Tasting and Sampling And Toasting…It’s All Part of Festing And Celebrations We Say

Tasting and Sampling And Toasting…It’s All Part of Festing And Celebrations We Say. Our Tequila, Tacos, y Cervezas Festival the TTC, also the Go Mexico Tequila & Beer Sampling & Tasting Fest. Add Beaches, Warm Weather, Cold Drinks Of Your Choice, Great Causes, and Excellent Rock ‘n Blues Music. For The Fun Of It All. For Feelin’ Alive! For Viva la Vida! Can You Say Yes To This? Click Play You’ll See What We Mean!

Show Me The Posters We Heard You Say…I Want To Go Mexico, On My Farewell To Winter Tour 2023

I Think We Heard You Say Poster Me, Show Me The Lineup, The Shirts! For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico, January 20-29, 2023. Rock ‘n Blues Festing January 27-29. Vegas Style Rock . Blues & R&B Shows January 20-21. More!

Gallery Below:

Who Do You Want To See Most Live? From Our 2023 Lineup And Shows? Please, In The Comments.

Music First Always! For Us.

But You Could Also Say You Are Coming For A Big Friends and Familly Celebration, Or The Tequila Sampling, Or The Arts & Crafts Show And Sale, The Love Unlimited Exposition Displays, Or The 60-40 And Tequila Bottle Per Night Jackpots. Or Music And Dancing! We’re Not Judging!

Fun, Fun, Fun, In The Warmth Near The Beaches, Always For The Cause(s)

Please Share To All Who You Know Love To Have A Great Time And Feel Alive!

And There Will Also Be Our New 2023 Fest And Shows Promo Video Coming Very Soon.

We’ve Been Doing Our Unique For The Cause-For The Fun-Fest Concept Since 2018 And We Thought You Might Like To Know What Some Of Our Rock ‘n Blues Fans Thought Of Past Events.

We’ve Been Doing Our Unique For The Cause For The Fun Fest Concept Since 2018 And We Thought You Might Like To Know What Some Of Our Rock ‘n Blues Fans Thought Of Past Events.

World-class, One Of Mexico’s Finest Players, Isidoro Negrete Reynoso says Yes “I’m Bringing My Harmonicas And I Want To Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Go Playa January 21-29, 2023” Headliner Bio!

World-class, One Of Mexico’s Finest Players, Isidoro Negrete Reynoso says Yes “I’m Bringing The Harmonica And I Want To Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Go Playa January 21-29, 2023” Headliner Bio!

Previous We Introduced In Detail Headliner Mike Clark: World-class saxophone player, guitarist, and blues rock vocalist M says Yes “I Want To Go Mexico-Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo January 21-29, 2023” Headliner Bio!

What’s A Blues-Rock Fest Without A Harmonica Or Two? Answer: Not Even Close To Being As Good As It Can Be.

Today We Are Very Pleased To Tell You That A Great Friend of our Go Mexico-Go Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festivals and Events, With Us In Ixtapa-Zihua and Mexico City Before, Isidoro Negrete Reynoso of Mexico City Will Be With Us On January 26-29, 2023 In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. We Know His Harmonica, His Deep Love Of The Blues, His Attitude, His Big Heart, And His Love For The Street Animals Will Make Our Fest So Much Better And That’s Why We Are So Glad He Is Returning To Join Us.

Performer Bio:


Isidoro Negrete is a pioneering musician of the blues harmonica in Mexico City, his musical career begins in 1970. He has played the harmonica and guitar in renowned groups in the rock and blues scene such as: Gin Fría Blues Band, Hangar Ambulante, Ernesto de León, Rockers, Hot Jam Blues, Foliage, Lira and Roll, Extraño Brew, Blues Union, Rod Levario House Blues, All-Star Blues from Mexico, La Rambla and Blues Machine. He has accompanied leading blues figures from Chicago and Texas such as Billy Branch, Demetria Taylor and Paul Orta and shared the Stage with Canned Heat when they were recently in Mexico City. He is the creator of the intro and guitar solo of the famous song “MARIA” by the Mexican rock band: LIRA N ROLL. Isidoro also hosts a weekly online radio show featuring “Blues Greats” and is a tireless worker in keeping the blues and blues-rock alive in Mexico and everywhere. He and his wife Susanne and family have big hearts for animals and have a small Street Animal Rescue Shelter in their home and give help to many dogs and cats from the streets of Mexico City.

https://fb.watch/fF9HQpqVnc/ Isidoro Negrete Reynoso Video from a Saturday afternoon 2018 performance in Mexico City. 1 Minute Of Harmonica Magic. Must See!

