Our Best Of-Unique-Most Interesting Performances From 2018-2023 In Shorts or Reels Form…Enjoy The Great Talent We’ve Had On Our Stages In The Past…Much More To Come As We Put Our 2024-2026 Strategic “Better and Better” Plan In Place.

Our Best Of-Unique-Most Interesting Performances From 2018-2023 In Shorts or Reels Form. Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Festival and Events. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Mexico City, Mexico.

Enjoy The Great Talent We’ve Had On Our Stages In The Past…Much More To Come As We Put Our 2024-2026 Strategic “Better and Better” Plan In Place.

Enjoy! See You In January. That’s #Mexico baby! Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo & Region.

Rock ‘n Blues Winter Paradise!

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #5: Jenie Thai Nolan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, January 2019

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #4 Muscarya Band, Chris Sanchez Band & Victoria Ruzzek, Morelia, MX 2020

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #3, Kristell Rodriguez, Morelia, MX 2020

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #2b Evelyn Rubio, Houston, Texas 2021

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #2 Evelyn Rubio, Houston, TX 2021

Best Of-Unique And Interesting #1 The Oralia Band, Morelia, MX 2023

Not Done Yet For 2023…It’s The Big Reveal And Weekend Dance Parties…We Start Telling You About 2024

A little belated Birthday fun for our director Bob (with his adult daughter in from Calgary for the weekend), a great big Playlist of Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s & even some 90s), Dancing and Singing Along of course, Los Reales local Zihua youth guitar group live Saturday night, a Banda band for Sunday, and we start telling you about 2024, with some free tickets to be won and more for those joining in on the fun. Did we forget to say: Tequila/Mezcal Sampling As Always?

Join Us! 2023 Was Great…4 Amazing Nights, 1 Amazing Afternoon…We AreAnd Your Friends Excited For 2024

For Those Of You Who Weren’t With Us Live…A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’…Here Are Some Great Performances From The 2023 Event Over Two Weekends…We Welcome You To Join Us Live In January 2024

For Those Of You Who Weren’t With Us Live…A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’…Here Are Some Great Performances From The 2023 Event Over Two Weekends…We Welcome You To Join Us Live In January 2024. January 18-21, 2024 For Our Opening Weekend. Please Leave Us Your Email Address On Our Messaging App To Get In On All Announcements And Special Ticket Promos For 2024

Here Is The Festival Closing Jam, January 28, 2023, Hoochie Coochie Man, Originally by Muddy Waters

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta, Canada and The Picante Band, January 27 with Chuck Berry’s Rock ‘n Roll Music. Kristel Rodriguez on bass guitar and America Hernandez on drums, both of Morelia, MX.

The Oralia Band, from Morelia, Mexico, With Victoria Ruzzek on Lead Vocals, January 21 Afternoon, Zihuatanejo

The Soul Brothers-Real Brothers Show, Geoff and Chris Dahl, of London Ontario Canada, take over the Fest Night, Saturday, January 21 in Zihuatanejo, MX

Chris Sanchez Blues Band of Morelia, Mexico with Albert King’s Born Under A Bad Sign

Trebor Villa, of Morelia, Mexico, and the music of the Early Bob Dylan. Like A Rolling Stone.

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta Canada and The Picante Band, Kristell Rodriguez and America Hernandez of Morelia Mexico with our theme song for the Chuck Berry tribute on our second weekend in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.
Torke Ross of Mexico City, Mexico performs Free Bird, the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, on our second weekend at Zihuatanejo’s Madana Bar and Restaurant Rock Room

Enjoy! See You Next Year! Great Fun, Live Uptempo Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ Music Coming Up January 18-21, 2024, Our Opening Weekend. Where Will You Be? Watch For LIneup Announcements Starting July, 2023.

What Folks Are Saying About 2023…and For All Who Missed It Live Please Enjoy The Final Closing Jam, The Final Music For 2023…Our Free Blues Rock Live Hug For You

What folks are saying about 2023

“We had such a good time on Friday night at Madana- it was great music and good fun. Kevin was hoping to buy a festival t-shirt there but there were no size large. Will we be able to get a size large somehow? Gracias and have a great day.”

