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July 9 We Go Public About 2025 Fest But We Can Tell You This Now…3 Performers Already Scheduled Plus The 2025 Fest Will Also Feature An Authentic Bob Dylan Tribute…A Homage.

On July 9th (mark the date) we’ll be releasing many more details about our January 17-19, 2025 Fest. Phase 1 announcements we call it. It will get the 2025 ball rolling officially. But we’ve already told you a lot about 2025. See more below.

Plus Advance Tickets Go On Sale At Excellent Prices Compared To Similar 5 Hour Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ Live Events Anywhere Else. It’s Mexico After All, And We Aim To Bring The Value To You.

(There Is Still Time To Buy Single Event Tickets Now And Get In The Lineup For Reserved Seating Before We Go To Our New System Of Full Fest Ticketing….Many Have Already Purchased At 2024 Prices, most at our last March event. Go Here To Buy Now And Get Ahead Of The Crowd: Buy 2025 Tickets)

Hopefully You’re So Excited About What’s Happening We’ll Be Able To Announce More Performers And More Activity When We Come To Our Phase II Announcements In late September.

But if you’ve been following us already on social media, you’ll know we’ve already announced three Performers and One In Tribute Set For The Event: Rising star, Trebor Villa of Morelia, Morelia will bring his special authentic Bob Dylan Music Tribute back, plus his great talents in all things blues and rock throughout the Festival.

Plus we’ve announced our intentions to have Ana Francisca and Andres Maz, both of Mexico too, with us for the first time. Together and solo. Andre’s powerful voice will amaze and Ana and Andres create a perfect duo as well.

We have told you as well that 2025 is the year we celebrate the Music of Women in Rock and Blues during our January 17-19, 2025 Fest. So expect our Headlners to be some very talented Ladies, but have no fear if this worries you…there will be Dudes around too…like Trebor, like Andres, like Reiner Piehl of Victoria, BC (saxophone/keys backup). Others as well of course to be announced.

And we told you we’ll have a Twist contest, smile on our faces as we tell you that….tell me which other Fest you’re going to this year that will have that fellow rock fun lovers. (insert big smile emoji here)

Let’s Twist Again! And Again!

Enjoy More Bob Dylan: The Greatest Singer/Songwriter of our Generation. 11 Of His Best In The Playlist Below.



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