From a December 2021, Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Event In Mexico City.

We conclude by saying “What’s Better Than One Harmonica At A Blues Rock Fest”?. Two Harmonicas, of course. We’ll Tell You More About Charley Blues from Morelia, Mexico who is part of the 7 member performer team for the 3 Kings Tribute Show we are featuring as a Headlining Show for the 2023 Fest soon.

Great Plans For Street Animal Fundraising By Volunteer Organizers Get Derailed By Heartless Venue Operator: The Live Music Opportunity For Puerto Vallarta February 3-6, 2022: News Release-

Please Note: Translation Available On Our Main Page: Click “Idioma”

Great Plans For Street Animal Fundraising By Volunteer Organizers Get Derailed By Heartless Venue Operator: The Live Music Opportunity For Puerto Vallarta February 3-6, 2022: News Release

The Street Animal Rescue Mexico Fundraising Rock ‘n Blues Fest Needs Its Own Last Minute Rescue.

Are You Actively Presenting Live Rock ‘n Blues Music Now? Do You Mind If Your Guests Start Dancing When The Music Gets Rockin’ We Think We Have A Great Music & Event Opportunity For You?

Interested? Let’s Talk And Firm This Up Before The New Year: I’m Bob Rempel, Volunteer Director Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests. Permanent Resident Status Mexico. From Winnipeg, Canada. Whatsapp or Phone: +52 755 101 5989. Website. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tequilabluesfests and https://www.facebook.com/bobrempel1 (my personal facebook)


It’s last-minute we know but still enough time to make this great. If you have a stage and sound and backline equipment (drums, amplifiers, monitors…often your favorite band can supply that and perform with us as well), we have an opportunity for your bar or restaurant for music at no cost to you for the weekend of February 3-6, 2022.

Alternatively, we are looking at the option of performing at open-air venues for the largest possible audience.

Background: We publicly announced a venue in July for our first Puerto Vallarta Event. That verbal agreement seems to have fallen through. Lessons learned and we’ll be smarter next time.

But that creates an opportunity for a new partner for our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions events.

We have planned our first fundraising rock ‘n blues live music event for Puerto Vallarta for February 3-6, 2022.

We have a great lineup of performers ready to come in and support the fundraising for Street Animal Rescue Mexico, our cause for the 2021-22 winter season. We bring in the “Big Hearts” we call them.

Seventy-five percent of the fundraising from the Events we do in Puerto Vallarta will go to the local organizations like SPCA Puerta Vallarta and others that apply for funding. Primarily for neutering and medical treatment campaigns to existing organizations or veterinarians. The rest of the funds go to projects in other parts of Mexico. We are in the process of making contact with all of them now to create partnerships to work together on this fundraising weekend in P.V.

It starts with a special opening night concert by our headliner Chris Duarte. On Thursday February 3. A legend in blues-rock. Clearly one of the best guitarists in the world. And he “plays his ass off for the fans” as one fan said in a quote. From Austin, Texas. Often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan. 14 albums. Tours extensively. Humble and a great guy. Perfect for our fest. And then Chris, and his partner Beth Lee, who is coming to Puerto Vallarta as well, will perform throughout our Fest, Electric country rock and soulful country from Beth.

Opening night, Thursday, February 3, Gil Gaidola, lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Mystic Highway, one of Canada’s top Creedence-John Fogerty Tribute Bands, who loves Mexico, who loves animals is ready to perform in Puerto Vallarta or region, as well. At your bar or restaurant. And then throughout the Friday through Sunday Fest as well.

We have Mexican performers as well. We always try to have a good blend. Viri Roots from Mexico City one of Mexico’s best blues voices will be a key part of our Bob Marley Tribute, and Fonzeca CPP Project a four-piece group from Monterrey, Mexico led by Fonzeca Alexander, who has been named one of Mexico’s top male blues voices every year the past 10 years.

In addition to the Bob Marley Tribute, Chris Duarte will help lead our Jimi Hendrix Tribute and Gil Gaidola will lead our Creedence-John Fogerty Tribute. Music that is familiar to the fans and your guests. But each will do their own originals and cover songs throughout the Fest as well so fans will get the best of both worlds.

Plus we wish to feature at least one, possibly two to three local groups and performers. This way your very good and favorite local performer or band can be part of the Fest too. And we will bring in one or two more Mexican or USA performers and announce them by mid-January once we have a Venue firmly in place and we know how the lineup looks.

Please don’t think you have to accept our plan and approach 100% without a chance to talk and us to listen. We are looking to create long-term venue partners in Puerto Vallarta and every other community we go to.