Pat and Kevin O’Shea

Got ideas for us about 2024 and how we can make it better for everyone and bring even more people out, please send us an email to “tequilabluesfest@gmail.com” We do read all comments and see how we might incorporate them. Just say Hi, so we have your email address and you can hear about our Events and Promos first. Thank you all for your Big Hearts. Just under 10,000 pesos (9950) raised through 50-50 Draws and Tequila Bottle Raffles will be directly donated to our local causes by the end of March we expect. Fest accounting continues but we’ll tell you more soon.

See You Next Year!

And now enjoy some more music from Saturday. Chris Sanchez Blues Band from Morelia, Mexico with the Horns added, performing The 3 Kings of Blues Tribute Show. And then below, the final Jam, the final Music from Ixtapa Saturday night for our great 4 “One Amazing Night” and “One Amazing Afternoon” Shows of 2023. Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters, with Torke Ross of Mexico City and Chris Sanchez on vocals and guitars, Eduardo Escobar on bass guitar, and The Morelia Horns backing them up.

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer, Alberta Canada presents the Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Show Tonight In Ixtapa With Many More Performers For 5 Hours Of Live Rock ‘n Blues As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Has A Successful Reboot For 2023

Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer, Alberta Canada presents the Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Show Again Tonight In Ixtapa at Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant, Our Rock ‘n Blues Bar At Night. With Many More Performers For 5 Hours Of Live Rock ‘n Blues As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Has A Successful Reboot For 2023. It all starts just after 6:00 pm with Trebor Villa of Morelia, Mexico presenting his eerily similar early Bob Dylan set.

5 Hours of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Begins Again Tonight As Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest Returns For The Second Weekend

We Keep Updating Our Schedule Of Performances.

5 Hours Of Great Live Rock ‘n Blues Fest Format Ahead Tonight in Zihuatanejo at Madana Bar and Restaurant. The Same for Ixtapa at Villa Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant for Saturday Night. We Begin At 6:00 PM With The Music Of The Early Bob Dylan And The Beatles. It’s Can’t-Miss For Some Of The Best Musio Of Our Lives.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music is added for later in the Evening after high energy uptempo Charlie Jacobson and The Oralia Band Sets. Blues Brothers style. Same for Zeppelin And AC-DC Music after Stevie Ray Vaughan music by Torke Ross.

Will You Be In The House A Rockin’ And A Bluesin’?

We Start Our “One Amazing Night” Shows Friday and Saturday With Music That Embodies Our Generation, the Poet Songwriter Of Our Lives…And Then We Start The Rockin’ ‘n a Bluesin’…Schedule Of Performances Released Today.

We Start Our “One Amazing Night” Shows Friday and Saturday With Music That Embodies Our Generation, the Poet, and Songwriter Of Our Lives…And Then We Start The Rockin’ ‘n a Bluesin’…Schedule Of Performances Released Today.

The Music Of The Early Bob Dylan, Mixed In with Beatles Music Starts Our Evening. Trebor Villa from Morelia, Mexico gives us a real Dylan feel. Check out the Video Below. Don’t Be Late.

Trebor Villa of Morelia, Mexico

https://www.facebook.com/reel/534410975145337/ (Video on Facebook)

The Performance Schedule For January 27 & 28, Our Final Weekend Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests. The Big Reboot Continues. Can We Suggest Not To Miss The Final Night As We Plan To Go Out With A Big Explosion Of Sound With Jams and Collaboration From All Performers When We Start The After Party Early?

January 27 & 28 Performance Schedule

Who will be Etta James to Charlie Jacobson’s Chuck Berry this weekend…His New Show…Come To Dance…Wear The Shirt…But “It’s Got To Be Rock And Music If You Want To Dance With Me”

Who will be Etta James to Charlie Jacobson’s Chuck Berry this weekend…His New Show…Come To Dance…Wear The Shirt…But “It’s Got To Be Rock And Music If You Want To Dance With Me”

Here’s Brenda of Brenda’s Bar in Zihuatanejo wearing The Shirt proudly. Brenda is a sponsor of our Tequila-Mezcal Sampling. We love Brenda! Everyone loves Brenda’s Bar!

