We’re Celebrating The Music Of Women In Rock And Blues In 2025…January 2025 Mexico And Some Other Ideas And What If’s We’re Working On

We’re Celebrating The Music Of Women In Rock And Blues In 2025…January 2025 Mexico When It’s Cold Everywhere Else Plus Some Other Ideas And What Ifs We’re Working On To Share With Our Present and Future Fans.

Tell Us If You Like The Idea Please. Your Feedback is Very Important To Us!

Are You Ready To Celebrate The Music Of The Women In Rock ‘n Blues? Their Music, Their Performances. Not Only Women On Stage Performing, But It’s The Theme We Propose To You Our Fans. It Will Guide Us As We Put Our Talent And Lineup Together For A Great 2025 Fest.

We Invite You To Join Us Again In 2025 As We Build On Our Successful Niche Uptempo and Fun Rock ‘n Blues Events We Hold In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and Region Annually In late January. Main Rock ‘n Blues Fest January 17-19, 2025. Dates Set. You Can Book Your Trip Now! (Smiley emoticon here)

Possible Second Weekend And Midweek Events. To Be Announced Before or Just After Long Weekend In September.

Ready To Jump On Board Like Many Of Our Fans Have Already…It Gives You First Choice Of Seating In Our Usually Full Rooms…In Order Of Purchase. Tickets for the first weekend now on Sale at 2024 prices. Yes, unfortunately, there will have to be a price increase for the 5-hour plus live music show each night. It’s the economic world we’re all living in. Go here (shortened link to our site) now to purchase at the best prices you will receive for 2025. Buy Tickets At 2024 Prices Before June 30, 2024

And just to give you a little more to get possibly excited about, we’ll share a few What’s If’s that we’re working on hoping we might implement if all the stars and resources align.

#1: A Tie Dye Official Fest Shirt for 2025

#2 A 3 on 3 Basketball Side Event

3 on 3 Basketball Games from Teams That Entered…Different Age Categories…And Mixed …Maybe A Foul Shooting Contest PLUS

LIVE MUSIC FEST EVENTS right there as well, plus maybe some Pickleball, and of course Great Food And Drink on site from selected Local Restaurants and Bar Partners.

#3 A Guitar Lollapalooza Playing Hotel California Setting A Guinness Record

This may be a bit ambitious, but we’ve never set our sights low ever, so here goes. Artist depictions below.

Why Don’t We Invite Everyone Who Can Play Guitar To Join Us In Setting A Guinness World Record…The Largest Group of Performers Together At One Time Playing That Great Iconic Classic Rock Song

HOTEL CALIFORNIA by The Eagles….famous guitar leads by Don Felder and Joe Walsh on this song.

#4 What If We Became The Tequila, Tacos y Cerveza Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest in name (The TTC) or just in actions with no name change, adding a Taco Eating Contest, Taco Sampling Of Course, Plus Always The Coldest Cervezas in Town…and the Kicker…Every Year We Bring In The Tequila Voted Best Brand At The London Spirits Competition To Let You Sample The World’s Best Tequila for Fundraising and For Rewards. The 2024 winner is in the image. Plus of course, continuing with other Tequila and Mezcal sampling as always.

What Won’t Change We Promise is Great Uptempo Music You Can (Almost) Always Dance To, Great Warm Weather, Great Fun And “Amazing Nights Out” For Couples And Singles

Did We Mention We’ve Got Some Single Matchmaking In Mind Too…Think Speed Dating…Rapido Speed Dating At The Event. Working On It With A Smile. Singles Deserve Their Rock And Blues Too And A Chance To Meet Mr. or Ms. Great Night Together Right Now!

2025 Coming Soon!

See You in 2025…Save The Dates…January 17-19, 2025…Ixtapa-Zihuatantejo, Mexico

WE HEARD YOU! Our Great Fans. Buying 2025 Tickets In March (2024 at our last event of the year)

Telling Us You Love Our Rock ‘n Blues Mix… DON’T STOP THE MUSIC! You Said.

Mexico 2025, the best-kept secret to rockin’ ‘n bluesin ‘n causin’ in January anywhere when it’s cold everywhere else. January 17-19, 2025. SAVE THE DATES!

Yes, many folks have already got their tickets for 2025. At 2024 Prices . You can too. Until June 30. Here’s the purchase link for 2025 on our site.

Watch for more announcements about our 2025 event soon after July 4, 2024, plus advance tickets with reserved seating privileges and choice of seating in order of purchase, going on sale…at 2025 prices. Sorry, folks. All our costs are going up. We all know the economic world we live in currently, unfortunately.

We’re happy to tell you we’re well on our way to a great year in 2025 again…we remind you, however, that we rely solely on cash flow from ticket sales…your support and the support of the big-hearted Performers we feature, allows us to present the best possible Fest we can.

Plus raise funds for our specific goals for our 2024-2026 period that would benefit street animal rescue and medical treatments with a focus on senior animals, and help local kids with barriers overcome them to be great rock ‘n blues ‘n jazz musicians and performers themselves.

Please also hold the dates of January 24-26, 2024. We’re working on a plan to present a beachside all Beatles, all Doors all weekend Fest, with a sprinkling of other Rock ‘n Blues Rock Legends in as well. Different music, different set lists each day. With your interest and support through advance ticket sales, this will also become part of our 2025 schedule

For All You Who Love Your Uptempo Classic Rock ‘n Blues-Two Big Shows Upcoming This Weekend March 15 & 16 Plus A Meet And Greet And Some Jammin’ On March 14.

Our last Events in 2024 before we start preparing for 2025 Team Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions back in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. January 17-19, 2025. 17-Zihua, 18-Ixtapa, 19-Playa Linda afternoon. More events may be added but these three are set.

Bring Your Dancing Shoes, Bring Your Fun Lovin’ Forever Young Attitude And Spirit, Bring Your Support For Great Mexico Rock ‘n Blues And Our Local Causes. Kids and Street Animal Rescue. Classic Hits Music in both English and Spanish. English to start the night at 7;30 pm and then we switch to an English-Spanish mix after 9:30 pm. In whatever language the vocals are presented, there is one constant about the music…it Rocks!