You Supply The Venue And Stage And Are Identified As Our Fundraising Venue Partner In All Communication.

You Supply The Backline (Drums, Lead Guitar Amp, Bass Guitar Amp, Possibly Rhythm Amp), Monitors, Microphones)…The Stage Is Basically Plug and Play For Outside Musicians. As We Said Earlier Often This Can Be Supplied

You Supply Meals And Or Snacks And Drinks To Performers And A Couple Of Volunteers…As Discussed And Agreed On By Text Or Email

You Support The Event Through Promotion And Advertising Through Your Existing Channels And More If Possible.

You Retain All Food And Drinks Revenue, However, We Ask That You Open Your Big Heart Too And Consider A Donation To The Fundraising Based On The Revenues Generated By The Weekend.

We Supply The Musicians, Pay For Their Travel, And Accommodation, And Other Local Expenses. Organize The Performance Lineup And Advertise The Event Online. Your Help In Finding Good Value Accommodation And Meals And Other Perks For Musicians To Make Them Want To Return To Our Events And Your Venue In The Future Is Greatly Appreciated.

We Collect An Agreed On Cover Charge At The Door, Conduct Fundraising Activities And Sell Fundraising Merchandise. Great Music And Lots Of Fun Leads To Successful Fundraising…Our Philosophy.

Some Media Coverage For Your Background Information: Mexico News Daily Issue Wire News Release

I’m Sure You Have Lots Of Questions. You Can Send Them To Me Or We Can Talk In Person Or Do A Video Chat. Whatever You Prefer. Some Images Below For Your Information. Event Posters Are Examples Only. Hasta Luego.

CDMX-There’s An Explosion Of Live Rock ‘n Blues Coming December 11 For The Street Animals of Mexico: Our December 2 News Release To All Media

Special Performances by Steffie Beltt (9:00 pm) Viri Roots (8:00 pm) and Evelyn Rubio of Houston, Texas (7:00 pm) in our Ladies Sing The Blues & Blues Rock Segments. Jams And Collaborations To Follow Steffie Beltt’s Special Set.

With Special All Day All Night Tribute To Isidoro Negrete Reynoso: His Lifetime of Blues ‘n Rock Music In Mexico, His Blues Harmonica Mastery, His Cultural Contributions With Preserving And Promoting Alebrijes, And Equally Importantly, His Day-To-Day Work (With His Wife Susanna) In Street Animal Rescue In Mexico City.

Big Hearted Big Talented Performers Ready To Support The Cause And Create A Great Fest: Stick Fingers Group, The New Raices del Blues, Torke Ross-3 Souls In Mind, Adrian Macotela-Desfasados, Jorge Sanchez Estrada, And More To Come

You’ll See Them At Our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fests Starting January 27, 2022, Where We Continue To “Come Together 2021-22”

And We’re Searching For Mexico’s Best New Blues-Rock Band Or Performer, & Best Youth Rock ‘n Blues Band Or Performer To Still Add To December 11 And Then Feature At Our Upcoming Fests For The Cause At The Beach In Our Winter Tour 2021-22. If You Know Who That Is Or Could Be, Please Tell Us Immediately!

Event Details At The Links Below

Event Poster As Of December 2

You Were Asking-Where Is Hobos Bar & Restaurant In Mexico City

We’re Getting Ready To Rock & Blues Rock On December 11 In Mexico City. Join Us!

For The News Media April 15

Haven’t Been Rockin’ or Blues Rockin’ Enough? 

The Big Hearts Rock ‘n Blues Online Show, produced in Mexico, will be shown Sunday, April 18 at 6:00 CDTat TequilaBluesRock.com   Many Performers Cancun Region Bound December 2-5, 2021 For The First Mayan Riviera Big Hearts Rock ‘n Blues Fest.

It is over 3 Hours of Music, Free To Watch, To Raise Awareness, And Funds For Street Animal Rescue and Neutering in Mexico.  In addition, a Bonus Segment has been produced as a reward for all Supportive Donors.  It contains a special very good quality “Bootleg Video” not published before of a 50 minute highly entertaining Blues Brothers Tribute Show in Ixtapa-Zihua in January 2020 

The Big Hearts Show is a project of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion who have been holding live festival and events in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Mexico City since 2018 and continues the work of their Canadian and Mexican volunteers who organize the music and related events, which support worthy national and local causes in all their activities.  

