s Madana Bar and Restaurant Rock Room

Enjoy! See You Next Year! Great Fun, Live Uptempo Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ Music Coming Up January 18-21, 2024, Our Opening Weekend. Where Will You Be? Watch For LIneup Announcements Starting July, 2023.

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer, Alberta Canada presents the Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Show Tonight In Ixtapa With Many More Performers For 5 Hours Of Live Rock ‘n Blues As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Has A Successful Reboot For 2023

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer, Alberta Canada presents the Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Show Again Tonight In Ixtapa at Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant, Our Rock ‘n Blues Bar At Night. With Many More Performers For 5 Hours Of Live Rock ‘n Blues As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Has A Successful Reboot For 2023. It all starts just after 6:00 pm with Trebor Villa of Morelia, Mexico presenting his eerily similar early Bob Dylan set.

5 Hours of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Begins Again Tonight As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Returns For The Second Weekend

We Keep Updating Our Schedule Of Performances.

5 Hours Of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Fest Format Ahead Tonight in Zihuatanejo at Madana Bar and Restaurant. The Same for Ixtapa at Villa Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant for Saturday Night. We Begin At 6:00 PM With The Music Of The Early Bob Dylan And The Beatles. It’s Can’t-Miss For Some Of The Best Musio Of Our Lives.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music is added for later in the Evening after high energy uptempo Charlie Jacobson and The Oralia Band Sets. Blues Brothers style. Same for Zeppelin And AC-DC Music after Stevie Ray Vaughan music by Torke Ross.

Will You Be In The House A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’?

A Sampling Of The Great Music The Packed Room Enjoyed Last Night…We Believe Nothing Beats Live Uptempo Rock ‘n Blues…In Mexico When It’s Cold Everywhere Else…Now We Know Again You Believe It Too.

A Sampling Of The Great Music The Packed Room Enjoyed Last Night…We Believe Nothing Beats Live Uptempo Rock ‘n Blues…In Mexico When It’s Cold Everywhere Else…Now We Know Again You Believe It Too. 3 Performance Videos from January 21 Are Below. Tickets For A Great January 27 & January 28 Set Of Shows are Selling Well. Buy Early Online And Get Your Seat and Table Reserved. Festival Tickets Here At This Link.

The ever popular high energy Soul Brothers Show by Geoff and Chris Dahl of London, Ontario, Canada. Video 1, From Saturday Afternoon, January 21 at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo.

The Oralia Band from Morelia Mexico was very impressive. Some of Mexico’s best talent on display with their mix of r&b, soul, blues and rock songs. A highly polished show band they can hold their own on any stage, anywhere. Video 2, from Saturday afternoon January 21 in Zihua.

And our Soul Brothers return in our Video #3. I Feel Good! “Working at Night But It Feels Like Play” Their Saturday Evening Show In Zihuatanejo January 21.

A Sampling Of The Great Live Music From Friday Night January 20 2023 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico…One Amazing Night…Another Great Day And Night Today

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest returns to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo after a Covid pandemic forced absence. And it was an explosive amazing night to mark our return.

Here’s a fan shot video sample from the fabulous I’m A SoulMan Blues Brothers Tribute Show by Geoff and Chris Dahl of London, Ontario Canada. And below that is another fan shot video sample. Ixtapa, January 20 at Villas Paraiso Rock and Blues Bar (At Night) Restaurant by Day. Here’s Charlie Jacobson from Red Deer Alberta Canada. With Kristel Rodriguez on bass guitar and America Hernandez on drums. Both from Morelia, Mexico.

The Boys Are Indeed Back In Town…Fabulous Show…Best In Ixtapa-Zihua This Year…Bring Your Friends…Don’t Miss The Soul Brothers And Their Blues Brothers Music

The Boys Are Indeed Back In Town. Our Soul Bros, Our Blues Bros Music Boys. It’s On It’s Definitely On. Where Will You Be?

High Energy Show!

See Their Fabulous Show Friday in Ixtapa at Villas Paraiso Saturday night (sold out-standing room or front section tables to start only) in Zihua at Madana Bar and Now a Special Saturday Afternoon It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Near The Beach Party At Madana 1:00 PM With Your Sunscreen, Sun Hats, Cut Off Shirts, Bikinis If You Want And A Big Dance Floor…And More Tequila-Mezcal Sampling Than Our Other Two Events. Just Because It’s A 5 O’clock Somewhere Party.