March 14: Meet & Greet And Jammin’. 7:30 pm. Sample The Music, Get Your Tickets For Friday and Saturday or 2025 Fest. Buy your 2025 Fest (at 2024 Prices…new pricing July 1) tickets now, at the door when you enter if you want and get your choice of the March 15 or 16 Evens as a Free Bonus. Or go to https://tinyurl.com/buy2025/ (shortened link to our site 2025 purchase page)

Three Performer Acts This Weekend-Firstly Big Fan Favorites The Band MALE, four members, 3 females, 1 male, All great talents. Zaira, has a great rock voice, Alberto lead guitar whiz, Kristell bass guitar and America on drums. Fan favourites from their performances in January Both America and Kristell backed up other headliners such as Brent Parkin and Brandon Isaac. both of Canada, in January and these top names in blues rock were raving about their talents. MALE is from Morelia Mexico.

Preview The Band MALE

MALE January 2024

They are joined by 23-year-old rock and blues rising star Trebor Villa, also from Morelia. Another fan favourite from our January 2024 Fest. From Bob Dylan covers acoustic style with a neck harmonica, to great Carlos Santana music, to CCR songs like Green River, music by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and one of the best cover versions of “Got Your Mojo Working” by Muddy Waters we’ve ever heard, Trebor has a great combination of vocals and guitar skills that was so impressive for everyone in January. Now, also working on his own original material too.

Preview Trebor Villa:

They will be joined on stage during the evenings later in the shows, with a special guest appearance by a friend of all the musicians from Morelia, Andres Maz, It’s his home city too. Andres currently lives in Zihuatanejo and is a very popular local performer. Plus he has a large fan base among visitors here as well, stemming from his extensive Canadian tour last summer.

Preview Andres Maz

Advance Tickets Now With Reserved Seating at https://tequilabluesrock.com/events/ Rush Seating tickets are available at the Door. Doors open at 6:00 pm. The show starts at 7:30 pm. 4 Big Sets of 45-50 minutes each guaranteed. Maybe more?

March 15 at Madana Bar and Restaurant Zihuatanejo and March 16 at Ricardo’s Restaurante Ixtapa. 250 pesos for the show or purchase your 2025 Fest Tickets Now at 2024 Prices (500 pesos) and your 2024 Show is a Free Bonus. Our Latina Ladies Night Promo both nights, no cover charge after 9:30 pm.

Great Music All Night! Our Job 1 Always! Fan Favorites From Our Earlier Events, Performing The Great Classic Rock and Blues Hits We Know And Love. Plus Popular Performer Andres Maz with a Special Guest Appearance.

Great Fans…They’re Coming Back 2024 & 2025. You Can Too!

See What Our Great Fans Are Saying About Upcoming Events.

Our Next Events: March 15 & 16, 2024. Final for 2024. Then We’re Back Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ ‘n Festing January 17-19, 2025 in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, MEXICO. Our Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise!

For All Of Us Who Believe and Know: “Life Is Better When You’re Rockin'” Our Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise!

Announcements For 2025 Plus Reserved Seating Sales In Order Of Purchase Start Early July 2024.

March 15 & 16 Event Tickets Here: https://tequilabluesrock.com/events/ See detail. All purchases of March 15 or 16 Events Get A 250 peso value Gift Card for use at 2025 Fest (Tickets or Merch) January 17-19, 2025. So its VIrtually FREE for you! What’s not to like?

And the Great Offers Contiue.

Buy 2025 Fest Tickets At 2024 Prices (Until June 30, 2024): Buy 2025 Fest Tickets Now Until March 16, 7:30 pm and get your choice of March 15 or 16 Event FREE https://tinyurl.com/buy2025 (shortened link to our website page)

A 2024 Fest Video Gallery Part 1

Watch for Part 2 Next. Or you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel directly and get notifications immediately when new videos are posted. Just click the YouTube link above.

Brandon Isaak Rockin' The Blues On Closing Night 2024 Part 1

Brandon Isaak at Tequila Rock 'n Blues Explosions Fest January 2024

Let’s Build The Donations Fund…Let’s Get Ready For 2025…Be First In Line For Seating & Support The Building Of Another Great Fest

Yes, we’re still focused on our big Cause: Street Animals, Kids And Music And A Community Centre For Performances, Films Viewing And Other Activities. Here’s an easy way to send us a Donation and get your name or your “in memory of” name on the Supporters Wall of Honor.

Click the link paypal.me/tequilabluesrock and send us a 2,500 peso donation. For every 2,500 peso donation you get two tickets to the 2025 Event of your choice. Seating of your choice. The Donation Fund gets 1500 pesos from you. So 5000 pesos would get your 4 tickets. You get the idea. Plus you are recognized on our Founding Supporters, Wall of Honor. See below for a couple of screen shots of what you will see. Easy Peasy, we promise

Donation To Fundraising Plus 10 2025 Tickets10000.00 MXN10 2025 Tickets at 2024 Prices Plus Donation To Fundraising
January 26 at Madana Bar and Restaurant Zihuatanejo499.00 MXNYou Are Buying For Our January 26 Event In Zihuatanejo at Madana Bar & Restaurant. Table Reservation Privileges In Order Of Purchase Until End of Day January 12.. Rush Seating For All Purchases After
January 27 at Ricardo's Restaurante, Villas Paraiso Hotel, Ixtapa499.00 MXNYou Are Buying For Our January 27 Event In Ixtapa at Ricardo's Restaurante & Rock Bar Villas Paraiso Hotel. Table Reservation Privileges In Order Of Purchase Until End of Day January 13. Rush Seating For All Purchases After,
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Buy Your 2025 Tickets Now, Only Until February 1, 2024, At 2024 Prices. And Get First In Line For Reserved Seating And More. 2025 Prices Will Be Somewhat Higher, We Regrettably Have To Tell You. Costs Are Only Going In One Direction.