A large international lineup of high-caliber performers, including many Mexican performers, have come together to help support the Cause.Kal David and Lauri Bono USA, Clay Melton (USA), Niece (USA),  Fonzeca Caja de Pandora Project (Monterrey Mexico), Ernest de Leon y su Banda de Blues (Mexico City, MX)  Mystic Highway,(Canada), The Swamp Shakers (Riga, Latvia) Gregor Hilden & Richie Arndt (Germany) and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are just some of the featured performers. Many more are involved and can be seen at https://tequilabluesrock.com/lineup  where those who wish to watch the 3 Hour Show can register free of charge to get the viewing information.   

The response from performers and groups around the world was very strong so we scheduled a second big show for May 16, said event organizer, Bob Rempel of Winnipeg Canada & Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico.  

“We love our big-hearted performers who stepped up”, said Rempel, “and all will be given first consideration when we put together our Big Hearts Live Rock ‘n Blues Event for Cancun Region for December 2-5, 2021, and further events we are planning for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta, as soon as Covid 19 allows us too.

When we asked why Street Animal Rescue and not some other deserving cause, Rempel continued,  “We’ll certainly support other causes in the future as we have done previously. However, this truly is an important cause in Mexico, and we want to do much more in terms of Neutering, Treatment, and Feeding to give these homeless dogs and cats living on the streets of Mexico a better life. There are reports of over 23 million homeless dogs and cats in Mexico.   We’re based here with our Fests & Events, we enjoy the beaches and fine weather here, we love dogs and cats, we see the love they give back,  so it makes good sense for us to continue to help support Mexico Shelters and Vets with Neutering and Treatment right now,”

Donations can be made at https://donorbox.org/street-animal-rescue-mexico/  and funds go into the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Animales Angeles Fund to make contributions to Shelters & Vets with Neuterig & Treatment Campaigns.
Register to watch the April 18 Show Free Of Charge

https://tequilabluesrock.com/lineup/ or


More Information:Bob Rempel +52  755 101 5989  (mobile/whatsapp) bobrempel@gmail.com
Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Fests & Eventstequilabluesfest@gmail.com

One Great Lineup For Fest #4…And We’re Not Done Yet

Great Rock and Blues, and Fun In The Sun All Weekend. Live And Virtually Live. Check Out Lineup Below. Watch For New Additions Here And Over At Our Facebook Page. All For Our 2021 & 2022 Fest Fundraising Cause: Street Animal Rescue in Mexico. So Many Dogs And Cats, Old And Young, Abandoned And Living On The Street. Our Animales Angeles Fund will provide grants to Shelters in Mexico and Veterinarians to support Neutering and Major Medical Treatments

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Get Ready For March, 2021

#Mexico baby. #Beach #Playa #Sun #Sol

Where you want to be for live #rock ‘n #blues always for great #causes when it’s cold everywhere else. Coming Soon! https://tequilabluesrock.com Special 2021 & 2022 Fest Promo. BOGO. Buy 1 Weekend Fest Pass For 2021 & Get 2022 Free. Click Festival Tickets here.

Ready To Rock For Great Causes-Ready To Rock For Fun In The Sun?

It’s Coming Soon…R U Ready To Say?…
I’m (Going To Be) Rockin’ For Great Causes…I’m (Going To Be Rockin’ For Fun-Fun-Fun…To Feel Alive Enjoying The Blues & Rock & Country Music And More Of Our Lives…I’m (Going To Be Rockin’) For Mexico…And Sun & Sand & Great Beaches & Tequila & Tacos & Cervezas. Wear The Shirt Proudly Members. All You Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests Rockin’ Up Tempo Live Music Events & Fests Big Hearted Members.

The Rolling Stones had a big hit with “Waiting On A Friend”. Check It Out At The Link. Great Sax sound.

Well, we’re waiting on a Vaccine. Coming Soon We Promise Details Of Our 2021 & 2022 Live Events In Mexico.
Mexico baby! Where the best live rock ‘n blues happens every time it gets cold where you are. Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests Join Us!

Get Ahead Of The Crowd. Fully Refundable If Circumstances Force Us To Postpone. Reserve Your Seats Now. Fest Passes Here…..Sign Up For Fest Rewards & Last-Minute News And Get A 25%OFF Coupon

The Performers List For Mexico Tourism Recovery Benefit Fest Keeps Growing

The List Of Performers Keeps Growing. All Performers Listed Are Ready And Willing To Support Mexico, Mexico Tourism, And Local Causes If You Are Ready To Rock, Ready To Blues-Rock.

