Announcing 2024 Part 2…More Great Performers…More Great Events…Our News Release To All Media And Fans Everywhere…It’s Go Mexico…Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo For Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Time Once Again

We Get Better And Better For 2024!

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Media Release

September 13, 2023, Our Contact Info (Social Media At End)

Contact: Bob Rempel, Managing Chairperson. Residence & Office Address: Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico. 

Phone/W.A:+52 755 101 5989  Emails: &  

Website: FB: 

Summary Overview (And Yes We Do Bury The Lead???? A Mortal Sin)

The Paraiso Society Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo & Region presents the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival and our new Generations Unite theme in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and region on January 19-28, 2024. 

We Just Got “Better and Better”, Our Key Words For 2024.  

Announcing 5 Additional Performers, In Addition To Our July 6 Announcement Of Performers And The First Weekend Dates And Locations. (See Poster Image For First Weekend At End)

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Tourists, Visitors and Local Folks Who Want To Put Some Or A Lot Of Rockin’ and Bluesin Into Their Magical Experiences In Paraiso, Will Benefit Even More.  

Today We Announce:

A Full Creedence/CCR/John Fogerty Concert And Full Fest Participation By The Lead Vocalist of Canada’s Most Successful CCR Tribute Band, Gil Gaidola,  ( and 

Our First (of many more in the future) International Blues-Rock Recording Artist Performer, Bex Marshall of London, England, Starts Her “Bex Is Back” USA Tour In Mexico With Us, To Promote Her New Album, Which Will Be Released In Late 2023 (, 

We’re Also Adding One Of Mexico’s Best Young Pop Rock and Blues Voices, Steffie Beltt, from Mexico City with four albums to her credit already, ( or F.B. @steffiebelttoficial) plus  

Norbert Aguilar of Morelia, Mexico, an outstanding classic rock voice that we first briefly heard in 2023, returns with concept sets involving AC-DC music and The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1965.

That’s Just The Icing On The “Better and Better” Fest Cake.  Drum Roll Now Please!  

Today We Are Very Pleased To Announce That Our Second, World-Class, World Renowned Blues and Rock Guitarist Chris Duarte, of Austin, Texas, USA, Will Join Us To Headline Our Second Weekend Of Events. He will join us starting January 22. ( Similarly to Joanna Connor, he brings his great talent on the guitar and vocals, and his Big Heart to support our Fundraising Causes and have fun in the sun with old and new fans.  


Austin-based guitarist, songwriter, and singer Chris Duarte has often been compared with the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s heady stuff for the musician, who plays a rhythmic style of Texas blues-rock that is at times reminiscent of Vaughan’s sound, and at other times reminiscent of Johnny Winter. The truth is, Duarte has his own sound that draws on elements of jazz, blues, and rock & roll. Duarte is a six-time Blues Music Award nominee and has released 15 albums over the course of his career. His latest album, “Ain’t Giving Up,” was released in April 2023 and has been met with critical acclaim. The album features a mix of blues, rock, and soul, and showcases Duarte’s virtuosic  guitar playing and expressive vocals.

Here’s “Nobody But You” official music video from his latest album.  Great rockabilly sound showing the versatility that we will see on stage.  From Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray to Eddie Van Halen to uniquely Chris, it’s all there in one package.

Here’s “Big Legged Woman” one of Chris’s most popular original songs, at the Dallas International Guitar Festival earlier this year.

Our Other World Renowned Blues and Rock Guitarist and Vocalist Joanna Connor Is Coming To Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo to be with us from opening night January 19 through the 22nd. She also has 15 recorded albums to her credit, the most recent being “Best of Me” from earlier in 2023

She has earlier agreed with us to take time out of her busy regular gig schedule to be a Big Heart Performer leader in helping us launch our “Better and Better” 3-year plan and major new fundraising campaign for a Multi-Purpose Facility for the communities and region that would house a street animal rescue facility with a focus on senior animals, a music training for talented disadvantaged youth plus a performance stage and films theatre. (See below) for artist renditions of the new Facility for Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and region that we hope to have all necessary funds in place after our 2026 Events.)

An Artist’s Rendition Of A Possible Future Facility With Offices, Film Theatre, And Shelter In Front, Performance Venue In Back.

All our other great talented performers for 2024 are also coming with equal intensity to support our 2024-2026 campaign and help us build Better and Better Fests that can help make more positive contributions to the community.  