We’ve Got Great Plans for 2025 Already. A rockin’ Boogie Woogie Piano concept show within a Fest (Great Balls of Fire style) is already in the works. More International (outside Canada, USA and Mexico) Performers Like Bex Marshall was in 2024.. At Least Similar In Talent And Big Heart Status As Our 2023 & 2024. But As Always Now With The Fest, We Are Aiming For “Better & Better”. You won’t be disappointed.

January 17, 2025499.00 MXNFriday Night At Madana Bar & Restaurant, Rock Room
January 18, 2025499.00 MXNSaturday Night At Ricardo\\\'s Rock \\\'n Blues Bar & Restaurante in Ixtapa
January 19, 2025499.00 MXNAfternoon at Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

For our Make A Donation To The Fundraising Cause Paypal linked: https://paypal.me/tequilabluesrock/ here are two screenshots of what you should be seeing. Click the Link. Then Click Send. Then Enter The Amount In Multiples of ,2500 pesos. Easy. You Become Both An Important Donor To The Fundraising, Plus You Have 2 Tickets In Hand For The Event Of Your Choice In 2025.

Weekend 1 Amazing…Soon Weekend 2…So Many Great Performances & Great Performers…Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Everywhere.

Posted Today January 23 on our Facebook Fest Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/ Follow us there for all the latest news.

CLOSING NIGHT JANUARY 27 Will Be AMAZING! Only 25 Tickets Left To Sell In This Big Rock ‘n Blues Bar At Night Ricardo’s Restaurante & Bar, Ixtapa.

Bex Marshall Bex Marshall Blues has volunteered to help coordinate the final 30-45 minutes of fun Jams and Collaborations including her own new sing-along song ‘”i Wanna Go Go Go To Mexico” Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Style of course. It’s almost ready for “We Are The World” treatment. A full singalong by all Fest Performers and Fans Again. And we’re asking her to make sure Trebor Villa gets a chance to lead us all again in “I’ve Got My Mojo Working”.

We Feel We’ve Got Our Fest Mojo. Such Wonderful Big Hearted Performers…We’re Forever Grateful. Such Wonderful Fans…So Many Great Comments On Their Way Out…Come Together 2024 Only About Half Done. We’re On A Roll And We Don’t Plan To Stop Until Late At Night On January 27…Probably 28 Morning For The After Party!

January 26 at Madana Bar and Restaurant Madana is Officially SOLD OUT…We may have a few seats available for Walk-Ins, just come to the door early and Bribe Us to get in Line for those seats. Tequila Bribes work well for our crew…Or a 100 deposit to be in line. The deposit refunded if we can’t get you in. Donation accepted of course too.

Thursday January 25 at La Mexicana in Troncones La Mexicana with Bex Marshall Blues of London England and Cliff Stevens Cliff Stevens of Montreal headlining the show starting at 1:00 pm. 100 peso or more donation suggested and food or drink purchase please. (Same for all Thursday events)

4:30 pm at Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub with Charlie Jacobson and much more Classic Rock and Blues by the Beach…free sunset included…

7:30 pm a great evening show is planned for the wonderful new Zorros On Top in Ixtapa Zorros Sports Bar with Brandon Isaak headlining at approximately 8:30 pm. Did you hear that Brent Parkin from Weekend 1 will sit in with Brandon for at least a song or two. Brent Parkin Music

Trebor Villa, Juan Roberto Villaseñor the young rising star Mexican blues rock guitarist who can do Blues, do Dylan, do Hendrix, much more, to open the Night plus many other Fest Performers. At least 2.5 hours starting at 7:30 pm, but Fest Performers are very ready to play longer for Zorro fans if you yell out “Otra, Otra”…and maybe send over a cold drink or tequila too.????

Where are you gonna be Rock ‘n Blues lovers, fun lovers, Big Hearts, January 25, January 26 or January 27. If we see you at all three days, I’ve got a Fest Shirt for you! Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

We’ve added Zorros On Top Ixtapa for January 25 at 7:30 And Created A Jam Happy Hour For January 24 Open To All Local Musicians And Fest Performers…Full Text Below Images

Our Latest, adding Zorros on Top Ixtapa for January 25 at 7:30 pm featuring Brandon Isaak, Bex Marshall & More Fest Performers…

And Adding the Wednesday, January 24 Fun Happy Hours Jam Open To All Local Musicians Too at Ricardos Restaurante in Ixtapa at 4:30 pm. Ricardo’s Restaurante & BarVillas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo

Creedence CCR Meet the Beatles & the Stones Jam Theme! Sub-theme: Why Limit Happy To An Hour?

Week 1 Schedule Also Here…No Changes.

Advance Tickets now at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets or at the Zihua and Playa Linda venues during their open hours. At Ricardo’s Restaurante Ixtapa Monday and Wednesday 11:00 am to 12 noon. La Mexicana Restaurant in Troncones is also taking reservations for our “Suggested Donation Of 100 Pesos Per Person Or More” 1:00 PM Brunch, Tequila & Rock and Blues Explosions for 2.5 hours on Thursday, January 25. Great Fest Performers On Their Own Version Of The Rolling Thunder Revue by Bob Dylan headed to that beautiful surfing community with a great vibe. Then We’re At Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub Playa Linda For A Happy Hours Mini Show 4:30 Pm and later Zorros On Top Ixtapa for Our Evening Finale.

Our Headliner Bex Marshall Releases Great New Single From Her Forthcoming Album “Fortuna” In Advance Of Her Mexico Fest Appearance

Bex Marshall. BexMarshall.com Our first United Kingdom/European headliner for the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival. We’re very pleased to feature her and we know she’ll be making many new fans in Canada, USA and Mexico through her appearance at our melting pot of Fans from all over enjoying fun in the sun. From her hit single “House of Mercy” (view the video HERE) to her special Tina Turner Tribute on January 21 Oceanside at Playa Linda’s Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub, to material from her new album Fortuna, she will bring us great music at every event, January 19-27.

