We’re Celebrating The Music Of Women In Rock And Blues In 2025…January 2025 Mexico And Some Other Ideas And What If’s We’re Working On

We’re Celebrating The Music Of Women In Rock And Blues In 2025…January 2025 Mexico When It’s Cold Everywhere Else Plus Some Other Ideas And What Ifs We’re Working On To Share With Our Present and Future Fans.

Tell Us If You Like The Idea Please. Your Feedback is Very Important To Us!

Are You Ready To Celebrate The Music Of The Women In Rock ‘n Blues? Their Music, Their Performances. Not Only Women On Stage Performing, But It’s The Theme We Propose To You Our Fans. It Will Guide Us As We Put Our Talent And Lineup Together For A Great 2025 Fest.

We Invite You To Join Us Again In 2025 As We Build On Our Successful Niche Uptempo and Fun Rock ‘n Blues Events We Hold In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and Region Annually In late January. Main Rock ‘n Blues Fest January 17-19, 2025. Dates Set. You Can Book Your Trip Now! (Smiley emoticon here)

Possible Second Weekend And Midweek Events. To Be Announced Before or Just After Long Weekend In September.

Ready To Jump On Board Like Many Of Our Fans Have Already…It Gives You First Choice Of Seating In Our Usually Full Rooms…In Order Of Purchase. Tickets for the first weekend now on Sale at 2024 prices. Yes, unfortunately, there will have to be a price increase for the 5-hour plus live music show each night. It’s the economic world we’re all living in. Go here (shortened link to our site) now to purchase at the best prices you will receive for 2025. Buy Tickets At 2024 Prices Before June 30, 2024

And just to give you a little more to get possibly excited about, we’ll share a few What’s If’s that we’re working on hoping we might implement if all the stars and resources align.

#1: A Tie Dye Official Fest Shirt for 2025

#2 A 3 on 3 Basketball Side Event

3 on 3 Basketball Games from Teams That Entered…Different Age Categories…And Mixed …Maybe A Foul Shooting Contest PLUS

LIVE MUSIC FEST EVENTS right there as well, plus maybe some Pickleball, and of course Great Food And Drink on site from selected Local Restaurants and Bar Partners.

#3 A Guitar Lollapalooza Playing Hotel California Setting A Guinness Record

This may be a bit ambitious, but we’ve never set our sights low ever, so here goes. Artist depictions below.

Why Don’t We Invite Everyone Who Can Play Guitar To Join Us In Setting A Guinness World Record…The Largest Group of Performers Together At One Time Playing That Great Iconic Classic Rock Song

HOTEL CALIFORNIA by The Eagles….famous guitar leads by Don Felder and Joe Walsh on this song.

#4 What If We Became The Tequila, Tacos y Cerveza Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest in name (The TTC) or just in actions with no name change, adding a Taco Eating Contest, Taco Sampling Of Course, Plus Always The Coldest Cervezas in Town…and the Kicker…Every Year We Bring In The Tequila Voted Best Brand At The London Spirits Competition To Let You Sample The World’s Best Tequila for Fundraising and For Rewards. The 2024 winner is in the image. Plus of course, continuing with other Tequila and Mezcal sampling as always.

What Won’t Change We Promise is Great Uptempo Music You Can (Almost) Always Dance To, Great Warm Weather, Great Fun And “Amazing Nights Out” For Couples And Singles

Did We Mention We’ve Got Some Single Matchmaking In Mind Too…Think Speed Dating…Rapido Speed Dating At The Event. Working On It With A Smile. Singles Deserve Their Rock And Blues Too And A Chance To Meet Mr. or Ms. Great Night Together Right Now!

2025 Coming Soon!

See You in 2025…Save The Dates…January 17-19, 2025…Ixtapa-Zihuatantejo, Mexico

WE HEARD YOU! Our Great Fans. Buying 2025 Tickets In March (2024 at our last event of the year)

Telling Us You Love Our Rock ‘n Blues Mix… DON’T STOP THE MUSIC! You Said.

Mexico 2025, the best-kept secret to rockin’ ‘n bluesin ‘n causin’ in January anywhere when it’s cold everywhere else. January 17-19, 2025. SAVE THE DATES!

Yes, many folks have already got their tickets for 2025. At 2024 Prices . You can too. Until June 30. Here’s the purchase link for 2025 on our site.

Watch for more announcements about our 2025 event soon after July 4, 2024, plus advance tickets with reserved seating privileges and choice of seating in order of purchase, going on sale…at 2025 prices. Sorry, folks. All our costs are going up. We all know the economic world we live in currently, unfortunately.

We’re happy to tell you we’re well on our way to a great year in 2025 again…we remind you, however, that we rely solely on cash flow from ticket sales…your support and the support of the big-hearted Performers we feature, allows us to present the best possible Fest we can.

Plus raise funds for our specific goals for our 2024-2026 period that would benefit street animal rescue and medical treatments with a focus on senior animals, and help local kids with barriers overcome them to be great rock ‘n blues ‘n jazz musicians and performers themselves.

