Weekend 1 Amazing…Soon Weekend 2…So Many Great Performances & Great Performers…Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Everywhere.

Posted Today January 23 on our Facebook Fest Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests/ Follow us there for all the latest news.

CLOSING NIGHT JANUARY 27 Will Be AMAZING! Only 25 Tickets Left To Sell In This Big Rock ‘n Blues Bar At Night Ricardo’s Restaurante & Bar, Ixtapa.

Bex Marshall Bex Marshall Blues has volunteered to help coordinate the final 30-45 minutes of fun Jams and Collaborations including her own new sing-along song ‘”i Wanna Go Go Go To Mexico” Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Style of course. It’s almost ready for “We Are The World” treatment. A full singalong by all Fest Performers and Fans Again. And we’re asking her to make sure Trebor Villa gets a chance to lead us all again in “I’ve Got My Mojo Working”.

We Feel We’ve Got Our Fest Mojo. Such Wonderful Big Hearted Performers…We’re Forever Grateful. Such Wonderful Fans…So Many Great Comments On Their Way Out…Come Together 2024 Only About Half Done. We’re On A Roll And We Don’t Plan To Stop Until Late At Night On January 27…Probably 28 Morning For The After Party!

January 26 at Madana Bar and Restaurant Madana is Officially SOLD OUT…We may have a few seats available for Walk-Ins, just come to the door early and Bribe Us to get in Line for those seats. Tequila Bribes work well for our crew…Or a 100 deposit to be in line. The deposit refunded if we can’t get you in. Donation accepted of course too.

Thursday January 25 at La Mexicana in Troncones La Mexicana with Bex Marshall Blues of London England and Cliff Stevens Cliff Stevens of Montreal headlining the show starting at 1:00 pm. 100 peso or more donation suggested and food or drink purchase please. (Same for all Thursday events)

4:30 pm at Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub Coco Ixtapa Beach Klub with Charlie Jacobson and much more Classic Rock and Blues by the Beach…free sunset included…

7:30 pm a great evening show is planned for the wonderful new Zorros On Top in Ixtapa Zorros Sports Bar with Brandon Isaak headlining at approximately 8:30 pm. Did you hear that Brent Parkin from Weekend 1 will sit in with Brandon for at least a song or two. Brent Parkin Music

Trebor Villa, Juan Roberto Villaseñor the young rising star Mexican blues rock guitarist who can do Blues, do Dylan, do Hendrix, much more, to open the Night plus many other Fest Performers. At least 2.5 hours starting at 7:30 pm, but Fest Performers are very ready to play longer for Zorro fans if you yell out “Otra, Otra”…and maybe send over a cold drink or tequila too.????

Where are you gonna be Rock ‘n Blues lovers, fun lovers, Big Hearts, January 25, January 26 or January 27. If we see you at all three days, I’ve got a Fest Shirt for you! Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

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