The Link To Today’s Announcement


The Full Text Of The Announcement With Images & Video:






“Bex Marshall is a heart-wrenching singer, a dazzling guitarist,
and a charismatic stage presence.” – Charles Shaar Murray

“Bex Marshall commands recognition with her spit and sawdust
vocals and fluid resonator guitar licks.” – Classic Rock Magazine

Fortuna is the brand-new album from blues roots rock guitarist Bex Marshall. The album is released on CD and digital by Dixiefrog Records on Friday 1 March 2024. Pre-order the CD HERE. Pre-save digital HERE.

The first single “5am” is released on Friday 5 January 2024 and is available to stream and buy HERE

Watch the official “5am” music video HERE

5am” has a melancholy feel, a bluesy ballad starting with soft electric spreads. Bex’s vocal is late-night and resigned. The track is full of charismatic regret and her guitar playing is prominent, poignant, and emotive throughout. The song tells the story of a drunken late-night fight with a lover, culminating in a drunken white flag of emotional guitar peaks. It’s slightly influenced by Gary Moore hat doffing, to finish, no rock n roll endings akin to a melodic 5am pass-out. It makes for addictive listening.”

Bex Marshall has a superabundance of smarts and edgy spirit to go along with her surety of purpose. She conjures a vocal melting pot of old black woman’s heartache and powerful gritty soul and unique guitar skills which have been labeled by other guitarists as “the goal.”

The long-awaited studio album Fortuna is a ten-track blues tapestry that bulges to the edges with addictive hooks and storylines. Bex is a writer of notability, she pushes the boundaries of blues and weaves the genre in and out of blues, funk, rock, and Americana.

Bex steps forward with this record as a leading female guitarist, producing her powerful, self-penned album with soaring lead lines, technical ragtime, and ballsy slide-playing.

It’s been ten years since Bex Marshall’s last release. During this time, Bex has experienced a busy touring schedule, independently breaking into several international markets. Fortuna is an intense culmination of focus and personal release over the last few years.

Bex was able to stand still for a moment and draw in local London talented friends including Richie Stevens on drums (Tina Turner, Simply Red, George Clinton), Toby Baker on keyboards (BB King, Eric Clapton, Alexander O’Neil, Sinead O Connor), B.J Cole on Dobro (Elton John, Coldplay, Sting, Shania Twain, Robbie Williams), New York’s  Robert Eugene Daniels on bass (RIP “Red Bass”) Aurora Mannola on bass, London’s gospel Queen Shola Adegoroye, and legendary Danny Bryan on percussion (Taj Mahal).

After a week-long intense recording session at Snakepit Studios in North London, Fortuna was created. It’s an album of soulful rock blues, with funky undertones with touches of gospel and roots. The album was engineered, co-produced and mastered by Nick Hunt (Dave Stewart, Boy George, Placebo, George Clinton) who Bex has worked with on her previous album House of Mercy.

“I have been influenced by multiple artists,” says Bex. “For me it never stops. Songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists – you name it!

“I grew up listening to Tina Turner. Vocally, she was my heroine. Her tone, soul, and vocal range was so versatile. Other influences include Eric Clapton’s cool guitar style, John Lee Hooker’s back porch flavour, Freddie King’s sting, Hose Feliciano’s flair, Janis Joplin’s ragtime, and Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s songwriting. I was lucky as my uncle had a stunning vinyl collection, and I was able to absorb all these relevant box ticking blues rock greats.”

“She’s mastered the art of making new material sound like it’s been found in long forgotten vaults,” says Net Rhythms. Bex holds a songwriting retreat twice a year in Cyprus and believes that “bad songwriting is affecting the quality of our suffering.”

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

The album’s lyrical content touches on the all too familiar addictions of life, from love to liquor, changes in society and bitter regret. The album features nine original tracks, one being an instrumental and one cover.

“The album is where I am today musically and philosophically and reflective of the performer I am now,” says Bex. “I wanted to take the hard lumps out of life, and present them back in a different light, sometimes with humor, sarcasm, or resilience but always with a shed load of tenacity. I wanted to make a record with iconic guitar sounds, heavenly funky keyboards, roots infected vocal lines with the funk in the trunk. The album is the most upbeat offering from me to date and I want to produce a show of high energy blues rock euphoria to reignite people’s mojos.”

During lockdown Bex’s good friend and bass player “Red Bass” (aka Robert Eugene Daniels) was living in London with us and after a few months sadly passed away. She was lucky enough to capture some of his bass lines in Snakepit Studios. Bex recorded demos for the album and finally used them in five of the 10 album tracks. “Red was a unique musician,” reflects Bex. “I was honoured to play music with him for over 20 years.  We even shared the same birthday.”

The final track of the record is called “When It’s Gone” it’s a poignant song although written several years earlier, BJ Cole (Tiny Dancer, Coldplay) plays dobro on this track as a tribute to “Red.”

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

Fortuna – Track Listing

1. Preaching to the Choir (3.40)
Dirty Water (5.26)
3. I Can’t Look You In The Eye (3.21)

4. 5am (4.26)
5.Jungle (3.25)
6.Table for One (4.53)
7.Fortuna (3.08)
8.Lay Down and Die (3.53)
9. Scrapyard Dog (4.45)

10. When Its Gone (4.00)

Production Credits

Bex Marshall – Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm, Acoustic, Slide and Lead guitar
Toby Baker – Keyboards, Hammond, Rhodes, Wurlitzer
Bass Guitar – Robert Eugene Daniels (Tracks – I Can’t Look You In The Eye, Table for One, Fortuna,
When Its Gone, and Aurora Mannola

Drums – Richie Stevens
Dobro – BJ Cole
Shola Adegoroye – Gospel BVs
Danny Bryan – Congas, Darbuka, Percussion
Produced and arranged by Bex Marshall and Nick Hunt
Engineered – Nick Hunt
Mastering Engineer – Nick Hunt
Second recording engineer – Mike Haslam
Photography and Album artwork – Barry Warren
Recorded and Engineered at House Of Mercy Studios London
Catering Johnathon Lolley
Scott Coopwood – Guitarist – I Can’t Look You In The Eye
Barry Bays – Rhythm Guitar – I Can’t Look You In The Eye
Mike Capperelli – Engineer – I Can’t Look You In The Eye