Please also hold the dates of January 24-26, 2024. We’re working on a plan to present a beachside all Beatles, all Doors all weekend Fest, with a sprinkling of other Rock ‘n Blues Rock Legends in as well. Different music, different set lists each day. With your interest and support through advance ticket sales, this will also become part of our 2025 schedule

For All You Who Love Your Uptempo Classic Rock ‘n Blues-Two Big Shows Upcoming This Weekend March 15 & 16 Plus A Meet And Greet And Some Jammin’ On March 14.

Our last Events in 2024 before we start preparing for 2025 Team Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions back in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. January 17-19, 2025. 17-Zihua, 18-Ixtapa, 19-Playa Linda afternoon. More events may be added but these three are set.

Bring Your Dancing Shoes, Bring Your Fun Lovin’ Forever Young Attitude And Spirit, Bring Your Support For Great Mexico Rock ‘n Blues And Our Local Causes. Kids and Street Animal Rescue. Classic Hits Music in both English and Spanish. English to start the night at 7;30 pm and then we switch to an English-Spanish mix after 9:30 pm. In whatever language the vocals are presented, there is one constant about the music…it Rocks!

March 14: Meet & Greet And Jammin’. 7:30 pm. Sample The Music, Get Your Tickets For Friday and Saturday or 2025 Fest. Buy your 2025 Fest (at 2024 Prices…new pricing July 1) tickets now, at the door when you enter if you want and get your choice of the March 15 or 16 Evens as a Free Bonus. Or go to https://tinyurl.com/buy2025/ (shortened link to our site 2025 purchase page)

Three Performer Acts This Weekend-Firstly Big Fan Favorites The Band MALE, four members, 3 females, 1 male, All great talents. Zaira, has a great rock voice, Alberto lead guitar whiz, Kristell bass guitar and America on drums. Fan favourites from their performances in January Both America and Kristell backed up other headliners such as Brent Parkin and Brandon Isaac. both of Canada, in January and these top names in blues rock were raving about their talents. MALE is from Morelia Mexico.

Preview The Band MALE

MALE January 2024

They are joined by 23-year-old rock and blues rising star Trebor Villa, also from Morelia. Another fan favourite from our January 2024 Fest. From Bob Dylan covers acoustic style with a neck harmonica, to great Carlos Santana music, to CCR songs like Green River, music by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and one of the best cover versions of “Got Your Mojo Working” by Muddy Waters we’ve ever heard, Trebor has a great combination of vocals and guitar skills that was so impressive for everyone in January. Now, also working on his own original material too.

Preview Trebor Villa:

They will be joined on stage during the evenings later in the shows, with a special guest appearance by a friend of all the musicians from Morelia, Andres Maz, It’s his home city too. Andres currently lives in Zihuatanejo and is a very popular local performer. Plus he has a large fan base among visitors here as well, stemming from his extensive Canadian tour last summer.

Preview Andres Maz

Advance Tickets Now With Reserved Seating at https://tequilabluesrock.com/events/ Rush Seating tickets are available at the Door. Doors open at 6:00 pm. The show starts at 7:30 pm. 4 Big Sets of 45-50 minutes each guaranteed. Maybe more?

March 15 at Madana Bar and Restaurant Zihuatanejo and March 16 at Ricardo’s Restaurante Ixtapa. 250 pesos for the show or purchase your 2025 Fest Tickets Now at 2024 Prices (500 pesos) and your 2024 Show is a Free Bonus. Our Latina Ladies Night Promo both nights, no cover charge after 9:30 pm.

Great Music All Night! Our Job 1 Always! Fan Favorites From Our Earlier Events, Performing The Great Classic Rock and Blues Hits We Know And Love. Plus Popular Performer Andres Maz with a Special Guest Appearance.

Great Fans…They’re Coming Back 2024 & 2025. You Can Too!

See What Our Great Fans Are Saying About Upcoming Events.

Our Next Events: March 15 & 16, 2024. Final for 2024. Then We’re Back Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ ‘n Festing January 17-19, 2025 in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, MEXICO. Our Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise!

For All Of Us Who Believe and Know: “Life Is Better When You’re Rockin'” Our Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise!

Announcements For 2025 Plus Reserved Seating Sales In Order Of Purchase Start Early July 2024.

March 15 & 16 Event Tickets Here: https://tequilabluesrock.com/events/ See detail. All purchases of March 15 or 16 Events Get A 250 peso value Gift Card for use at 2025 Fest (Tickets or Merch) January 17-19, 2025. So its VIrtually FREE for you! What’s not to like?

And the Great Offers Contiue.

Buy 2025 Fest Tickets At 2024 Prices (Until June 30, 2024): Buy 2025 Fest Tickets Now Until March 16, 7:30 pm and get your choice of March 15 or 16 Event FREE https://tinyurl.com/buy2025 (shortened link to our website page)