Plus Many More Performers From Our Other Shows, Jams and Collaborations, Maybe Even A Surprise Guest or Guests For Open Mike

Tickets Online At Advance Prices at for the Ixtapa January 20 Opening Night Show and For January 21 Afternoon Only. January 21 Afternoon Special Pricing: 300 pesos in advance, 350 at the door.

Or You Can Send Us A Message Now Here Or On Facebook To Hold Your Seat, Or Go To Madana And Leave A Deposit Of 100 Pesos To Hold Your Advance Seat For January 21 Afternoon.

3 Shows…Where Will You Be Rockin’

Important Please Read…We Told You About The High Level Of Interest In Our First Weekend’s Shows…Our Oversold Problem Creates New Opportunities For Everyone Ready To Rock

We Told You About The High Level Of Interest In Our First Weekend’s Shows…Our Oversold Problem Creates New Opportunities For Everyone Ready To Rock

Yesterday we released information to the News Media telling everyone about the high level of interest in the great Show package we have been able to put together for Weekend 1. And after a frantic weekend of ticket selling, by various sellers here imagine our delighted “horror” at first of realizing we had OVERSOLD the Zihuatanejo Madana Bar and Restaurant Show for Saturday night January 21. Small Room…Big Fun. People Get It. Folks Don’t Want To Miss The Best Show-The Best Entertainment Value To Come To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo This Year.

After a great noon hour selling tickets to the Ixtapa on January 20 and having a good friend of our Fests, and “He’s Gone Loco For The Fans” Sr. Ricardo Gomez Jr. tell me about his plans (see below) for Food and Drink for his venue, Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant in Ixtapa, we are here today with Egg on Our Face About The Oversold Situation (too many ticket sellers selling tickets and a big interest and ticket buying rush over the weekend-we’ll fix it with better tech for next year) to tell you about our plans to make everyone as happy as possible.

-We are officially encouraging anyone with a paid ticket in hand to inform us they will volunteer to go Ixtapa on January 20 to free up seats in Zihua, and just like airlines we will compensate you who have tickets with Zihua on the back, with a free Fest Souvenir Shirt from 2021, or 2020 or a free Fest Souvenir Tequila Shot Glass 2023 with tequila in it to start, or a Free Fest Souvenir Winter Rock and Blues Paradise Coffee Mug 2023. We will offer the same compensation to anyone with Zihua tickets in hand who volunteers to sit in the front section of Madana’s Restaurant and Bar that night during the show where we will create another dance floor and bring in a speaker from the Show sound just behind you. Plus we’ll make sure that at least The I’m A Soulman Brothers will work their way into your area in the front too and entertain you. They are wanderers always with their wireless microphones. And you get to move into the main Room as soon as seats open up.

-And our genial Sr. Gone Loco, Ricard Gomez Jr at Villas Paraiso is offering a great incentive for everyone to Go Ixtapa! Two 200 peso specials. A great all-you-can-eat Buffet Fest Style food offering pasta, chicken wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and similar food for 200 pesos per person. And it gets better folks! An all-inclusive Drinks package for the evening for 200 pesos per person too. Beer, Wine, Tequila. Wow! Best prices ever we think. Upgrades are available too I’m sure. 2 More Great Reasons To Go Ixtapa. And we know Victor Manjerrez of Madana Bar in Zihua is planning a special Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest day Menu and great drink prices. 40 peso beers, his everyday price, won’t hurt your pocketbook in any way.

-Who Wants A Repeat Of The Ixtapa Show on January 20 In Zihua Saturday Afternoon? Now we really need to know how many of you would be ready to rock your Saturday afternoon. We’d really love to do this to get more folks to see the Great Entertainment Package we’ve brought together…we are investigating the possibility of a Second Zihua Show, A Saturday Afternoon Matinee, from 1:00 to 5:30 pm. For New Ticket Buyers And Anyone Who Moves Their Ticket From Evening To Afternoon. At the same great venue Madana Bar and Restaurant. Then 6:00 to 11:00 pm for the planned Zihua Show. Who Wants That Option From Us? We Need To Know Today Before Final Decisions Are Made Tonight. Please Whatsapp Text or Call +52 755 101 5989, Please Message Us from our website at Or Please Comment Or Message Us In Facebook

Please Continue To Purchase Your Tickets For Ixtapa and Villas Paraiso Hotel for January 20, Without Any Hesitation, Where We Have A Much Greater Capacity. Festival Tickets Online Our In Person Ticket Seller Will Be Back There Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. And Bob Rempel, our chairperson will be at Madana Bar starting at 5:30 pm tonight, Tuesday, to work through any or all of your concerns about our Zihua Situation. A Good One With Solutions. We’re Very Pleased To See The Great Response And It Will Get Fixed We Promise!