Photography and album artwork – Barry Warren
Video production – Andrew Radford and Ben Radford

Distributed by Dixie Frog Records
Sponsored by Teye Guitars, Ozark Resonators, Blackstar Amps, DR Strings

In Memory to my father Coleridge William Marshall 1948-2023
RIP Robert Eugene Daniels (aka “Red Bass”)
Copyright Bex Marshall. All rights reserved 2023

All tracks written by Bex Marshall except
track 2. Dirty Water (Buddy and Julie Miller BUG MUSIC INC)
track 3.  I Can’t Look You In The Eye – Bex Marshall /Scott Coopwood

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham


PREACHING TO THE CHOIR – This is a no-nonsense guitar track and firmly sets the pace of the album. It’s a blues rock ignition to the album engine and the third single to be released March 1st. Anthemic, skyscraper guitar licks kickstart the track and launch into driving funk groove train. This song gets straight to the nitty gritty, with lofty gospel vocals from Shola Adegoroye. Bex’s drawl shoots the accusation to the guilty party… preaching to the choir. Political? Personal? Judge for yourself.

DIRTY WATER – This is the second track from the album, and it’s originally penned by Buddy and Julie Miller. It’s the only cover on the album. “I’ve been playing the song for a few years, but my interpretation is a lot grittier,” says Bex. “The original was so laid back, and a great song, but I wanted to ramp it up and make it howl with pain.” The track starts with an acapella vocal reminiscent of a back porch lament, gathering momentum into a tribal hambone, all heading towards a danceable rocker and crescendo of guitar licks and promises of abstaining once again.

I CAN’T LOOK YOU IN THE EYE – This track features powerhouse slide guitar performed by Bex. The track was co-written by Scott Coopwood (Clarksdale, Mississippi) who’s guitar playing features as the solo (playing a custom Les Paul). Other musicians featured include Barry Barnes and recorded in Clarksdale, Mississippi. This four-to-the-floor number bombards the blues crossroads with harmonious heavy blues guitars and lyrically temps fate, while coyly celebrating the human consciousness of lust.

5AM – The change of tempo is stark and the pining and longing of the electric guitar spreads that repeat through the song, hypnotizing and encapsulating the regret which continually wheels around her head. Toby Baker’s Rhodes playing behind the guitar reflects the gentle madness of her frustrating inability to make it all better and harness the mood of the song to late night. Bex’s guitar solo transformers into a dramatic longing of emotion until conceding to the hour of 5am

JUNGLE – Slide guitar comes in like a kid skidding over a shiny polished floor with a big smile on its face and sets the scene for a rockabilly inspired chicken pickin’ slide guitar solo. It’s a jungle out there! Imagine all the people you know are animals or insects, a humorous toe tapper, honky-tonk piano bar room frolics!

TABLE FOR ONE = Mid-tempo bass led groover, with Hammond and piano dominant throughout. The tale-telling vocals depict a lonely meal. The song features funky rhythmic stabs echo a Bo Diddley feel and keep the roots firmly while the jazzy lead break encourages a sarcastic look at the stigma attached to woman who like to eat alone, culminating in lead guitar outro.  

FORTUNA = Boom and we’re off! The title track of the album, shooting out of the stalls in a Steve McQueen Bullet-style car chase. The resonator dominates with heavy funk driving drums from Richie Stevens and sensational bass harmonizing bass playing from RED BASS smothered in piano drama. This is the kind of energetic lunacy to let your imagination run wild.

LAY DOWN AND DIE – As you fly off the edge of the cliff of Fortuna at 100 miles an hour, the intro riff catches you and takes you on a ZZ Top reminiscent chugger, a good old-fashioned blues riffs but with quirks, slightly different Texas inspired blues rock. Lay Down and Die – “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

SCRAPYARD DOG – The intro conjures up images of a slightly limp character walking slowly up to no good. The clavinet gives a vintage circus-feel to this track and Richie’s drums throw in a loose roots-reggae feel every now and again, playing late in the beat while the walking bass plows on, Bex plays her Ozark resonator back porch ragtime rock solo.

WHEN IT’S GONE –The “Maggie Mae” vibe of this song mixes into the sweeping chorus of BJ Cole’s guest Dobro playing, banks of layered harmonies reminding us that “When its gone, it’s gone.” Bex’s acoustic ‘63 Gibson hummingbird guitar harmonizes with BJ. The sweet harmonies of strings take over this end of the album track. The song embodies reflective sentiments, educational and a warning to all.

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

Tickets: www.bexmarshall.com/tour-dates

January 19-27-Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Mon 26 Feb – Midnight Special Blues Club, Camberley UK BAND
Sat 9 March – St Marys Sessions, Dorking UK BAND
Wed 13 March – Clutha, Glasgow BAND
Friday 15 March – Howlin Wolf, Glasgow BAND
Mon 18 March – Plaquemine Lock SOLO
Tues 19 March – The Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs Kent UK BAND
Sat 23 March – Tenne Oederan, Germany BAND
Sun 24 March – Bílina, Czech, SOLO
Mon 25 March – Černošice, Czech SOLO
Tue 26 March – Bruntál, Czech   SOLO
Wed 27 March – Rožnov, Czech SOLO
Thu 28 March – Brno-SP, Czech SOLO
Wed 17 April – Hotel La Campagnola – DUO CH
Fri 18 April – Nidaba Theatre Milan Italy DUO
Sat 19 April – Hollywood Bar Lugano CH DUO
Sun 20 April – Strampalato Brescia – Italy DUO
Thurs 5 Sept – Spirit of 66, Belgium BAND
Sun 8 Sept – Darlington R n B Festival BAND
Sat 13 Sept – Blues at the Bay Stockton on Tees UK BAND
Fri 25 Oct – Blues Route Helmond Netherlands BAND

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The 2024 Fest Keeps Getting Better and Better For Our Fans…Announcing Famed Canadian Bluesman Brent Parkin Today…He Rode With The King Too…BB That Is!