We Live In Difficult Times We Understand. We’ll Make Another Great Fest in 2022 If You’re Not Ready To Commit To Live Music In Mexico In January 2021. All Advance Fest Passes Are 100% Refundable In The Event We Are Forced To Cancel Events Due To The Pandemic.

Mexico’s Got (Amazing) Talent Showcase Will Definitely Go-Ahead For The Weekend Of January 15-17, 2021 Based On The Current Situation We Face. Great List Of Mexican Performers Ready To Perform. Some International Performers Possible As Well. We’ll Know Soon.

Watch For Further Announcements About The Next Two Weekends In The Next 45 Days Or So. Fingers Crossed That We Can Put Your B*MS In The Seats And You Rock & Have Fun With Us.

List Current As Of 28/09/20. Fest Passes, Day or Night Tickets & Reserved Tables With Passes Or Tickets Now Available

Beer Fest & Rock Hard & Metal Night At Mexico’s Got Amazing Talent Showcase In Ixtapa Villas Paraiso Hotel & Rock Bar January 16 2021-Always For The Causes

What Will You Come For? Great Live Rockin’ Music, Warm Sun, Great Beaches, Fun-Fun-Fun, Cold Drinks

See You January 2021 in Ixtapa, Mexico When We “Isolate No More” With Your Full Care & Safety At The Highest Priority In Our Planning. Ticket Sales & Tour Group Signups (with Fest Pass included) Start August 1. Because of Covid-19 Safety, All Ticket Sales Will Have To Be Advance Only In 2021. Single Show Tickets, 1 Weekend Pass & A 3 Weekend Pass Available. Deadline For PreSale Is December 15, 2021.

For More Information Please Contact Us Directly: Email Us At “tequilabluesfest@gmail.com”, Whatsapp- +52 755 101 5989, or Message Us From Our Facebook Page:

Very Pleased To Announce Bluesman Juan Carlos Cortes To Perform At Our Isolate No More Benefit Fest For Local Recovery January 2021

Over 10 Years Of Performing At Blues Festivals. 3 CD’s Of Originals & Covers. A Talented Multi-Instrumentalist. Performs in English & Spanish.

We’re Very Pleased To Announce Bluesman Juan Carlos Cortes Of Morelia, Mexico To Perform At Our “Isolate No More” Benefit Fest For Local Recovery January 2021. The TTC Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest #4 (TTC=Tequila, Tacos & Cervezas)

Not Only Will We Support Local Business & Their Employees Severely Hurt By Covid-19 in 2021, We Will Also Continue To Support Our Ongoing Street Animal Rescue And Kids Development Causes We’ve Supported In Past Events.

In Addition To Staging Three Years of Fests And Other Events And Bringing Exceptional Talent And Great Music To Ixtapa-Zihua in Winter, With The Support Of Our Dedicated Fans, Organizers Have Been Able To Donate Over 170,000 Pesos To Causes. We’re Committed To Continue And Do Much More In The Future.

Follow This Site & Our Facebook Page To See All The Public Announcements Of Great Performers, Already Committed To Attend, As We Make Them, Over The Next Few Months. Tickets For The 3 Great Weekends Of The Fest And Tour Group Signups with Fest Pass Included Go On Sale August 1, 2020. Tour Groups from Canada, USA & Mexico Forming Now. It All starts January 15, 2021. We Assure You Your Care & Safety Is Job 1 For Us. Y

Los Mind Lagunas-Big Stage Experienced

From the big stage in Guadalajara where John Mayall and Charlie Musselwhite headlined to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo’sTequila Blues Festival Explosion Fest International, helping us launch our First Annual Blues-Rock Festival here,  don’t underestimate the music power of our Mexico headliners, Los Mind Lagunas.  Catch them at the Villas Paraiso pool on Friday January 5, at Legendz in Zihua  on Friday evening and then see their full show at 8:00 pm approximately at the Ixtapa Event Centre on Saturday January 6th.

Announcing The Tequila Blues Explosion Festival Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico


Contact: Bob Rempel, Co-Chairperson
Address: Ixtapa, Mexico
Phone: +52 755 101 5989

Email: bobrempel@gmail.com & tequilabluesfest@gmail.com

URL: http://bluesfest.bestformexico.com & https://www.facebook.com/ixtapabluesfest/

Performer Previews-Youtube Channel Link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtj8gGbHYwIv_lOTK2jmHQ

(This Release Also Available In Spanish-See Below)

Early Warning: There Will Be An Annual Blues Explosion In Mexico

January 5-8, 2018 at the sunny beaches of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Mexico…But You Should Uncover Your Ears Not Cover Them!

