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Great Music-Big Rockin Fun Is What We’re About But We’re Not Complete Without Our “Come Together” For Good And For Change Guiding Purpose…Yes Big Hearts Young and Forever Young Run Free At Our Events

With thanks to Candi Staton and her song Young Hearts Run Free from 1976

Summary: Fundraising and Causes Supported By Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festivals and Events in Mexico. Great Music first, of course! That opens the door for Big Hearts to shine and Love to flow.

Announcements Are Coming On July 9, 2024, Regarding Our 2025 Events: January 17-19, For The Main Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Fest And For Midweek And Second Weekend January 24-26, 2025 Events. Information Will Be Here On This Website And Our Facebook Page.

2025 Plans Already Announced: We’ve Told You About Our Rededication To Our 2024-2026 Legacy Project And Our Continued Fundraising For It. Currently 16, 000 pesos have been placed in ‘escrow” We were wholly unsatisfied with the amount raised, but technical issues limited our 50-50 Draws, Auctions and Raffles that would generate funds. Problems will be corrected and we will ask for more people to get involved with our small Paraiso Society team to support the fundraising efforts.

For 2025, we’ve briefly mentioned our Plans to hold a special Fundraising Night during our Festival with added fun for all, with one-time Games of Chance, Special Auctions Raffles and more.

Caption: Vicente Contreras of Zihuatanejo, who has performed at our Events twice, and received a special bursary from us for help with the cost of advanced instruction.

Plus we noted that we hope to include one special 50-50 or other Raffle Draw that supports a “Dream Wish For A Terminally Ill Youth”, a new effort we’ve added. As well we’ve also announced new plans to add a Special Room in our Legacy Project Community Centre we call “Final Moments Together” where street animals and family pets too, can have loving humans, family, friends, or even just one of our volunteers, with them and the veterinarian in a warm comfortable room when the difficult “Final Moments” together must be faced. More details coming in our upcoming announcements.

About Fundraising/About Causes: We’ve written about our Causes and past Fundraising in various Posts here. Since 2020 we’ve been supporting Street Animal Rescue in Mexico with a focus on funding Neutering and Special Medical Procedures for Street Animals. In 2023 we added support for local disadvantaged families and kids that want to learn to play and perform Rock, Blues and Jazz and more like the Festival Performers we bring in. Funds from 50-50 Draws or other Donations at the Events in 2020 through 2023 have been redirected to 4 Animal Rescue Organizations or Shelters: Primarily Amigos de Animales in Barra Potosi and Surfers for Strays in Troncones, but also donations made from funds raised to the Bluesman’s Shelter of Love (Isidoro Negrete, Mexico City) Helen’s Memorial Shelter in Ixtapa-Zihua (Bob Rempel) and The Natalia Shelter (Toluca)

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Music Theme: Emerging Performers, Mexico Based Performers. We will be supporting Youth Performers in Mexico and Emerging Performers-Future Stars From Anywhere, But In Particular Mexico, to an even greater extent, In 2025 And Future Years.

2024-2026: We Made A Major Pivot And Decided To Take On A Big Fundraising Challenge To Leave A Lasting Legacy For The Community.

2023 Our First Post Covid Festival Event In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

2018 -2020. Events In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, in January and March, and two events in Mexico City.

Ongoing Since Inception:

Support For Mexico Blues & Rock Overall-Support For Youth Performers and Emerging Performers in Mexico has Been Ongoing Since We Started As A Prime Purpose Of Our Events And Will Continue For Future Events. Approximately 40-50 percent of the Performers Are From Mexico At A Quality Level On Par With Performers From Elsewhere.

Informal Clinics And Mentoring From Our Headlining Performers From Canada, USA, And Elsewhere Are Being Added Wherever Feasible For Each Yearly Fest And Other Events.

See you January 17-26, 2025 in Mexico for Rock ‘n Blues Great Music Explosions and Big Hearts for Important Local Causes. That’s Zee Waa… Feeling Free in Zee. That’s Us. We’re Always 3 and 4 th weekends in January. 2025 Announcements start July 9 with second phase approximately October 1.

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