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January 3, 2024 

Our Contact Info Contact: Bob Rempel, Managing Chairperson. Residence & Office Address: Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico. 

Phone/W.A:+52 755 101 5989  Emails: tequilabluesfest@gmail.com & bobrempel@gmail.com  

Website: https://tequilabluesrock.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/  Advance Fest Tickets For Each Event And Venue:  https:/tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/

Weekend 1 Just Days Away Now!  Opening Night January 19.

The Paraiso Society organizing group presents the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival and our new Generations Unite theme in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and Playa Linda and Troncones Mexico on January 19-27, 2024.  We Continue To Make Major Positive Changes, For Our Fans, To Our Performer Lineup And Our Schedule…As We Continue To Work To Be “Better and Better 2024-2026” Our Guiding Mission.

View Our January 3/24 Promo Video For The First Weekend January 19-22, 2024 Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest For An Overview of Performers and Special Shows And Tributes:  https://youtu.be/X8dVed8zLxw

Weekend 1. More About Weekend 2 On our Website: https://tequilabluesrock.com

Brent Parkin Joins The 2024 Festival January 19-22.  A Legendary Famed Blues Guitarist and Vocalist From Canada, Equally At Home With Rock & Rockabilly, Country & Jazz, He Joins Us To Be The First Recipient Of Our New Annual Tequila Big Heart Lifetime Achievement Honor From Our Mexico Based Fest…And Performing For Us Daily.  For Years Up to 2023. 

His Prairie Roots in Manitoba in Canada, His Connection With Mexico rock and blues and Mexican performers for many years from his winter home in Playa del Carmen and large collection of fans from all over Canada, USA and Mexico make him the perfect first recipient of our award, said Bob Rempel, Fest Director.

There are 0 Degrees Of Separation from Brent and the acknowledged Blues King of all time, Mr. B.B. King.  Brent opened for BB on a Western Canadian Tour and toured with him in the mid-80s.  Truly “Riding With The King”.  We’re sure he’ll give us his take on BB when we all get up close and personal with Brent later this month.  There’s more…

In the early 70s he co-founded several popular blues bands including the popular band Houndog in 1976. In the last 50 years he has been part of the backup bands for such legends as Bo Diddley, Gatemouth Brown, Otis Rush, Billy Boy Arnold, Johnnie Johnson and Jimmy T99 Nelson and many more. As well as opening shows for such greats as James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, John Prine just to name a few.  We’re in for some great stories fans and just recently Brent said to us, “Don’t worry Bob, just because folks like the Toronto Blues Society and now your Fest want to give me a Lifetime Achievement Honor….I Can Still Rock That Stage”

See Brent In Performance:  The Blues Classic “Caledonia” at the Winnipeg Art Gallery:  https://youtu.be/Sn1RaIY_Aaw?si=MMaRe_mpXP1SY0Sg

-Kristel Rodriguez, bass guitar, and America Hernandez, drums, of Morelia Mexico have already been announced as 2024 performers,  but we are pleased to tell you today that they are bringing their other Blues-Rock group “MALE”  members with them. Zaira and Alberto.  With a wide-ranging song list, (see future F.B Page posts) and great vocals from lead singer, Zaira, they will have everyone clappin’ along and dancing.

Watch For Our Final Announcement At Our Next Public Information Release on January 12.  We continue to explore the option of holding a Special Creedence/John Fogerty Themed Music Event and Fundraiser on January 24 in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, afternoon or evening, with the main promotional incentive that everyone who attends our January 21 Special Oceanside Margaritaville Sunday Afternoon With Paid Ticket(s) And Donates At Least 100 Pesos per person to our Special Fundraising.  

The 3 For The Show Group Who Will Open The Show on January 21 Have Challenged Us To Achieve 10,000 Pesos In Fundraising On That Afternoon So They Can Present Their Specialty…Creedence and John Fogerty Music.  Their in tribute band Mystic Highway plays on big stages across Canada and the USA to a strong fan base. The best advice we can offer…Get Your Tickets Now For January 21…You Get The Possible Free Ticket With the Donation And the Entertainment Value will be top shelf all afternoon guaranteed. 

Charles Sanchez aka Charly Blues, harmonica master and drummer of Morelia, Mexico will also be a part of the Festival in a multi-purpose, multi-tasking way, similar to how Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta Canada is involved.  Charlie is the Music Director co-ordinating all backing musicians, plus performing as well. Charly will work closely with the Fest Director in a Performer Liaison role for their on-stage and off-stage needs and will perform at both at the Festival and at our Pre-Event Community Stages for Fest and local performers and free to the public. Musicians taking on a bigger role with us to build the Fest long term.  “We love it, said Fest Director Rempel.  Charly also said, “I may have a surprise blues rock vocalist joining me”. 

“We love surprise guests”, we said.

We want to issue a thumbs-up shout-out to local musician Rene Escobosa of TA Rock Bar and pianist/vocalist who has graciously offered to help us with backing music and support for our Special Guest for Weekend 2:  Brandon Isaak, 4 Time Canadian Blues Award Nominee for 2023.  We note also that our pre Event Community Stage is open to all local and regional musicians as well, in particular, emerging youth groups.

Ticket Sales With Cash Payment Go On Sale At Venues on January 6.  Advance Online Ticket Purchase with credit or debit card at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ continues until the end of the Festival. A 3rd Option…take your chances on seats being available at the last minute…Text +52 755 101 5989 (SMS Text or Whatsapp) and tell us how many tickets to put on Door Hold for you and for what date(s).

-Watch For Special Packages Or Incentives To Encourage Donations For Our Special Fundraising Project 2024-2026. For example, one Package For $100 USD Will Get You 1 or 2 Tickets To 2025 Events, Or Merch, Your Choice, Plus Special One of A Kind Photos With Performers Plus A $50 Donation To The Fundraising Goal That Get’s You Recognized On the Wall Of Honor At The Future Facility.  “We Did Our Part” public recognition for your support. Casino Style Games & Special Spin The Wheel To Win Tequila or Wine (Mexican of course) Also Planned For.  

