We met with Victor Manjarrez of Madana Restaurant and Bar yesterday in Zihua Centro to officially kick off our partnership. We love his positive ‘let’s do this’ attitude. We love the venue. Members of our organizing committee enjoyed some great food and drink there last night as well. We’re excited about our new partnership

In the photos: Key members of The Paraiso Society, our local organizing group, Ken Ristau of Kelowna, BC Canada and Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and Aury Palacios of Ixtapa, Mexico, here with Victor Manjarrez, owner-manager of Madana Restaurant and Bar in Zihuatanejo in the middle and beside Bob. Bob Rempel, chairperson, of The Paraiso Society, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, and Ixtapa, Mexico on the right.

Small Room, Small Stage. In back. Big Vibe. Blues and Rock Bar Feel. A Great Place to “Come Together”. A perfect place for our brand of up-tempo rock and blues music and folks having fun dancing and clapping along. Right now is the perfect time for your Advance Tickets and Passes to guarantee you and your group get Tables and Chairs. Front section seating near the stage and dance floor in order of purchase

We’re at Madana on Saturday, January 21 for our Saturday Night Special Date & Party Night Blues Brothers Show and a whole lot more, Sunday, January 22 for our Mexico’s Got Talent Showcase-yes we’re accepting local performers now…talk to us or Victor, and Friday, January 27 for the opening night of the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Festival with all Fest Performers.

Small room in the back. Small stage, We’ll all be jammed in for our brand of uptempo rock and blues and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Small room! Big fun. And another stage at the front of the restaurant that we can use for the overflow crowd.

If you’re asking where it is, it’s about halfway between the Basketball Court and the Pier with Playa Principal very nearby. And of course, you can find it on any Map online or check out our recent Post about Venue locations here at this site.

Watch for our next Post on venues, when we visit Ricardo’s Restaurant and owner-manager Ricardo Gomez Jr. at the Villas Paraiso Hotel in Ixtapa, our Ixtapa venue.

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