An Amazing Lineup For Our First Weekend January 20 & 21…Check Them Out In Our New Video Just Released…Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests Returns

An Amazing Lineup For Our First Weekend January 20 & 21…Check Them All Out With Live Performance Audio In Our New Video Just Released…Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests Returns

More Details At or Contact Us by Whatsapp +52 755 101 5989.

Advance Tickets With Guaranteed Seating Of Your Choice And Tables At Door Prices Are Higher

Always a fan favorite Charlie Jacobson from Canada is returning to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo beginning January 20 with new shows and great performances with rock and blues and rockabilly favorites.

Always a fan favorite, Charlie Jacobson from Canada is returning to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo beginning January 20 with new shows and great performances with rock and blues and rockabilly favorites.

We’ve told you about Charlie and his Chuck Berry homage presentation, we’ve told you about Charlie and his Early Elvis Era and Memphis Music presentation, at different times, all packaged together with fan favorites from his own original and cover songs from his 4 albums to date. Great videos in each of the links above.

He arrives on January 19, midday, so do The Blues Brothers Tribute, Geoff and Chris Dahl, so time for a special fun meet and greet at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo and Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant in Ixtapa. Before January 20 and 21 when we are very pleased to give you Charlie and his excellent local backing band of Kristell Rodriguez and America Hernandez, from Morelia, with full concert flavor. Plus jams and collaborations with all other performers throughout the evening.

Don’t miss Charlie live! He leaves it all on stage! With full-out performances creating new fans everywhere he plays. Buy Now.! Secure Your Seat and Table. Ticket information is below the Posters.

Full Ticket and Pass Options are Available At: Festival Tickets Page on this website: HTTPS://

QuickBuy Now:

Buy Tickets For January 20 Show At Villas Paraiso Hotel in Ixtapa

Gold Single Ticket For The Show Or Fest Night Of Your Choice. Buy As Many As You Require For Your Group. Equivalent of 20 USD375.00 MXNTicket Only For Best Available Front Section Seating. Pass Holders Receive Priority. Not A Package. 2 Drink Minimum Or Food Order Required However. 400p on day of event
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Buy Tickets For January 21 Show At Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo

Gold Single Ticket For The Show Or Fest Night Of Your Choice. Buy As Many As You Require For Your Group. Equivalent of 20 USD375.00 MXNTicket Only For Best Available Front Section Seating. Pass Holders Receive Priority. Not A Package. 2 Drink Minimum Or Food Order Required However. 400p on day of event
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

The Kristel Rodriguez and Friends Project Is Looking Better And Better All The Time For Our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Fest 2023 During Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week January 19-29, 2023

Yesterday we told you about the Kristel Rodriguez and Friends Project for our January 20-29, 2023 Ixtapa Rocks ‘n Blues Rocks Week.

We know Kristel, she knows Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and our Audience, and we highly respect her musicianship and so do other musicians. We mentioned David Gogo and Charlie Jacobson of Canada in that breath. So we had no fear about her bringing musical Friends from Morelia!

Friends like Oralia Band possibly. She mentioned them to us yesterday as the talking about how to best put this together continues. What do you think folks? Wow, this video was very impressive. And we’re not that easily impressed.

We’ll keep talking to Kristel and let you know soon what the final lineup of Friends might look like. But count on it to be rockin’ and lots of fun. An international lineup. And music and performers and show concepts you can’t just go and hear any day you want. Always! That’s who we are!

Let’s Get This Weekend Started With A Bang And Announce The Early Elvis & Memphis Era Show For January 20 & 21 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico Featuring The Fun Lovin’ Very Talented Very Versatile Charlie Jacobson Of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Let’s Get This Weekend Started With A Bang And Announce The Early Elvis & Memphis Era Show For January 20 & 21 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico Featuring The Fun Lovin’ Very Talented Very Versatile Charlie Jacobson Of Alberta Canada. That’s January 20 in Ixtapa and January 21 in Zihuatanejo. Plus The Awesome Blues Brothers Tribute Shows And More Rockin’ Music To Announce. Where Do You Want To Be?