-We’re Set To Go With Our Beatles At Shea Stadium 1965 Set with the Vudu Chile Band with Norbert Aguilar from Morelia on lead vocals. Starting opening night through to January 22 at least.  A Beatles reel with a clip promo re the Set for our 2024 Fest went viral on the Internet over the Christmas season. Nearly 20,000 views to date.  There is Beatles Love Still In Mexico, Everywhere In The World! 

-Next Public Update Coming January 12.  Are You Ready To Rock? Blues Rock?

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Announcing the 2024-2026 Vision And Action Plan (May, 2023)

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For 2023 And Prior:  Brent Parkin, Canada/Mexico To Be Honored At Our January 2024 Event


Meet Our Performers Playlist: Bex Marshall, Mariana Gajma, Charlie Jacobson, Brandon Isaak, Cliff Stevens, Trebor Villa, Norbert Aguilar & Vudu Chile, Kristel Rodriguez, America Hernandez and 1 More Name With Legendary Status To Be Announced January 3

Playlist below plays the selections in sequence.

To see the entire playlist and play selections click on the Youtube button below.

To Help You Share With Friends and Family Here Are Our Key Image and Video Assets For Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festing & Rocking January 2024 In Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa & Playa Linda & Troncones…MEXICO!

59 Second Shorty

Our General Poster with date and location of events

Week 1 Schedule

Week 2 Schedule

These are current as of December 6, 2023. But the good news fans and friends of good fun times for great Causes in January in Mexico is that we are still adding performers and side events to make the 2024 Fest Better and Better.

Cliff Stevens brings his Better Days original blues rock music and his uncanny heartfelt Slowhand tributes to Eric Clapton and his music and our Fans and our Fest are better for it too!

Recent Article And Interview The Sound Cafe.Com

Cliff Stevens is a Montreal-based blues-rock guitarist of British/Scottish descent, raised by his single mother. From a young age, he showed an interest in music and as a teenager, his impressive guitar playing gained him popularity in high school. Stevens writes, sings and produces his own albums, drawing inspiration from guitarists like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher, influences that are reflected in his playing and songwriting. His talent has been praised by many including Blues Blast Magazine (USA) who commented on his release Nobody But You (2019): “Stevens shows us that he can write really good songs and deliver them with passion. The guitar sound and playing is outstanding.”

Like so many blues and rock musicians before him, Stevens spent much of his career in relative obscurity. As a sideman with various travelling groups, he played every type of show imaginable, from bottom of the barrel gigs to 14,000 wildly enthusiastic blues fans at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. When the non-stop grind of the road mixed with alcohol and drugs took its toll, Stevens made the decision to quit touring and make a living as a taxi driver. Ironically, he says he thought he had seen it all as a musician until he started driving a cab. Some of his experiences are described in a book he wrote with his brother called The Stroll about his life as a cabbie in Toronto, published by NC Press in 1986 and re-published by University of Toronto Press in 1995. After much soul-searching and painful life experiences, Stevens finally got sober in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. In recovery and with a newfound sense of gratitude, he focused on his writing and started a solo career.

In 1997, he was featured on the Preservation Blues Review compilation, then released his first solo album, Cliff Stevens (2009), followed by Grass Won’t Grow (2016), Live in Germany (2017) and Nobody But You (2019) which spent 58 straight weeks on the Roots Music Report (RMR) including 20 straight weeks in the Top 10 on the Blues Rock and Canada Top 50 Album charts.

As a touring musician, Cliff Stevens has performed at numerous festivals including Tremblant International Blues Festival and TBay Blues Fest and played thousands of gigs across Canada, Europe, Mexico and Morocco. He has toured Europe eight times since 2014 when he was the support act for legendary British rockers Wishbone Ash for their entire European tour.

Cliff Stevens Better Days

Better Days is the fifth solo release by Cliff Stevens, with eleven new original songs in an array of styles from driving blues-rock, slow classic blues to acoustic country blues. His life journey currently reflects a more personal and introspective style, all the while blending it with a blues rock edge that fans still know and love. In April 2022, Stevens will embark on a 30-day European tour to promote this upcoming release.

Additionally, Cliff deepened his knowledge with a Master’s degree in Music and Education from Concordia University in Montreal. In the same way that a fine wine improves with age, so has Cliff’s guitar playing, singing and songwriting. With his latest late 2022 release, Cliff Stevens promises that Better Days are still ahead.

Cliff Stevens Website: Social media Facebook

Cliff Stevens-Grass Won’t Grow

Cliff Stevens, the talented Canadian guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Montréal, Québec, has released several albums. Here’s a summary of his discography:

  1. Feelin’ The Blues (2013): His debut solo album released in Germany1.
  2. Grass Won’t Grow (2016): A follow-up album released in the United States12.
  3. Live in Germany (2017): A live recording capturing his energetic performances.
  4. Nobody But You (2019): This album spent an impressive 58 straight weeks on the Roots Music Report (RMR), including 20 straight weeks in the Top 10 on the Blues Rock and Canada Top 50 Album charts2.

Recently, Cliff Stevens also released Better Days, his fifth solo album, which showcases his blues roots, and guitar play in the blues-rock style inspired by guitarists like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, and Rory Gallagher

More on Cliff Stevens Promo

Are you ready to experience some of the best blues and rock music in the world? Then you won’t want to miss the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival in Mexico, where Montreal’s own Cliff Stevens will be one of the headliners. Cliff Stevens is a renowned blues-rock guitarist with extensive experience, earning accolades and awards for his soulful and electrifying performances. He has toured across Canada, Europe, and the US, sharing the stage with legends like B.B. King, John Mayall, and Buddy Guy. At the festival, he will be playing songs from his latest album, as well as some classic blues and rock tunes that will get you on your feet. =

Without diminishing all of Cliff’s original material albums and experience, Cliff also brings us a heartfelt uncanny tribute to the living legend Eric Clapton’s music as well. Both from his bands like Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, Yardbirds, John Mayall, and Eric’s solo career. Cliff will mix Clapton music into his sets of his own music, and provide a Clapton Tribute Set one evening of the Fest. To Be Scheduled.

