A Sampling Of The Great Music The Packed Room Enjoyed Last Night…We Believe Nothing Beats Live Uptempo Rock ‘n Blues…In Mexico When It’s Cold Everywhere Else…Now We Know Again You Believe It Too. 3 Performance Videos from January 21 Are Below. Tickets For A Great January 27 & January 28 Set Of Shows are Selling Well. Buy Early Online And Get Your Seat and Table Reserved. Festival Tickets Here At This Link.

The ever popular high energy Soul Brothers Show by Geoff and Chris Dahl of London, Ontario, Canada. Video 1, From Saturday Afternoon, January 21 at Madana Bar and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo.

The Oralia Band from Morelia Mexico was very impressive. Some of Mexico’s best talent on display with their mix of r&b, soul, blues and rock songs. A highly polished show band they can hold their own on any stage, anywhere. Video 2, from Saturday afternoon January 21 in Zihua.

And our Soul Brothers return in our Video #3. I Feel Good! “Working at Night But It Feels Like Play” Their Saturday Evening Show In Zihuatanejo January 21.

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