Announcing January 27 & 28 Live Rock ‘n Blues By International Performers In Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo Mexico…the final Lineup & Schedule

Announcing January 27 & 28 Live Rock ‘n Blues By International Performers In Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo Mexico…the final Lineup & Schedule…well almost. Ticketing info for two more “One Amazing Night” shows by Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests & Events at the bottom

(There are always some last-minute adjustments and cancellations in this business for all kinds of reasons. We apologize sincerely if you were only coming for one performer or one band, and he or she or they canceled out. We assure you that when we began advertising and communications, we had written commitments from everyone we promoted and advertised.)

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fests Returns January 27 in Zihuatanejo, Mexico at the Madana Bar and Restaurant Back Rock Room (@madanabar) and January 28 in Ixtapa, Mexico at Villas Paraiso Hotel (and magically transformed to Rock ‘n Blues Bar by Night)

We’ve Got Rock ‘n Blues Performances By:

Charley Sanchez (Charly Blues) from Morelia, Mexico: Harmonica Evening Opener

Isidoro Negrete Reynoso, from Mexico City: Harmonica Evening Opener

Victor Sock, Morelia, Keyboards & Vocals Evening Opener

Joseph Leal, Mexico City, Keyboards & Vocals Evening Opener

Torke Ross, Mexico City, Guitar, and Vocals, Evening Opener

Karen Melendez, Morelia, and her Stairway To Heaven Set doing Led Zeppelin Music. (###Folks please don’t miss Karen. We just discovered her on our January 20 & 21 Shows and we asked her to stay with us for this weekend. Very impressive vocals. We call her our Roberta Plant)

Trebor Villa, Morelia, lead guitarist of The Oralia Band will perform a Jimi Hendrix blues rock medley. We’re getting ready for a full Jimi Hendrix Tribute in 2024. Trebor is the guy that played lead guitar with the pick in his mouth for a minute or two to close Saturday night at Madana. Our mouths were open. What a great up-and-coming all-around blues-rock talent!

Chris Ghidoni of Brandon, Manitoba Canada. Her first time on our stages. Blues-Rock & Classic Rock, Powerful Vocals & Lead Guitar. See Her In Video Performance Here On Our Website. Don’t miss this up-and-coming star. (More Performers Below The Photo Gallery)

Blues and Blues Rock In Homage: The Chris Sanchez Blues Band and added Horns Section from Morelia, Mexico: The Music of BB King, Albert King, and Freddie King, The 3 Kings of Blues. The Thrill (Of Great Live Music) Is Not Gone! Adapting the title of B.B. King’s most famous song: The Thrill is Gone!

Rock & Rockabilly: Charlie Jacobson from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, and his Picante Band (ok, we just made that up) Kristel Rodriguez on bass, and America Hernandez on drums with his new show, “Johnny B. Goode”…The Rock and Roll Music of Chuck Berry. Maybe some Early Elvis will be added too?

Beatles Music: Pain Train Band with Joseph Leal (lead vocalist, keyboards of The Folks, a very popular Beatles Tribute band) from Mexico City, with their Beatles versus CCR Challenge Show. Torke Ross on lead guitar and vocals. With Isidoro Negrete Reynoso on harmonica for selected songs.

For All Your Dancing Pleasures: Plus We’ve Also Decided To Hold Over A Proven Group From The First Weekend. The Very Impressive Show Band, Oralia Band from Morelia, Mexico with great uptempo R&B, Soul, Blues & Rock, and powerful vocals. We have asked them to perform their “Blues Brothers Medley” in each set, in honor of our dear departed Brothers in Blues & Rock, Geoff and Chris Dahl, who were only able to be with us on the first weekend. Sweet Home Chicago, Gimme Some Lovin’ Wang Dang Doodle, Think, Boom, Boom and other songs such as that from The Blues Brothers tribute show and the very popular 1980 movie.

