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The 2024 Fest Keeps Getting Better and Better For Our Fans…Announcing Famed Canadian Bluesman Brent Parkin Today…He Rode With The King Too…BB That Is!

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January 3, 2024 

Our Contact Info Contact: Bob Rempel, Managing Chairperson. Residence & Office Address: Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico. 

Phone/W.A:+52 755 101 5989  Emails: tequilabluesfest@gmail.com & bobrempel@gmail.com  

Website: https://tequilabluesrock.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/  Advance Fest Tickets For Each Event And Venue:  https:/tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/

Weekend 1 Just Days Away Now!  Opening Night January 19.

The Paraiso Society organizing group presents the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival and our new Generations Unite theme in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and Playa Linda and Troncones Mexico on January 19-27, 2024.  We Continue To Make Major Positive Changes, For Our Fans, To Our Performer Lineup And Our Schedule…As We Continue To Work To Be “Better and Better 2024-2026” Our Guiding Mission.

View Our January 3/24 Promo Video For The First Weekend January 19-22, 2024 Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest For An Overview of Performers and Special Shows And Tributes:  https://youtu.be/X8dVed8zLxw

Weekend 1. More About Weekend 2 On our Website: https://tequilabluesrock.com

Brent Parkin Joins The 2024 Festival January 19-22.  A Legendary Famed Blues Guitarist and Vocalist From Canada, Equally At Home With Rock & Rockabilly, Country & Jazz, He Joins Us To Be The First Recipient Of Our New Annual Tequila Big Heart Lifetime Achievement Honor From Our Mexico Based Fest…And Performing For Us Daily.  For Years Up to 2023. 

His Prairie Roots in Manitoba in Canada, His Connection With Mexico rock and blues and Mexican performers for many years from his winter home in Playa del Carmen and large collection of fans from all over Canada, USA and Mexico make him the perfect first recipient of our award, said Bob Rempel, Fest Director.

There are 0 Degrees Of Separation from Brent and the acknowledged Blues King of all time, Mr. B.B. King.  Brent opened for BB on a Western Canadian Tour and toured with him in the mid-80s.  Truly “Riding With The King”.  We’re sure he’ll give us his take on BB when we all get up close and personal with Brent later this month.  There’s more…

In the early 70s he co-founded several popular blues bands including the popular band Houndog in 1976. In the last 50 years he has been part of the backup bands for such legends as Bo Diddley, Gatemouth Brown, Otis Rush, Billy Boy Arnold, Johnnie Johnson and Jimmy T99 Nelson and many more. As well as opening shows for such greats as James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, John Prine just to name a few.  We’re in for some great stories fans and just recently Brent said to us, “Don’t worry Bob, just because folks like the Toronto Blues Society and now your Fest want to give me a Lifetime Achievement Honor….I Can Still Rock That Stage”

See Brent In Performance:  The Blues Classic “Caledonia” at the Winnipeg Art Gallery:  https://youtu.be/Sn1RaIY_Aaw?si=MMaRe_mpXP1SY0Sg

-Kristel Rodriguez, bass guitar, and America Hernandez, drums, of Morelia Mexico have already been announced as 2024 performers,  but we are pleased to tell you today that they are bringing their other Blues-Rock group “MALE”  members with them. Zaira and Alberto.  With a wide-ranging song list, (see future F.B Page posts) and great vocals from lead singer, Zaira, they will have everyone clappin’ along and dancing.

Watch For Our Final Announcement At Our Next Public Information Release on January 12.  We continue to explore the option of holding a Special Creedence/John Fogerty Themed Music Event and Fundraiser on January 24 in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, afternoon or evening, with the main promotional incentive that everyone who attends our January 21 Special Oceanside Margaritaville Sunday Afternoon With Paid Ticket(s) And Donates At Least 100 Pesos per person to our Special Fundraising.  

The 3 For The Show Group Who Will Open The Show on January 21 Have Challenged Us To Achieve 10,000 Pesos In Fundraising On That Afternoon So They Can Present Their Specialty…Creedence and John Fogerty Music.  Their in tribute band Mystic Highway plays on big stages across Canada and the USA to a strong fan base. The best advice we can offer…Get Your Tickets Now For January 21…You Get The Possible Free Ticket With the Donation And the Entertainment Value will be top shelf all afternoon guaranteed. 

Charles Sanchez aka Charly Blues, harmonica master and drummer of Morelia, Mexico will also be a part of the Festival in a multi-purpose, multi-tasking way, similar to how Charlie Jacobson of Red Deer Alberta Canada is involved.  Charlie is the Music Director co-ordinating all backing musicians, plus performing as well. Charly will work closely with the Fest Director in a Performer Liaison role for their on-stage and off-stage needs and will perform at both at the Festival and at our Pre-Event Community Stages for Fest and local performers and free to the public. Musicians taking on a bigger role with us to build the Fest long term.  “We love it, said Fest Director Rempel.  Charly also said, “I may have a surprise blues rock vocalist joining me”. 

“We love surprise guests”, we said.

We want to issue a thumbs-up shout-out to local musician Rene Escobosa of TA Rock Bar and pianist/vocalist who has graciously offered to help us with backing music and support for our Special Guest for Weekend 2:  Brandon Isaak, 4 Time Canadian Blues Award Nominee for 2023.  We note also that our pre Event Community Stage is open to all local and regional musicians as well, in particular, emerging youth groups.

Ticket Sales With Cash Payment Go On Sale At Venues on January 6.  Advance Online Ticket Purchase with credit or debit card at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/ continues until the end of the Festival. A 3rd Option…take your chances on seats being available at the last minute…Text +52 755 101 5989 (SMS Text or Whatsapp) and tell us how many tickets to put on Door Hold for you and for what date(s).

-Watch For Special Packages Or Incentives To Encourage Donations For Our Special Fundraising Project 2024-2026. For example, one Package For $100 USD Will Get You 1 or 2 Tickets To 2025 Events, Or Merch, Your Choice, Plus Special One of A Kind Photos With Performers Plus A $50 Donation To The Fundraising Goal That Get’s You Recognized On the Wall Of Honor At The Future Facility.  “We Did Our Part” public recognition for your support. Casino Style Games & Special Spin The Wheel To Win Tequila or Wine (Mexican of course) Also Planned For.  

-We’re Set To Go With Our Beatles At Shea Stadium 1965 Set with the Vudu Chile Band with Norbert Aguilar from Morelia on lead vocals. Starting opening night through to January 22 at least.  A Beatles reel with a clip promo re the Set for our 2024 Fest went viral on the Internet over the Christmas season. Nearly 20,000 views to date.  There is Beatles Love Still In Mexico, Everywhere In The World! 

-Next Public Update Coming January 12.  Are You Ready To Rock? Blues Rock?

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For 2023 And Prior:  Brent Parkin, Canada/Mexico To Be Honored At Our January 2024 Event


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