Blues & Blues Rock music is exploding on the live music scene in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico in early 2018 at the 1st Annual Tequila Blues Explosion Festival International.  

Various events will be held in the two communities from January 5-8 to be announced soon, with the main Festival Concert on Saturday, January 6 at the Ixtapa Event Centre.  The final jams of all performers on stage will be can’t miss highlights that can only be felt and heard live, promise organizers.

Headliners for the four-day event are Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, and David Gogo, both known worldwide as blues and blues-rock masters.

The full list of headliners and performers includes:  

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, the Zoot suited dressed master of the boppin’ boogie woogie blues style on the piano, who has performed on over 100 big stages worldwide; recently received a lifetime achievement award at the Cincinnati Blues Festival, putting him in the same category as performers such as Ray Charles and Fats Domino and other greats. http://www.kennybluesboss.com

David Gogo, a blues and blues rock master with over 14 albums.  Nominated as Best Blues Guitarist in Canada 9 times, and winning three times, most recently in 2017, David has played Montreal Jazz Festival among many others, just recently performed at the Calgary Blues Festival, and shared the stage with BB King, Buddy Guy and more, http://www.davidgogo.com

Sherman “Tank” Doucette, one the world’s best mouth harp performers and accomplished blues singer, who has just recently performed at both the Salmon Arms Roots & Blues Festival and the Edmonton Blues Festival,   http://www.shermandoucette.com

Cheryl Lescom who sings the blues, r&b, and soul with a powerful voice in the style of Etta James and Janis Joplin, http://www.cheryllescom.com

Alec Fraser Jr. a multi instrument performer and music producer who was the former bass player and singer in Jeff Healey’s Band, one of Canada’s best ever blues guitarists and performers,  https://www.facebook.com/alec.fraser.9, & http://www.biggiolarecords.com/alec-fraser/  and

Joey “Drums” Dimarco, a professional session and performances drummer who has played with Kenny Wayne and many more top blues players over the years and just recently performed at both Salmon Arms and Edmonton Blues Festival as well.  http://www.joeydrumsdimarco.com/

International performers will bring their versions of culturally influenced Mexican blues music to the Blues & Blues Rock Stage.  Currently scheduled to perform are the J.C. Cortes Blues Machine from Morelia, Mexico, who have just recently released a new album  (https://itunes.apple.com/mx/album/blues-machine/id1278368750)  and the well known Emiliano Juarez & Alfonso Robledo Blues Band (https://youtu.be/KjYFr0CHBrA) from Mexico City, who also perform as Los Mind Lagunas.  

Local Mexican performers from the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo area will also have an opportunity to perform and will vie for the privilege of playing on the Big Stage with the performers in January at the “Mexico’s Got Talent”  Battle of the Bands style lead up event on December 1 & 2 at the Ixtapa Event Centre.

Being held close to the best beaches in Mexico, the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo event will be known foremost for its music always, but it has been also officially declared a full fun, a full “let your hair down” festival for all ages, by all performers and organizers, said Bob Rempel, a festival co-chairperson.

Not the least of which will be: Tequila Sampling, Jello Shots, BBQ & Brews, Guitar God workshops, My Blues Story workshops, Battles of the Bands, Mexican Beach Bands competition, the Tequila & Beer Beach Mile novelty event, and a whole mess of other fun, he said.  “Why let everyone think only the best parties in Mexico are in Cancun.  We’re going to take the cover of our hidden gem of a visitor destination for a week”, said Rempel, “and every year after that”.

Advanced ticket sales for the limited number of Founders Passes, Backstage Passes including January 6 After Party Admission and Reserved Front Row Seating go on sale today for a 14 day period, before other Reserved Seating goes on sale.  

A range of ticket prices will be offered so the event is affordable for local residents and visitors alike, promised the organizers. Tickets sales are available online at https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets, or by direct contact with the Tequila Blues office.

“We are urging friends of the Blues and Blues-Rock all over the world, and friends of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo music to step up and support us now with their purchases and sponsorships so we can deliver the best patron experience possible at the event and allow us to bring in one or two more international performers that will take our first year over the top, said co-chairperson Rempel.

The Tequila Blues Explosion Fest. International for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is a not for profit event organized by the local chapter of the Blues Appreciation Society, Mexico with support from BobRempel.com, management consultants, with a goal to raise funds to provide better Technology support to the Schools and Children of the two communities and area, and support area Ocean, Beach Preservation and Restoration projects, while foremost providing an amazing music, cultural and travel experience.