Too Much Music For One Night. Too Much Fun, Too Much Dancing? Well Of Course We Know That’s Not Possible. We’ll Make It Work And You’ll Be The Beneficiaries.

Advance Tickets Guarantee You A Seat And Table. Buy Online Here: Festival Tickets Or In Person Wednesday at Noon until 1:00 pm at Villas Paraiso Hotel In Ixtapa, or Wednesday at 5:30 pm at Madana Bar & Restaurant in Zihuatanejo. Put Your Tickets On Hold Now If You Prefer In Person. Send Us A Message. Pick up by Wednesday To Keep Your Seat. Thank You For Your Great Support Over Our First Weekend! Folks Do Want To Rock! We Confirmed That Again. We Are In Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise For Sure!

A Sampling Of The Great Live Music From Friday Night January 20 2023 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico…One Amazing Night…Another Great Day And Night Today

Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest returns to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo after a Covid pandemic forced absence. And it was an explosive amazing night to mark our return.

Here’s a fan shot video sample from the fabulous I’m A SoulMan Blues Brothers Tribute Show by Geoff and Chris Dahl of London, Ontario Canada. And below that is another fan shot video sample. Ixtapa, January 20 at Villas Paraiso Rock and Blues Bar (At Night) Restaurant by Day. Here’s Charlie Jacobson from Red Deer Alberta Canada. With Kristel Rodriguez on bass guitar and America Hernandez on drums. Both from Morelia, Mexico.

We Start The Live Rockin’ ‘n A Bluesin’ Tonight…Mexico Style…Tequila Mezcal Style…In Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023…Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

We Start The Live Rockin’ ‘n A Bluesin’ Tonight…Mexico Style…Tequila Mezcal Style…In Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023…Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

We’re At Villas Paraiso Hotel In Ixtapa Tonight! Live Music Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest Style Returns. Our Mission: To Rock You Uptempo All Night With The Music Of Our Lives. 6:00 pm

Tonight Live Rock ‘n Blues Returns

It’s Game Day, It’s Rock Day. Still Good Seats Available For The Return Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests After Two Long Years…For Those Of Us That Like To Rock…Live Up Close And Personal.

Don’t Miss Our Opening Moments As We Take A Moment To Remember The Pain And Hurt That Most Of us Felt During Covid Times When We Lost Dear Loved Ones Then We All Grab Our Tequila Sampler Glass And Say “Salud”

“We’re Still Standing is our Theme Song for our Return. Then you’ll hear the opening riff from Rock and Roll by Zeppelin or Hotel California by the Eagles or Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. or Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones, or maybe even “I Love Rock and Roll:…and Blues by Joan Jett.

We’ve At Villas Paraiso Hotel Villas Paraíso and Ricardo’s Restaurante Villas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo in Ixtapa Tonight. Great Fest Style Dinner Buffet Specials and All Inclusive Drinks (beer, wine, tequila) both at 200 pesos each per person. Worth the price of admission for the All Inclusive Drinks package alone, we say.

Get Your Two (4,6,8, 10) Tickets To Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise, It’s Rockin’ in the Free World Time. https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Tonight!

We Will Rock You!

Start Us Up And We’ll Never Stop. The Stones Open Every Concert With This Song. Perfect!

The Boys Are Back In Town And They Are On A Mission Of Fun, Frolic And Good Times For All