Big Heart Performers, Great Talent you can only see once or a few times, and Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions in sunny Mexico near the beaches in cold January everywhere else…a perfect combination we feel.

Our Full List Of Big Talent, Big-Hearted Performers For 2024:

Announced Today:

Chris Duarte, Austin, Texas   (  Bex Marshall, London, England  (, Steffie Beltt, Mexico City, Mx (  Gil Gaidola, Hamilton, Canada    (, Norbert Aguilar, Morelia, Mexico (

Gallery and videos and additional linkages below and on our website.

Previously announced on July 6 were:

Joanna Connor, Chicago, USA, (  Reggie King Sears, Fort Lauderdale, USA (  Marianna Gajma, Mexico City (, Trebor Villa (, America Hernandez (, and Kristel Rodriguez ( all of Morelia, Mexico.

Event Dates Are Now Set As Well.  Tickets With Table Reservation Privileges (selection of table seating in order of purchase) for the January 22 to 27 Dates Are Now On Sale.

More announcements and final details on all events are planned for October 11, four weeks from today.

January 22, La Grande Fundraising Dinner/Cena and Concert (see also full website post…we’ll find a better name soon, we promise) at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo.  Black and White Themed Dress Up Suggested But Not Required.  Special 1.5 Concert Style show by Gil Gaidola presenting the music of John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Special one-night-only collaborations by Joanna Connor and Chris Duarte. Only on the 22 when Chris joins us. Other collaborations with Bex Marshall and Reggie King Sears and many others.  

Plus A Magic Bus ride in the afternoon to go “Happy Hour Sunsettin” at La Mexicana in Troncones with Live Music by Fest Performers, then return for the private Evening Dinner and Concert.  Price Includes Bus, Full Chef Jonathon supervised special dinner with wine-2 main course options, fest merch swag bag, tequila mezcal samplers in abundance, and great fun music starting from the moment the Bus hits the highway until the end of the night   Bring your drinks of choice for the bus trip.  

Note: All Fundraising Dinner Purchasers (VIP or Reserved Packages) Will Be Recognized With Permanent Legacy Signage At The New Facility We Are Raising Funds For, Special Front Rows Seating, And Event Recognition, As Our Guests For The Opening Ceremonies’ And First Event At The New Facility)

January 24, Meet and Greet Festival Performers Week 2, and Happy Hour Live Music Acoustic…featuring Gil Gaidola, Canada, with the music of Gordon Lightfoot, Jimmy Buffett in loving memory, plus many others, as well as other Fest. Performers  (Free with donations and tips requested please. Food and drink purchases required if seated at a venue table)  Venue To Be Announced Shortly.

January 25,  Troncones, La Mexicana venue. Our new regional Venue partner.  Second weekend opening night. A special Bob Dylan music opening set by Trebor Villa of Morelia only in Troncones. Plus much more. Approximately 4.5-5 hours of live music. All Festival Performers.  Chris Duarte and Trebor Villa will also present a special set of Jimi Hendrix music among other highlights.   Hear Chris on Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe:  A Special Fund Will Be Created From Ticket Sales (100 pesos per ticket sold) And 50-50 Draws or Auctions Of Donated Prizes That Will Stay In The Community To Support Local Causes Including Animal Rescue Work And More.

January 26, Zihuatanejo, Madana Bar and Restaurant, Zihua Centro, All second-weekend performers. Featuring Gil Gaidola twice. An opening live electro-acoustic plus another set of full CCR/John Fogerty music from their full catalogue. An extended set.  Plus Many Special Collaborations.

January 27, Ixtapa, Ricardo’s Restaurant at Villas Paraiso Hotel.  Features Bex Marshall’s “Songs Of My Life”…Music That Inspired Me In London, England” Set plus Steffie Beltt, with her “Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress” set with the music of the 50s through to Today’s Hits, as part of our Generations Unite theme.

Other Events Are In The Planning Stage With Details To Be Announced on October 11: 

Guitar Clinic for Youth and New Guitarists lead by Joanna Connor and Bex Marshall and others, and Guitar Clinic by Chris Duarte and Bex Marshall, Twice.

Writers Workshop and Rockin’ Your Kitchen and up close and personal Bex Marshall unplugged accompanied by Jonathon Ramsay, presenting material from their successful workshops in England.  (See also the website:

The Moments with Chris Duarte or Joanna Connor Experience.  For a single donation of $100 USD or Peso Equivalent,  (which includes 1 VIP front section ticket for the show) guitarists of all ages and experience can get up on stage at one of our nightly or afternoon shows and get 10 minutes on stage going back and forth with guitar licks and jams.  The video recordings for family and friends and online sharing will be priceless.