Co-chairpersons are:  

Balta Ramirez, Texas & Zihuatanejo, who has successfully raised funds for emergency medical equipment for ambulances in the Zihuatanejo area for several years with his own Zihuatanejo Street Fundraiser event,

Frank Aiello, Ixtapa, who has operated a successful restaurant in the area (Frank’s Restaurant) for over 17 years, with a solid history of excellent customer service and support, and has been on the organizing committee of other festivals in the community, and

Bob Rempel, Manitoba & Ixtapa, who has organized many similar fundraising festivals in Canada on behalf of his own organization, while serving as the executive director of a growing social enterprise in the community, and now is a management, marketing & communications consultant.

As well, Dawn Fairbanks of Ontario, Canada, well known for her Blues South Vacation Tours for the past seven years, with her excellent contacts in the blues community, is an important partner in the Tequila Blues Explosion project.  (http://www.bluessouth.com)

Volunteers ready to assume key positions in leading the growth of the Festival and building community support, are welcomed and should contact the Festival as soon as possible.  


Photos and Videos Available from Websites Noted Above & Festival Office.  Special Needs For Media and Patrons, Please Contact The Festival Office.



Contacto: Bob Rempel, Copresidente

Dirección: Ixtapa, Mexico

Teléfono: +52 755 101 5989

Correo electrónico: bobrempel@gmail.com &


URL: http://bluesfest.bestformexico.com & https://www.facebook.com/ixtapabluesfest/

Reproductor de previews-Youtube Enlace de canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtj8gGbHYwIv_lOTK2jmHQ

(Este lanzamiento está disponible en inglés y español)

Advertencia Temprana: Habrá Una Explosión Anual De Blues En México

Enero 5-8, 2018 en las soleadas playas de Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo México … ¡Pero deberías descubrir tus orejas no cubrirlas!

Blues & Blues La música rock está explotando en la escena musical en vivo en Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, México a principios de 2018 en el 1er Festival Internacional de Explosión de Tequila Blues Internacional.

Se celebrarán varios eventos en las dos comunidades del 5 al 8 de enero, que se anunciarán próximamente, con el concierto principal del Festival el sábado 6 de enero en el Centro de Eventos de Ixtapa. Los atascos finales de todos los artistas en el escenario será no puede faltar los puntos culminantes que se pueden solamente sentir y oír vivo, los organizadores de la promesa.

Los headliners para el evento de cuatro días son Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, y David Gogo, ambos conocidos mundialmente como blues y blues rock masters.

La lista completa de headliners e intérpretes incluye:

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, el zoot adecuado vestido maestro del boppin boogie woogie blues estilo en el piano, que ha realizado en más de 100 grandes escenarios en todo el mundo, recientemente recibió un premio de logro de por vida en el Cincinnati Blues Festival, poniéndolo en la misma categoría que artistas como Ray Charles y Fats Domino y otros grandes. http://www.kennybluesboss.com

David Gogo, un blues y blues maestro de rock con más de 14 álbumes. Nominado como Mejor Guitarrista de Blues en Canadá 9 veces y ganando tres veces, el más reciente en 2017, David ha tocado Montreal Jazz Festival entre muchos otros, recientemente se presentó en el Calgary Blues Festival, y compartió el escenario con BB King, Buddy Guy y más, http://www.davidgogo.com

Sherman “Tank” Doucette, uno de los mejores intérpretes de arpa de la boca y cantante de blues, quien acaba de presentarse en el Salmon Arms Roots & Blues Festival y en el Edmonton Blues Festival, http://www.shermandoucette.com

Cheryl Lescom que canta el blues, el r & b, y el alma con una voz potente en el estilo de Etta James y Janis Joplin. Con 5 álbumes en su haber, ella ha viajado y ha realizado con los gustos de Jeff Healey, de Matt Minglewood, del albañil holandés, de la venda de azules de Downchild, de Jack Dekeyser, de Del Shannon y de David Wilcox http://www.cheryllescom.com

Alec Fraser Jr. es un intérprete de varios instrumentos y productor de música que fue el ex bajista y cantante de Jeff Healey’s Band, uno de los mejores guitarristas y intérpretes de blues de Canadá, https://www.facebook.com/alec.fraser.9, & http://www.biggiolarecords.com/alec-fraser/ y

Joey “Drums” Dimarco, un baterista profesional de sesiones y actuaciones que ha tocado con Kenny Wayne y muchos más actores de blues en los últimos años y que recientemente se ha presentado tanto en Salmon Arms como en Edmonton Blues Festival. http://www.joeydrumsdimarco.com/

Intérpretes internacionales traerán sus versiones de música blues mexicana influenciada culturalmente al Blues & Blues Rock Stage. Actualmente están programadas para realizar la máquina JC Cortes Blues de Morelia, México, que acaba de lanzar un nuevo álbum (https://itunes.apple.com/mx/album/blues-machine/id1278368750) y el conocido Emiliano Juarez & Alfonso Robledo Blues Band (https://youtu.be/KjYFr0CHBrA) de la Ciudad de México, que también realizan como Los Mind Lagunas.