The Boys Are Back In Town. They’re On A Mission Of Fun Frolic And Great Times For All While We Help The Street Animals And Kids And Musical Education. And Here They Are.
These Guys Are Good, Really Good! Where Will You Be?
Friday Jan. 20 at Ixtapa 6:00 pm. Still Tickets Available https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ or 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Friday at Villas Paraiso for Advance Tickets. At The Door 400 Pesos.
Saturday Afternoon 1:00 pm start at Madana Bar & Restaurant Zihuatanejo (Madana) The Big Saturday Afternoon “It’s 5’O Clock Somewhere” Near The Beach Party Event link: https://fb.me/e/3U57pwNlt
Madana Bar Zihua 6:00 pm Live (Sold Out-Standing Room And Reserved Seating In Front Section Of Restaurant With All Other Guest Privileges Available)
From The Video Description:
Jake and Elwood in Ixtapa, Mexico January 19 Telling You They On A Mission Of Fun, Frolic And Help For The Street Animals And Kids With Music And More Starting January 20 At Villas Paraiso Hotel
That’s Villa Paraiso Hotel Friday at 6:00 pm, That’s Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo at 1:00 pm start for the Saturday afternoon “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Near The Beach Show that we added after the 6:00 pm Show at Madana Bar Sold Out Of Seats And Tables In The Main Blues & Rock Room At Madana Bar & Restaurant. (Standing Room and Seating In The Front Section Of Madana At Reserved Tables Are Still Available)

Wow, More Fun, More Great Music, Even More Tequila Just Added To Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions First Weekend In Ixtapa & Zihuatenjo Mexico

Buy Saturday Afternoon Tix At A Special Online Advance Price Here: https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets

Wow! The Hits Just Keep On Coming As The DJ’s Used To Say.

Sold Out Saturday Night At Madana Creates Big Opportunities For Fun! Ladies Did You Hear Us Say Prizes For Best Sun Hat Sunglasses Combo?
Madana Bar in Zihua and Victor the friendly owner-manager have declared Saturday afternoon to be 2 for 1 Margaritaville Day or Coldest Beer in Zihua Day or It’s 5’O Clock Somewhere Day or Best Day (And Night) Ever…That’s January 21, friends!
See Oralia with Victoria Ruzzek on lead vocals and see Steely Band with Karen Melendez on lead vocals, both from Morelia, Mexico Saturday afternoon in our Special Just Added Show. Classic Rock, Blues, R&B And Soul Music from some of Mexico’s best stage performers.
Plus lets throw in three Canadians for you Eh: Never throw-ins…these are headliners everywhere they go. It’s Double-Double Day. For All You Who Know What A Hoser Is! And Everyone Else!
The famous I’m A Soul Man Blues Brother Tribute by Geoff and Chris Dahl…(those of us who have seen them in the past don’t hesitate to call it the best rockin’ entertainment-best value we’ll see in Ixtapa-Zihua this year) and Charlie “Mr Heartbreak Hotel” Jacobson with his Early Elvis Era Music Show and much more of his great rock ‘n blues music.
It’s Saturday Afternoon Beach Party at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo. The It’s 5’OClock Somewhere Event Starts AT 1:00 pm in the Afternoon Sun. Isn’t that what we came here for? Bring Your Sunscreen, Sun Hats, Sun Glasses, Cut off Shirts, hey, bring your Bikinis…why not the ocean is just steps away.
Don’t Miss The Big Fun Party Saturday Afternoon.
Yes Tequila-Mezcal Sampling of course! More Than The Evening We Promise.😃
Special Saturday Afternoon It’s 5 O Clock Somewhere Price Of 300 pesos for tickets purchased or booked in advance, for a big afternoon of Fun with family and old and new friends. 350p at the door.

Please Share This Link And Put Your Saturday Afternoon Fun Group Together: https://fb.me/e/2iB1SzLqR

Important Please Read…We Told You About The High Level Of Interest In Our First Weekend’s Shows…Our Oversold Problem Creates New Opportunities For Everyone Ready To Rock

We Told You About The High Level Of Interest In Our First Weekend’s Shows…Our Oversold Problem Creates New Opportunities For Everyone Ready To Rock

Yesterday we released information to the News Media telling everyone about the high level of interest in the great Show package we have been able to put together for Weekend 1. And after a frantic weekend of ticket selling, by various sellers here imagine our delighted “horror” at first of realizing we had OVERSOLD the Zihuatanejo Madana Bar and Restaurant Show for Saturday night January 21. Small Room…Big Fun. People Get It. Folks Don’t Want To Miss The Best Show-The Best Entertainment Value To Come To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo This Year.