Your Direct Ticket Links:

All Ticket Options Here:

Ixtapa January 20:

Gold Single Ticket For The Show Or Fest Night Of Your Choice. Buy As Many As You Require For Your Group. Equivalent of 20 USD375.00 MXNTicket Only For Best Available Front Section Seating. Pass Holders Receive Priority. Not A Package. 2 Drink Minimum Or Food Order Required However. 400p on day of event
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Zihuatanejo January 21

Gold Single Ticket For The Show Or Fest Night Of Your Choice. Buy As Many As You Require For Your Group. Equivalent of 20 USD375.00 MXNTicket Only For Best Available Front Section Seating. Pass Holders Receive Priority. Not A Package. 2 Drink Minimum Or Food Order Required However. 400p on day of event
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

The Early Elvis & Memphis Era Show: You’ll hear music by Elvis Presley, the King, of course

Charlie Jacobson, November 2022, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

As well you hear some music from those who influenced him: People like Fat Domino and Little Richard. Big Mama Thornton, Big Joe Turner, and wait for it…B.B. King. Perfect for a Blues Fest like ours. Both Elvis and B.B. King grew up in the Tupelo, Mississippi region. More on Elvis’s influences here. Plus performers like Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley who both influenced Elvis and were influenced by him.

You’ll hear some music from the members of the so-called Million Dollar Quartet: Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis

And you’ll hear music from performers of that Era that Elvis influenced:

Performers Like:

Buddy Holly

Roy Orbison

The Everly Brothers

Ricky Nelson

plus Cash, Perkins and Mr. Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On, Jerry Lee Lewis

Even The Beatles were strongly influenced by Elvis. John Lennon was quoted as saying “Before Elvis there was nothing”

Charlie Jacobson is a unique talent with strong vocals and excellent guitar skills as a sought-after session musician. Plus his own original rock and blues songs. Four albums to his credit so far.

He’s far more than a Tribute impersonator. Charlie puts his own interpretive stamp on each song he performs. And we’ll hear his own material as well. Our Tribute approach lets the performer add some of their fan favorite songs as well to their shows.

We’re very proud to present this unique show that Charlie and we at the Fest have put together, presented for the first time in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Mexico, on January 20 & 21, 2023. And we’re holding January 22 open for a possible sell-out in Zihuatanejo on Saturday night January 21, and your demand for another show.

Here’s Charlie showing off his rockabilly, early Elvis-era, chops very well.

Here’s one of our favorite Elvis songs. We are a Rock and Blues-Rock Fest and this is a perfect fit. And can we just say that the similarities in appearance between early Elvis and Charlie are uncanny? Ladies, if you loved the King, you’re gonna love Prince Charlie!

Feliz Navidad…This Is An Easy Way To Get A Free Ticket To One Of Our Rockin’ January 20 or 21 Shows in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo And Put A Big Smile On A Local Kids Face At Christmas Time Too

Feliz Navidad! Put A Big Smile On A Local Kid’s Face This Christmas And We Say Thank You With A Free Ticket To One Of Our Nightly Events.

Support Our Toys For Kids Drive, Put A Smile On A Local Kids Face This Christmas, Bring In A New Big Stuffed Animal Or Similar Toy And Receive A Free Ticket To Our January 20 or 21 Shows In Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa.

(Free Show Ticket for each donation valued at 250 pesos approximately, all donations and support gratefully accepted of course. Merch and drink credits for smaller donations)

We Launch Our “Smiles For Kids” Toy Drive on the evening of December 14 after 6:30 pm at Madana Restaurant and Bar in Zihua Centro Madana and on December 20 at Ricardo’s Restaurant and Bar at the Villas Paraiso Hotel Villas Paraíso in Ixtapa at 8:00 am breakfast time. Please come by, bring your donations and talk to us about our events and where you want to sit and enjoy the great Shows and Fest music. Questions? You can contact us by Whatsapp at the phone number at the top of this page or by email or messenger as well

We Are The Paraiso Society of fun lovin’ big-hearted music lovers who present the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival And Shows in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, the community we call Paradise, and take on other efforts like the Smiles For Kids Toy Drive, to support the community and local causes while giving tourists and locals more options for great high-level entertainment.

