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Let’s Start Talking 2024…It Really Is Only 8 Months Until Our Next Fest…And We’re Planning To Announce Our Fest Performers in Early July.

Note: Added a 7th Page on May 16, 2023 and More on June 2, 2023

We’ve Begun The Process Of Counting Everyone Down To Early July When We Announce The First Wave Of Festival Performers for 2024. July 6, 2023, To Be Exact.

Our Way Of Getting To July 2023, Is To Develop A Presentation Deck That Tells Everyone: Past Fans, Future Fans, Sponsors, Business Partners, Advertisers, And Everyone Interested What Our Vision And Plans Are For Years 2024-2026. Our Manifesto For Fun In Paradise.

We Plan To Release Pages From The Deck Over The Next 2 Months Until We Get To The Biggest Question All Fans And Supporters Have…Who Is Going To Rock And Blues-Rock Me In 2024 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Region? That’s Mexico Baby!

So Let’s Get Started. Here are Some Details We Hope You Love Them. Of Course, We Are Open To All Suggestions and Comments. This Is What Is Called A “Living” Presentation Deck About Our 2024-2026 Vision And Detailed Plans. We Will Keep Modifying It As We Move Forward.

You’ll See More Many More Soon. We’d Love To Hear What You Think.

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