Let’s Start Talking 2024…It Really Is Only 8 Months Until Our Next Fest…And We’re Planning To Announce Our Fest Performers in Early July.

Note: Added a 7th Page on May 16, 2023

We’ve Begun The Process Of Counting Everyone Down To Early July When We Announce The First Wave Of Festival Performers for 2024.

Our Way Of Getting To July 2023, Is To Develop A Presentation Deck That Tells Everyone: Past Fans, Future Fans, Sponsors, Business Partners, Advertisers And Everyone Interested What Our Vision And Plans Are For Years 2024-2026. Our Manifesto For Fun In Paradise.

We Plan To Release Pages From The Deck Over The Next 2 Months Until We Get To The Biggest Question All Fans And Supporters Have…Who Is Going To Rock And Blues-Rock Me In 2024 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Region? That’s Mexico Baby!

So Let’s Get Started. Here are Some Details We Hope You Love. Of Course, We Are Open To All Suggestions and Comments. This Is What Is Called A “Living” Presentation Deck About Our 2024-2026 Vision And Detailed Plans. We Will Keep Modifying It As We Move Forward.

You’ll See More Many More Soon. We’d Love To Hear What You Think.

Become An Animales Angel On The Streets Of Mexico

Join us for a night of fun and network building on July 11 at McCarthy’s Tlalpan, in Mexico City, our great community partner. Halos will be awarded. Mas amor, por favor!

Mental Toughness inspired by Navy Seals and Patrick Jane

The Future Of Business Is Social Enterprise & Cause Marketing


A radio deejay would call this a “blast from the past”. A classic perhaps? Written first in 2016. It’s still our focus! I’m here to say that a few years after writing this piece. Building your business & growing your brand while supporting important causes & being involved in your community. Our Tequila Blues Explosion Events and our Animales Angels projects are key examples of us doing that. Sports projects coming soon too. You can stand out with your own social and cause support. Or partner with us going forward. We’re here to help!
Connect with us on Messenger at RempelGroup or my personal page Bob Rempel

The Best 30 Seconds of Rock and Blues Music For You Is?

We are all about the great music here at Tequila Blues Explosion Festival and Concerts For A Cause.   So with that we ask you what is the best rock or blues music in 30 seconds for you.  You recognize it immediately, you sing along, you drum along…it gives you rock ‘n roll goose bumps.

We’d love to get your comments too.