After a great noon hour selling tickets to the Ixtapa on January 20 and having a good friend of our Fests, and “He’s Gone Loco For The Fans” Sr. Ricardo Gomez Jr. tell me about his plans (see below) for Food and Drink for his venue, Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant in Ixtapa, we are here today with Egg on Our Face About The Oversold Situation (too many ticket sellers selling tickets and a big interest and ticket buying rush over the weekend-we’ll fix it with better tech for next year) to tell you about our plans to make everyone as happy as possible.

-We are officially encouraging anyone with a paid ticket in hand to inform us they will volunteer to go Ixtapa on January 20 to free up seats in Zihua, and just like airlines we will compensate you who have tickets with Zihua on the back, with a free Fest Souvenir Shirt from 2021, or 2020 or a free Fest Souvenir Tequila Shot Glass 2023 with tequila in it to start, or a Free Fest Souvenir Winter Rock and Blues Paradise Coffee Mug 2023. We will offer the same compensation to anyone with Zihua tickets in hand who volunteers to sit in the front section of Madana’s Restaurant and Bar that night during the show where we will create another dance floor and bring in a speaker from the Show sound just behind you. Plus we’ll make sure that at least The I’m A Soulman Brothers will work their way into your area in the front too and entertain you. They are wanderers always with their wireless microphones. And you get to move into the main Room as soon as seats open up.

-And our genial Sr. Gone Loco, Ricard Gomez Jr at Villas Paraiso is offering a great incentive for everyone to Go Ixtapa! Two 200 peso specials. A great all-you-can-eat Buffet Fest Style food offering pasta, chicken wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and similar food for 200 pesos per person. And it gets better folks! An all-inclusive Drinks package for the evening for 200 pesos per person too. Beer, Wine, Tequila. Wow! Best prices ever we think. Upgrades are available too I’m sure. 2 More Great Reasons To Go Ixtapa. And we know Victor Manjerrez of Madana Bar in Zihua is planning a special Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest day Menu and great drink prices. 40 peso beers, his everyday price, won’t hurt your pocketbook in any way.

-Who Wants A Repeat Of The Ixtapa Show on January 20 In Zihua Saturday Afternoon? Now we really need to know how many of you would be ready to rock your Saturday afternoon. We’d really love to do this to get more folks to see the Great Entertainment Package we’ve brought together…we are investigating the possibility of a Second Zihua Show, A Saturday Afternoon Matinee, from 1:00 to 5:30 pm. For New Ticket Buyers And Anyone Who Moves Their Ticket From Evening To Afternoon. At the same great venue Madana Bar and Restaurant. Then 6:00 to 11:00 pm for the planned Zihua Show. Who Wants That Option From Us? We Need To Know Today Before Final Decisions Are Made Tonight. Please Whatsapp Text or Call +52 755 101 5989, Please Message Us from our website at Tequilabluesrock.com Or Please Comment Or Message Us In Facebook

Please Continue To Purchase Your Tickets For Ixtapa and Villas Paraiso Hotel for January 20, Without Any Hesitation, Where We Have A Much Greater Capacity. Festival Tickets Online Our In Person Ticket Seller Will Be Back There Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. And Bob Rempel, our chairperson will be at Madana Bar starting at 5:30 pm tonight, Tuesday, to work through any or all of your concerns about our Zihua Situation. A Good One With Solutions. We’re Very Pleased To See The Great Response And It Will Get Fixed We Promise!

Our News Media Release Today Tells The World That People Here Really Do Want To Rock & Blues Rock And That Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo Mexico Is Indeed The Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023

Our News Media Release Today Tells The World That People Here Really Do Want To Rock & Blues Rock And That Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo, Mexico Is Indeed The Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise 2023. The Response To Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests Return Shows That Folks Here Truly Do Want To “Come Together” To Have Fun And Make A Difference. The Venues Will Be Full!

Read Our January 15 News Media Release In English

Read Our January 15 News Media Release In Spanish

Our Harmonica Master from Mexico City is also an excellent blues vocalist and guitar player…Isidoro Negrete Reynoso is dedicated to keeping blues music alive in Mexico

We’ve told you in the past few days about the great vocal talent coming to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo for January 27 & 28 for the Blues & Rock Festival. We’ve already featured Chris Ghidoni, Joseph Leal, and Torke Ross.