Great Music-Great Causes-Lots of Fun-Lots of Love-Big Hearts Come Together

A Note About Our Causes.

It Just Feels Better When You’re Having So Much Fun, Enjoying The Rock ‘n Blues The Music Of Our Lives, Dancing Like A Fool, Sipping A Tequila Shot Perhaps?

To Be Trying To Make A Difference, To Leave Somethings Behind In The Community And Country Of Our Events. We Continue To Support Street Animal Rescue And Work In Neutering, Medical Treatments, And Feeding Programs Which We Started In 2020. We Operate A Small Shelter Ourselves But We Plan To Contribute Funds To Local Veterinarians Or Other Shelters As Well For The Work We Feel Has The Highest Priority.

As Well We Are Interested In Finding Effective Ways We Can Help So Called Street Kids…Kids At Risk From Reaching Their Full Potential As Humans. Issues Like Hunger, Nutrition, Education, and School Clothes. We Had Made A Earlier Promise To Start or Assist With Equipment and Instruction For A School of Rock Based On the Availability Of A City Owned Venue To Us. That Didn’t Work Out, But We’re Still Interested In Supporting One. We’re Looking For Ways To Help Effectively. The Ukrainian War and Refugee Support Is Also Of High Interest To Us. We’re Warred Out, No Doubt. How Can We Make A Difference?

Let The Love Flow. In All Its Forms. Big Hearts and Love For Those Who Need Our Help And Kindness. Romantic Love Too. Perfect Date Nights Ahead. Perfect First Timers Meet New Friends. A Singles Meet Market Anyone? We Smile. Who Said, Love And Money Make The World Go Round…In Different Ways Of Course. The Power Of Love!

Never Fear By The Way. No Time Share Sales Guys Or Girls Inside Putting Any Pressure On You To Do More Than Have Fun And Enjoy The Music. Do More You’ll Feel It In Your Heart And With Karma…We Believe That. Of Course, The Pretty Lady Sellers Will Come Around With Our 60-40 Tickets For The Causes.

Got Questions or Comments About Causes. Certainly Not The Biggest Folks On The Cause Block. But We Want To Try And Help After We Put On An Excellent Music Fest And Shows. Yes, We Do Things That Support Our Own Concerns And Interests And Those Of Our Volunteers. But Our Minds And Ears Are Open. And We Love To Help Where We Can When We See Passion And Commitment From Others Already. +52 755 101 5989 for phone and Whatsapp or write to me directly at “”. Yes, I’m Bob Rempel, and I wrote this post.

Come Together

Chris Ghidoni is just the kind of up-and-coming lead guitar-slinging blues-rock vocalist with a big heart we were looking for to pair up with David Gogo headlining our Mexico Fest

The real deal folks. You may not have heard her name but you will remember her when you see her live here in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Mexico, January 21-29, 2023.

When well-known saxman and vocalist Mike Clark of Calgary, had to bow out of coming to Mexico in 2023, we knew we had a big hole to fill…tell you more on November 8…the Chuck Berry Tribute…but he gave us one great thing…a strong recommendation, based on him seeing her live recently, that we bring Chris Ghidoni here to fill the role we mentioned above. And so we are.

We know you’ll love friendly and unassuming Chris, from Brandon, Manitoba Canada with the big guitar chops and strong blues rock voice when we get her live with us in Mexico.

Here’s a couple of her videos and then her bio below. Join Chris and say “Gotta Go” To Mexico!

Chris Ghidoni is a blues rock guitar player and singer from Brandon, Manitoba. She grew up listening to some great bands, including The Rolling Stones and ZZ Top, and found BB King later on her own which led her to discover many other great blues artists. Other influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Albert King, and Colin James.

Chris has been playing blues and rock guitar for years around Western Manitoba and Winnipeg and also in Vancouver. She has opened and shared the stage with Winnipeg’s Big Dave McLean and many other well-known top performers. The Chris Ghidoni Band has played at The River City Blues Festival March, 2019, Women in Blues at the Park Theatre in November 2021, and the Regina Blues Festival in March 2022 and all over western Canada, including the famous Rockin’ The Fields Rock Festival in Minnedosa, Canada.

