We Told You About The High Level Of Interest In Our First Weekend’s Shows…Our Oversold Problem Creates New Opportunities For Everyone Ready To Rock

Yesterday we released information to the News Media telling everyone about the high level of interest in the great Show package we have been able to put together for Weekend 1. And after a frantic weekend of ticket selling, by various sellers here imagine our delighted “horror” at first of realizing we had OVERSOLD the Zihuatanejo Madana Bar and Restaurant Show for Saturday night January 21. Small Room…Big Fun. People Get It. Folks Don’t Want To Miss The Best Show-The Best Entertainment Value To Come To Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo This Year.

After a great noon hour selling tickets to the Ixtapa on January 20 and having a good friend of our Fests, and “He’s Gone Loco For The Fans” Sr. Ricardo Gomez Jr. tell me about his plans (see below) for Food and Drink for his venue, Villas Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant in Ixtapa, we are here today with Egg on Our Face About The Oversold Situation (too many ticket sellers selling tickets and a big interest and ticket buying rush over the weekend-we’ll fix it with better tech for next year) to tell you about our plans to make everyone as happy as possible.

-We are officially encouraging anyone with a paid ticket in hand to inform us they will volunteer to go Ixtapa on January 20 to free up seats in Zihua, and just like airlines we will compensate you who have tickets with Zihua on the back, with a free Fest Souvenir Shirt from 2021, or 2020 or a free Fest Souvenir Tequila Shot Glass 2023 with tequila in it to start, or a Free Fest Souvenir Winter Rock and Blues Paradise Coffee Mug 2023. We will offer the same compensation to anyone with Zihua tickets in hand who volunteers to sit in the front section of Madana’s Restaurant and Bar that night during the show where we will create another dance floor and bring in a speaker from the Show sound just behind you. Plus we’ll make sure that at least The I’m A Soulman Brothers will work their way into your area in the front too and entertain you. They are wanderers always with their wireless microphones. And you get to move into the main Room as soon as seats open up.

-And our genial Sr. Gone Loco, Ricard Gomez Jr at Villas Paraiso is offering a great incentive for everyone to Go Ixtapa! Two 200 peso specials. A great all-you-can-eat Buffet Fest Style food offering pasta, chicken wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and similar food for 200 pesos per person. And it gets better folks! An all-inclusive Drinks package for the evening for 200 pesos per person too. Beer, Wine, Tequila. Wow! Best prices ever we think. Upgrades are available too I’m sure. 2 More Great Reasons To Go Ixtapa. And we know Victor Manjerrez of Madana Bar in Zihua is planning a special Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest day Menu and great drink prices. 40 peso beers, his everyday price, won’t hurt your pocketbook in any way.

-Who Wants A Repeat Of The Ixtapa Show on January 20 In Zihua Saturday Afternoon? Now we really need to know how many of you would be ready to rock your Saturday afternoon. We’d really love to do this to get more folks to see the Great Entertainment Package we’ve brought together…we are investigating the possibility of a Second Zihua Show, A Saturday Afternoon Matinee, from 1:00 to 5:30 pm. For New Ticket Buyers And Anyone Who Moves Their Ticket From Evening To Afternoon. At the same great venue Madana Bar and Restaurant. Then 6:00 to 11:00 pm for the planned Zihua Show. Who Wants That Option From Us? We Need To Know Today Before Final Decisions Are Made Tonight. Please Whatsapp Text or Call +52 755 101 5989, Please Message Us from our website at Tequilabluesrock.com Or Please Comment Or Message Us In Facebook

Please Continue To Purchase Your Tickets For Ixtapa and Villas Paraiso Hotel for January 20, Without Any Hesitation, Where We Have A Much Greater Capacity. Festival Tickets Online Our In Person Ticket Seller Will Be Back There Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. And Bob Rempel, our chairperson will be at Madana Bar starting at 5:30 pm tonight, Tuesday, to work through any or all of your concerns about our Zihua Situation. A Good One With Solutions. We’re Very Pleased To See The Great Response And It Will Get Fixed We Promise!

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