Los artistas mexicanos locales de la zona de Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo también tendrán la oportunidad de actuar y competirán por el privilegio de tocar en la Gran Etapa con los artistas en enero en el evento de “Batalla de las Bandas” 1 y 2 en el Centro de Eventos Ixtapa.

Al estar cerca de las mejores playas de México, el evento Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo será conocido por su música siempre, pero también ha sido declarado oficialmente como una diversión completa, un festival completo “deje el pelo” para todas las edades, por todos artistas y organizadores, dijo Bob Rempel, copresidente del festival.

No menos de lo que será: Tequila Sampling, Jello Shots, Barbacoa y Brews, talleres de Guitar God, talleres de My Blues Story, batallas de las Bandas, competencia de Bandas de Playa Mexicanas, el evento de novedad Tequila & Beer Beach Mile y todo un desastre de otra diversión, dijo. “¿Por qué dejar que todos piensen que sólo las mejores fiestas en México están en Cancún. Vamos a tomar la portada de nuestra joya escondida de un destino de visitantes durante una semana “, dijo Rempel,” y cada año después de eso “.

Venta avanzada de entradas para el número limitado de pases de fundadores, pases de backstage incluyendo el 6 de enero Después de la admisión de parte, asientos de primera fila reservados a la venta hoy por un período de 14 días, antes de que otros asientos reservados salgan a la venta.

Una gama de precios de los billetes se ofrecerá por lo que el evento es asequible para los residentes locales y los visitantes por igual, prometió a los organizadores. Las ventas de entradas están disponibles en línea en https://tequilabluesrock.com/festivaltickets/, o por contacto directo con la oficina de Tequila Blues.

“Estamos pidiendo a los amigos de los Blues y Blues-Rock de todo el mundo, ya los amigos de la música de Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo que nos ayuden y nos apoyen ahora con sus compras y patrocinios para poder ofrecer la mejor experiencia posible en el evento y permitir nosotros para traer uno o dos artistas internacionales más que llevará nuestro primer año por encima de la cima, dijo el co-presidente Rempel.

El Tequila Blues Explosion Fest. Internacional para Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo es un evento sin fines de lucro organizado por el capítulo local de la Sociedad de Apreciación de Blues, México con el apoyo de BobRempel.com, consultores de gestión, con el objetivo de recaudar fondos para brindar un mejor apoyo tecnológico a las Escuelas y Niños de las dos comunidades y el área, y área de apoyo Océano, Preservación de la playa y proyectos de restauración, mientras que proporciona una experiencia asombrosa de la música, cultural y del recorrido.

Los copresidentes son:

Balta Ramírez, Texas y Zihuatanejo, quien ha recaudado con éxito fondos para equipos médicos de emergencia para ambulancias en el área de Zihuatanejo durante varios años con su propio evento de la Fundación Zihuatanejo Street,

Frank Aiello, Ixtapa, que ha operado un exitoso restaurante en la zona (Frank’s Restaurant) por más de 17 años, con una sólida historia de excelente servicio al cliente y apoyo, y ha estado en el comité organizador de otros festivales en la comunidad, y

Bob Rempel, Manitoba e Ixtapa, que ha organizado muchos festivales similares de recaudación de fondos en Canadá en nombre de su propia organización, mientras que sirve como director ejecutivo de una empresa social en crecimiento en la comunidad y ahora es un consultor de gestión, marketing y comunicaciones.

Además, Dawn Fairbanks de Ontario, Canadá, conocida por sus Blues South Vacation Tours durante los últimos siete años, con sus excelentes contactos en la comunidad de

blues, es un socio importante en el proyecto Tequila Blues Explosion. (http://www.bluessouth.com)

Los voluntarios dispuestos a asumir posiciones clave en la dirección del crecimiento del Festival y la construcción de apoyo de la comunidad, son bienvenidos, y debe ponerse en contacto con el Festival tan pronto como sea posible.

Fotos y videos disponibles en sitios web destacados por encima y desde la oficina del festival. Necesidades especiales para los medios de comunicación y los clientes, por favor, póngase en contacto con la Oficina del Festival para que podamos acomodarle.