About Eric Clapton:

Eric Clapton’s Top 10 Songs According To Rolling Stone Magazine

Eric Clapton At Live Aid 1985 Performing Layla, with Phil Collins on Drums

Eric Clapton is one of the most influential and acclaimed guitarists in rock history. He has written or sung many great songs throughout his career, spanning different genres and styles. Here are some of his most notable songs in chronological order, along with some other songs by him that you might enjoy:

– I Shot the Sheriff (1974): A cover of Bob Marley’s reggae song, which became Clapton’s first number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Other songs by Clapton from this year include Let It Grow and Willie and the Hand Jive.
– Lay Down Sally (1977): A country-rock song co-written by Clapton, Marcy Levy and George Terry, which reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and won a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Other songs by Clapton from this year include Wonderful Tonight and Cocaine.
– Tears in Heaven (1992): A heartbreaking song co-written by Clapton and Will Jennings, inspired by the death of Clapton’s four-year-old son Conor, who fell from a 53rd-floor window. The song won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Other songs by Clapton from this year include Layla (Unplugged) and Old Love (Unplugged).
– Change the World (1996): A pop-rock song co-written by Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick, which was featured on the soundtrack of the film Phenomenon. The song won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Other songs by Clapton from this year include My Father’s Eyes and Sick and Tired.
– My Father’s Eyes (1998): A soulful song written by Clapton, which reflects on his relationship with his father, whom he never met, and his son Conor. The song won a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Other songs by Clapton from this year include Broken Hearted and Fall Like Rain.

Our 2024 Tequila Rock ‘n Blue EXPLOSIONS Fest Lineup And Schedule Updated 06/12/23

Our Lineup Poster. Current as of 06/12/23 Perfect for Sharing.

Big Groups, Families, Friends Old and New Most Welcome!

Great Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ And Great Fun Times Coming Up Soon! Rock ‘n Blues Explosions in fact!

7 Events, 2 Meets and Greets, 1 Informal Open To The Public (With Food or Drink Purchase) Rehearsal not in the schedule Jan. 18 at @Ricardo’s Restaurant in the Villas Paraiso Hotel Ixtapa

New For 2024

January 21, 1:00 pm at Playa Linda Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub our first ever Toes in the Sand, Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Event. All Afternoon.

January 25, La Mexicana we take the Fest to Troncones. Great venue and stage, with amazing food.

Advance Festival Tickets with priority seating privileges in order of purchase are available now at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/

Bluesman Brandon Isaak is a “national treasure” say Tom and Jack Lavin from the famous Powder Blues Band of Canada and we’re excited he’s joining us in Mexico in January

With three acclaimed albums under his belt, the most recent in 2023, and a musical journey that began at the tender age of four, Brandon Isaak has carved a niche for himself in the blues world. His soulful voice, virtuoso guitar skills, and infectious energy have captivated audiences across the globe. From smoky blues clubs to grand festival stages, Isaak’s performances are a testament to his passion and artistry.

We are very excited about having, both Brandon Isaak and Cliff Stevens joining us for the second weekend of our Events. Today we feature Brandon. Brandon is a unique high-quality performer, a Bluesman, with excellent original material, who is up for 4 Awards in 2023 from the Maples Blues Society, Canada’s foremost awards organization. He can move a crowd, he can thoroughly entertain a crowd, and that’s foremost with us at our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests.

Reprinted from BlueFrogStudios.ca Article preceded his sold-out November 17 show.

“More than 12,000 fans saw Brandon Isaak open for the Colin James concert at the White Rock Concerts at The Pier in Summer 2023. This is your chance to see Brandon with his full band, The Saints of Swing, up close in the acoustically perfect Blue Frog Studios.

What separates this Yukon-born Juno Award-nominated artist from the rest of the pack besides his world-class musicianship and songwriting, is his ability to connect and involve the audience in his live shows.

After many nominations by The Maple Blues Awards, (Canada’s national blues awards) this Yukonion guitar slinger finally won his first MBA last year for (Acoustic Act of the Year). The nominations were just released again and Brandon once again has a nomination… (Guitarist of the Year). We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Last year he had nominations for (Song Writer of the Year), (Acoustic Act of the Year) and (Album of the Year) for his latest solo album; Here On Earth.

Brandon is joined (for the November 17 concert) by his all-star band, The Saints Of Swing featuring some of the finest musicians in the country- Mike Kalanj on the piano and keyboards, Pat Darcus on the Upright Bass and Chris “The Wrist” Norquist on the drums. 

With a lineup of songs that span the blues genre, Brandon Isaak is set to stun audiences once again with the release of his new album, One Step Closer. Isaak explores classic iterations of the blues with the occasional modern twist. The record flirts with a vintage, New Orleans sound and incorporates an array of old-time instruments, from fiddle and banjo to washboard and lap steel. Isaak creates a rich, timeless culmination of sounds, styles, and themes with the power to transport the listener to the French Quarter and beyond.

Come on out and help celebrate this great new release from one of Canada’s top blues performers on the scene today. It’s going to be a great evening of heavy-duty roots and blues!

Brandon Isaak is a one-man band playing a foot-operated drum kit, neck rack harmonica, guitar and vocals. His original blues songs ring with authenticity and wit and his singing, guitar and harmonica playing are the living spirit of the best of the blues today! I consider Brandon to be a national treasure!”
Jack Lavin – “Powder Blues”

“The multi-talented Brandon Isaak is like a fresh wind from the Pacific Northwest – bringing exciting new life to older blues forms. Singer, guitarist, songwriter – Brandon evokes a range of emotions from rollicking to plaintive, always providing memorable and enjoyable listening!”
Barbara Sims – Sun Records
Head of Publicity – 1957-1960

Media Interviews:

2023 Edmonton “Saint of Swing, Boss of Blues”


Here On Earth 2013

Rise ‘n Shine 2018

One Step Closer 2023

Our Great Lineup Of Fest Performers For 2024 (06/12/23)