A light bulb clicked somewhere this off-season, and we said Why Are We Doing All This If Not To Leave An Strong Lasting Legacy In Every Way?

So “Better and Better”, the 2024-2026 Mission and Action Statement Was Born. See It In Detail Here.

The Powerpoint Slide Version.

The Powerpoint Slide Version Espanol

A Video Version English Language You Can Stop And Start As You Wish

In It You Will Read About Turning Our Dream Project Into Reality Over The Next Years. A Target Of 2026 For Construction To Start:

A Street Animal Rescue And Treatment Centre For Senior Aged Animals…the Most Vulnerable, The Most Unwanted….With A “School Of Rock and Blues” Style Music Education Centre For All Interested Kids, Plus Financial Support For Disadvantaged Kids With Talent….And…Of Course, We Need A Performance Stage And Equipment For Our “School Of Rock and Blues Events” And Our Own Tequila Rock ‘n Blues and “Generations Unite” Events. Yes, We Are Big Dreamers, We Know…Plead Guilty…But Why Try For Less Why Accept Less, Both From Community Resources And Music.

It’s A Living Document. Version 1.0. We’d Love Your Feedback As We Move Toward Versions 2.0 and 3.0 Final Before January 2024.

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