You Said What’s New Senor Tequila, Why Would I Want To Come Back For January 27 & 28 After Those First Two Great Nights…And We Said: Prairie Girls Rock, Blues-Rock, And Chris Ghidoni Will Be Amazing To See Live

We’ve got deep Prairie Roots too, and anytime we can find some awesome, sort of hidden, talent that deserves bigger stages, we’re very glad to present her to you. Up Close And Personal will be the best. Video below tells us it will be great, even better to see her live.

Don’t miss Chris Ghidoni of Brandon, Manitoba Canada, when she comes here to play her lead guitar and sing the best in blues rock. We’ll also have her on stage with Charlie Jacobson, another good Prairies guy, (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) and his “Picante Band” too. Ready for Jams too. Check her out here as she closes her set at the famous blues and roots bar in Winnipeg, Times ChangeD, last Saturday night. Elmore James-Talk To Me Baby.

So much great talent will be available, so many options for us as program directors.

Did I mention Isidoro Negrete Reynoso and his blues harmonica, did we mention Karen Melendez and her Led Zeppelin music with all the same emotion and feeling that Robert Plant brought to Zeppelin’s music, did we mention Torke Ross with some solo Stevie Ray Vaughan and more, did we mention Trebor Villa of Oralia Band and his Jimi Hendrix tribute songs? How about Charlie Jacobson and his Johnny B. Goode, Rock and Roll Music Show with his own original music from 4 albums as well? Joseph Leal, who will perform the Beatles Near The Beach Show. He knows them all, well almost. Do you know anyone who doesn’t love, respect, and admire the Beatles? And he’s got some of his own original music for us too.

We’ve only got 5 Hours each Night. So Much Talent To Fit In. International Level Talent. What to Do? Our Problem, Your Big Gain As Fans, As Live Rock ‘n Blues ‘n Blues Rock Lovers.

We’re back Friday folks. Madana Bar in Zihua. Then Saturday the 28th in Ixtapa to close this year’s version of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest. The Big Reboot Continues And We’re Looking Good. What A Great Start To The Fest. Just Ask Anyone Who Was There The First Two Nights. Two Amazing Nights (and an afternoon because you sold out Saturday night).

Tickets Now And Seating With Tables Will Be Assigned In Order Of Purchase. Online Purchase Link Working Well: Click Here For Festival Tickets We’ll Also Be At Villas Paraiso Restaurant in Ixtapa On Wednesday Noon Hour 11:45 pm to 1:00 pm and Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo on Wednesday 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Both Ricardo Gomez Jr at Villas Paraiso Ixtapa and Victor Manjerrez at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihua will also have tickets available after that.