On September 4th, 2022, Chris released her first original EP called How We Say Goodbye. It’s available to stream or purchase on, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Chris said Yes “Gotta Go”.. To Mexico when we asked. Please join her and all our other great performers in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico January 21-29, 2023 when we present The Big Reboot 2023. Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festival. Watch for more details about our Lineup and Schedule coming November 8th when we officially launch our 2023 Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week and the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festival. Now in our 6th year since January 2018 when we first began.

David Gogo Says I Want To Go Mexico Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo And Create Some Blues-Rock Explosions At The Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Fest January 26-29, 2023…Announcing Our Headliner

David Gogo of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, world-class blues rocker, is coming back to Mexico, to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to headline our 2023 Fest and help us reboot Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festivals & Events. He was with us in 2018 in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo when we first launched our Blues & Rock Events as part of an all-star band. “Not enough of David performing”, we heard a lot. So now he returns to Headline the 2023 Fest and gets us relaunched. We’re thrilled to tell you this, thrilled to have him back. A Big Heart of the finest variety with great support for the Kids and Animal Causes we help.

David Gogo Montreal Jazz Festival 2016, Bell Canada Stage

David Gogo’s current bio info (Spotify):

David Gogo is a six-time Juno Award Nominee and a three-time recipient of ‘Guitarist of The Year” at the Maple Blues Awards. Gogo’s accreditations further extend to accolades such as ‘Musician of The Year’ at the West Coast Music Awards, ‘Blues Recording of the Year’ at the Western Canadian Music Awards; and The Great Canadian Blues award. Now, the veteran Canadian bluesman David Gogo has released his sixteenth full-length album ‘Silver Cup’. This acoustic affair was recorded at Gogo’s home with longtime friend Steve Marriner, who produced and performed on the album. Silver Cup arose during the COVID pandemic and subsequent shutdown of live music as Gogo found time to reflect on his life, heritage, and career.

The album’s thematic ties to Gogo’s lineage are evident within songs such as Silver Cup’s title track, which took inspiration from an antique cup made in the 1800s and passed down to him by his 95-year-old grandmother. The titular silver cup’s history spans back to Gogo’s Great, Great, Great Uncle, James McKay. McKay, who is now renowned as a Métis Builder of Canada, began as a trapper and guide before eventually becoming involved in the negotiations of Treaties 1 through 5. Further, McKay held several positions with the newly formed Province of Manitoba, including dealings with Louis Riel. As this family heirloom led Gogo to better connect and engage with his storied family history, its symbolic nature acts as the perfect focal point for Silver Cup.

Great in jams and collaborations which we love and so do our fans, and quiet and friendly and down-to-earth as a person, we couldn’t have asked for a better Headliner to step up and say “Yes, I want to Go Mexico-Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo And Create Some Great Blues & Rock Explosions” Are you ready to join David? Hey it’s cold everywhere else at that time, isn’t it? January 26-29, 2023. Fun in the Sun, The Music of Our Lives For Great Local Causes…Street Animals, Street Kids, More. Details of the David Gogo Fans Excursion Package to be announced very soon.

Yesterday we announced many other great International performers for our weekend Festival. See it Here. The combination of all live on stage is the magic and great memories only created once. Go Mexico-Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Our previous announcements for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week January 21-29, 2023. We announced 2 Big Vegas Style Shows each night for the opening weekend January 21 and 22, Day 1 Check It Out Here, We announced our Mexico’s Got Talent Showcase public concert at Zihuatanejo Centro on Thursday, January 26 on Day 2…Check It Out Here. On Day 3…Check It Out Here, We Announced Our Venues For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week for January 21-29, 2023. On Day 4 We Announced Jazz and Jazz Rock For The Opening Weekend. A Separate Show. Check It Out Here.

Day 5 of Announcements For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week, the Go Mexico-Go I-Z Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festival. January 21-29, 2023 Let’s Talk Performers.

Day 5 of Announcements For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week, the Go Mexico-Go I-Z Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festival. January 21-29, 2023. Some of the Performers. Two of the Shows. By the way links to all previous announcements are at the end of this post.

Today it’s about some of the Music. More Music info manana. Still on our list to tell you about, and we’ll get to it soon: the Artisan’s & Artists Display & Market, the Taco-Tequila-Cerveza Food & Drink Wars (all for fun and satisfied taste buds of course, and the inaugural 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. More Rock ‘n Run and Beach Games in the future too. A Documentary is in the works, Of course, excellent pro-quality videos of every song performed at the Fest.

As well very important for all of our Volunteers who put their heart and soul and perspiration into the Event The Causes. Who, What we’re helping in 2023. Who the Performers are playing for? Who you are dancing for. Sharing the moments with friends and family. Buying 60-40 Tickets for. (our new and improved 50-50 draw)

Two Show Concepts Below But First Today We Tell You About Two Performers From Canada That Will Join Us. One is a lead guitar-slinging female vocalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada who we are proud to present to you as an Emerging Star. Chris Ghidoni. The second is a well-known name in the Calgary and Western Canada Blues Rock Scene. Mike Clark on lead vocals and saxophone. Big Hearts, Big Talent, we’re very pleased to present them to you.

We’ve been telling you about two Show concepts for months already. Both are good enough that you should consider making the trip from Canada and USA or elsewhere in Mexico for them.

For Blues & Blues-Rock Lovers: The 3 Kings Tribute Show: Spread Over 3 Days We Pay Tribute To The Music of Blues Legends, B.B. King, Albert King, and Freddie King with approximately 8 songs from each. Performed by the Chris Sanchez Blues Band of Morelia Mexico. Chris was born and schooled in blues guitar in Chicago, USA. With keys, harmonica, and a 3 piece horns section. And all performers at the Fest will be invited and most welcome to join in on additional jams or collaborations. Folks, the 3 Kings Tribute Show is Our Signature Blues Event For 2023. Worth the trip to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo alone, even if you don’t like great beaches and fun in the sun while it’s cold everywhere else.

For Rock Lovers: The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones Music Battle will delight everyone who loves to sing along and dance. Two bands who truly form a big part of The Music Of Our Lives. It will also be spread over three days of the Festival, it will be presented by our Mexico City supergroup. Joseph Leal, lead vocalist of The Folks will do The Beatles songs, Jagger (stage name) of the Stick Fingers band will do The Rolling Stones songs just like Jagger. Moves like him too. And they have a lot more music to provide us. Adrian Macotela is the lead vocalist and drummer for Desafasados of Mexico City. He will add Creedence vocals, Grand Funk, and many other classic rock songs. Torke Ross is on lead guitar, and he will add lead vocals on 3 Souls in Mind classic Spanish rock songs and on The Doors music and more. Carlos Rodriguez Chavez, like Torke, from 3 Souls In Mind, is on bass guitar.

More to come rock and blues lovers, and future names will be equally as good as all these very talented performers we introduced today. Stay tuned!

We announced 2 Big Vegas Style Shows each night for the opening weekend January 21 and 22, Day 1 Check It Out Here, We announced our Mexico’s Got Talent Showcase public concert at Zihuatanejo Centro on Thursday, January 26 on Day 2…Check It Out Here. On Day 3…Check It Out Here, We Announced Our Venues For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rocks Week for January 21-29, 2023. On Day 4 We Announced Jazz and Jazz Rock For The Opening Weekend. A Separate Show. Check It Out Here.

Who Do You Love? Volume 4…Who Do You Want To See Live?

Your Vote Counts. See Below. Sharing some great music we love. We’ll continue through September with more posts like this as we talk to possible Headliners for Go Mexico for the Cause in January. Some of the videos and songs are newly recorded, or newly remastered, other videos reflect the highest view counts for videos of that performer or group.

Who do you love? Who would you love to see live on our Stage in Mexico? We have about 25 performers on our not so Short List, and we’d love to hear what you think about each.

Did You Miss Volumes 1 or 2 or 3 Of Our New Music/Great Performers Fan Survey From The Recent Past. Check It Out Here (Link To Part 1) and Here (Link To Part 2) and Here (Link To Part 3). And Continue To Vote For All Your Favorites. For All Previous 1, 2 or 3 Posts.

In This Week’s New Segment Part 4:

In Random Order:

Eliza Neals USA

Vanessa Collier USA

David Gogo Canada

Steve Marriner Canada

Romi Mayes Canada

Big Dave Maclean Canada

Brent Parkin Canada

Colin James Canada

Sue Foley Canada/USA

Grace Potter USA

Please Vote Now For Your Favorites

Wait For It! There’s More Coming In Future Segments. Your Suggestions Most Welcome As Well.

Gregg Rolie

Beth Hart

Brian Setzer

Clay Melton

Kelly Richey

Chris Duarte

Henry Small

Myles Goodwyn

John Corabi

Michael Anthony