Today we’re very pleased to feature, Isidoro Negrete Reynoso, a man whose lifetime of performances has been dedicated to presenting the Blues. Through vocals, harmonica, and guitar. His Mexico City-based band is called The Blues Machine…La Maquina del Blues. Through his weekly internet radio program presenting the lives and music of great blues performers, past and present.

And very much a Big Heart. His wife Susanna and him operate a small animal rescue shelter and take in many homeless street dogs and street cats in Mexico City and give them the best in medical treatment and food.

Here’s a great 1-minute video clip of Isidoro on lead vocals. From a 2020 Concert in Mexico City. Follow the link. By the way that’s Torke Ross, who is coming here as well, on guitar to the left, sitting in at that performance for the band’s regular lead guitar player.

And here’s Isidoro with a great-sounding harmonica solo from a Mexico City concert in 2018 that we caught live on video.

Advance Tickets For the January 27 & 28 Weekend With Guaranteed Seating And Tables Are On Sale Online At Our Festival Tickets Page Here On This Site, And In Person At The Venues In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

For #Blues lovers For #Bluesmusic lovers…Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests returns to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo very soon now and we are still very much a Blues and Blues-rock festival.

#bluesrockmusic The 3 Kings of Blues Tribute Show Is Unique To Our Festival

More about the January 27 & 28 Shows. The second weekend. Two Great Weekends Of Live Rockin’ ‘n a Bluesin’ Not Seen In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo since…well 2020 when we last had an event.

We’re a hybrid, I know, rock and blues together, the perfect scrambled egg of music we think. We love blues-rock and the blues. And it will always be an important part of our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

So if you’re a blues or blues-rock lover, and you want a little sun and beach in your life, and some fun in your evening, how can you allow yourself to miss two great nights of the 3 Kings Of Blues Tribute (B.B King, Albert King and Freddie King) January 27 (Zihuatanejo Madana Bar Victor Manjarrez our host) and January 28 (Ixtapa, Villas Paraiso Hotel Villas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo our host

Presented by the Chris Sanchez Blues Band, Chicago-born Chris, steeped in the blues and influenced greatly by the 3 Kings of Blues, as is everyone else who has ever played the blues, shared their 2-night song list with us recently. Awesome list. We can’t wait, and we hope you feel; the same. Did we say they are bringing an added Horns section for their show? Check out one of their rehearsal songs from the Basement.

This is the full song list, 16 songs:


Every day I have the Blues https://youtu.be/jWEeL__sMN0

Sweet sixteen https://youtu.be/bIwZnT-qbgg

Rock me baby https://youtu.be/RmDIOLWexts

Caldonia https://youtu.be/VXPouT8ZP0A

The Thrill is gone https://youtu.be/kpC69qIe02E

Paying the cost to be the boss https://youtu.be/oUTwVtS_-NA


Born under a bad sign https://youtu.be/2Py37G9qsfY

Don’t burn down the bridge https://youtu.be/Gt0p2wN-SGM

As the years go passing by https://youtu.be/b3Gxg3cEcKU

I’ll play the Blues for you https://youtu.be/RznyMS6lYFw

I’m ready https://youtu.be/LwpkFCv9lug

Kansas City https://youtu.be/ZuWtu5lw6Vg

I’ll be doggone https://youtu.be/4yeNf_Sbrpo


I’m tore down https://youtu.be/YxqnKmTo4SY

She’s a burglar https://youtu.be/G3QwlUDSqYY

Pack it up https://youtu.be/7bP5B

Advance Tickets get you a guaranteed seat and table in order of purchase. https://tequilabluesrock.com has all the info about our event. Click Festival Tickets for online advance tickets. Face-to-face ticket sales start Friday January 13 in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. 11:30 am at Villas Paraiso Hotel Ixtapa. or Wednesday, January 11 at 5:30 pm at Madana Bar in Zihuatanejo. By appointment, please. Send us a message to confirm. +52 755 101 5989 (whatsapp) or from our website.