Chef Jonathon: Professional London, England Chef Supervised Fundraising Dinner plus all venues will benefit from his oversight and assistance to the excellent local staff to ensure the Festival food is the best it can be for our fan members. 

Run Through The Jungle…Run, Walk, Bike, Just Do It! Not The CCR Song But Related.  To Playa Linda and Back…Or Just A Small Part Of It.  Without Or Without Your Pets.

3 On 3 Basketball and Foul Shot Shooting…Preview Our New 2025 Events

Show Us What You’ve Got Stage Setting Up The Front Of House Stage At Madana Bar and Restaurant Zihuatanejo.  For Local Groups To Perform For The Public.  Developing Youth Groups or Performers From Our Region Given Priority.

For The Other September 13-15 News Releases With More Details And Videos On Our Other New Performers, And More Information On Our January 22 Special Fundraising Dinner and Concert And “Magic We’re Going Sunsettin’ Bus” Experience Please Visit Our Website: 

For The July 6 News Release Announcing Our First Weekend Please Follow This Link:  



Events Logo

Additional Performance Video Links:

Joanna Connor:   “Shake Your Money Maker” – Joanna Connor and The Wrecking Crew – Live from The Fallout Shelter Reggie King Sears: Reggie King Sears- All The Kings Horses Marianna Gajma: Mariana Gajma – Warm (CDMX, Gato Fest 2022 – May 15, 2022) Trebor Villa: Trebor Villa Of Morelia, Mexico With The Music Of The Early Bob Dylan Bex Marshall: Bex Marshall – The House of Mercy Steffie Beltt: Steffie Beltt – La Raíz (Mi Generación) Steffie Beltt – Te Dedico Este Blues  Gil Gaidola/Mystic Highway Band:

The CCR-Fogerty Song List (Which Ones Will You Be Requesting?)


The Vision and Action Plan  (download on the website) also outlines other changes and improvements that are scheduled to be made in 2025 and 2026.

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival presents classic rock ‘n blues ‘n rockabilly ‘n boogie woogie music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s primarily, the  Music of our Lives we call it, on the last two weekends of January, for visitors to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Mexico from everywhere.  The first Fest was held in 2018 and has been held every year in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo since, except for Covid caused shutdowns in 2021 and 2022.  All events have been fundraising events organized by volunteers.  All events have operated with cash flow only from ticket sales and the help of local partners.  No other subsidies or support said Rempel.  “It’s the true test of events like this…Do they want it, If you build it will they come”  For the community impact of events to date, search “community”  on our website “We were not satisfied that we have done enough for the community, so with “Better and Better Vision and Plan” you see our commitment to creating a new significant impact on this community in the next 3 years and beyond,” stated Rempel.

The new Generations Unite Festival…The Festival for Peace, Love, Understanding, Kindness and Mother Earth (short name: Generations Unite Fest) will offer a wider selection of music that will appeal to a wide variety of folks, including folk-rock, country rock, country, reggae, jazz-rock, pop and more, but always with a fun atmosphere that visitors and locals love for a night or afternoon out.

The Paraiso Society is a small ad hoc group of volunteers from Canada, the USA, and Mexico who love the still-too-hidden paradise of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and the region whose mission is to create fun, destination-worthy events with entertainment and entertainers from Mexico, Canada, USA and the U.K., that are unique to the area, while supporting local causes such as street animal rescue, youth development, and creating a lasting legacy. The Society has also organized other events in Mexico City in the past, and will continue to be open to establishing similar events in other tourism-focused communities where the right partnerships are available.

For Online Tickets To All Events and Reserved Tables (up to 7:30 pm or by special arrangement) Selection In Order Of Purchase please go to our Festival Tickets page on our Website. (Please Note First Weekend Reservation Privileges Ends September 12 at Midnight, Second Week Events Reservation Privileges End October 10 Midnight)

For media or partnership inquiries, please contact Bob Rempel, Organizing Committee Chairperson, with contact details on top.

Social Media:  Facebook, (Fan Page) Twitter    Youtube Channel   Spotify 2024 Music Coming Soon.

What Fans Say:

2024 It’s Winter Rock and Blues Paradise Again

Artistic Representation of Future Facility 1

Artistic Representation of Future Facility 2

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