So Many Great Blues & Rock Vocalists Coming To Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico January 27 & 28 For The Big Return Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Music Explosion Festivals…Today We Feature Torke Ross of Mexico City

We’ve been telling you about so many great blues and rock vocalists coming to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo for January 27 and January 28. We told you about Joseph Leal of Mexico City, we told you about Chris Ghidoni from Canada...the long list here and we’re still working on making it better.

Torke Ross of Mexico City is a big talent. A big heart. Great guy to work with. Ready to support always. Both Lead vocals and lead guitar. Bilingual. Classic Rock and Blues in Spanish or English. Everything from Doors and CCR covers, yes Kiss too to 3 Souls in Mind and more for popular Mexico rock. He’ll be performing with the Mexico City Supergroup and presenting Beatles, Stones , CCR and more great classic rock and blues music.

See videos here below from 2 performances on our stages.

Torke Ross on left. With Isidoro Negrete Reynoso and The Blues Machine. Isidoro also coming to Fest 2023 Second Weekend

Please Don’t Miss Torke and his Classic Rock and Blues music January 27 & 28. Ticketing Information at our Website. Advance online sales at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Face to-face sales in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo start January 11 today. Details on our website.

Souvenir Merch Says It All…We Are In Paradise, Mexico…Winter Rock And Blues Paradise 2023…Live Rock ‘n Blues Of The Finest Variety

We test all fundraising souvenir merchandise before we sell it. 😀 It works! We promise!

And we are #Tequila #Rock ‘n #BluesMusic Explosions #Fest after all

And we are living in Winter Rock and Blues Paradise. 2023. Live Rock ‘n Blues of the finest variety. The big reboot…the big return of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests and Shows. A Good Fit…Merch & Fest Theme.

#Special#Offer. Free as in Libre Shot Glass To Everyone Who Purchases Tickets To 2 Nights On A Weekend And Attends The Shows.. So January 20 & 21 or January 27 & 28. And then you’re doing shots with your Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise ….that’s Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico friends, shot glass all summer, waiting for winter again.

Coffee Mug and Shot Glass are both priced at 150 pesos. You are supporting the fundraising for street animals and kids with your purchase. Only for sale at the Fest.

Only for Sale at the Fest. Enjoy Some Live Music With Your Souvenir Merch!

Online Advance Tickets Now at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ Prices at the door will be higher.

For sale in person in Zihuatanejo on Wednesday (today) January 11 at Madana Bar Madana from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm and Friday, January 13 same time. In Ixtapa on Friday, January 13 at Villas Paraiso Hotel from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm and by appointment. Next week’s times are to be announced shortly.

The Big Hearts-Big Fun-Big Rockin’ ‘n Bluesin’ Weekend on January 27 & 28 Features So Many Great Vocalists…Today We Present Joseph Leal

Yesterday we told you about how we came to connect with up-and-coming blues rock star Chris Ghidoni and her powerful vocals and awesome lead guitar play.

We’ve got great Vocalists we’re proud to tell. All Big Hearts. Not only can they rock a stage professionally, and rock you as fans, but these are also people who care about our Causes too:

Street Animal Rescue in Mexico, Kids and Hunger, and Kids and Musical Education. Just like all the performers of our previous big rockin’ weekend do too.

A great list of powerful vocalists for the rock and blues and r8b & soul music we feature. In random order we assure you.

Chris Ghidoni
Charlie Jacobson
Isidoro Negrete Reynoso
Joseph Leal
Victoria Ruzzek
Torke Ross
Chris Sanchez
Kristel Rodriguez

Enjoy some Joseph Leal vocals today. Don’t Let The Street Animals or The Kids Down!

And don’t miss Joseph early each night when he presented his original and cover solo performance music. And then he returns as a key member of the Mexico City Supergroup that will present the Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones Challenge with CCR, Creedence watching from ringside, getting in on the Challenge Match Of Great Classic Rock music too.

Advance Tickets With Guaranteed Seating and Tables Are Available Now at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets.