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Introducing Part 1 Of Our Awesome 2024 Performer Lineup for January 18-28, 2024

2023 Was Great As We Successfully Relaunched With Excellent High Energy Music Over 2 Weekends. It Would Be Hard To Improve On The Talent On Display But We Think We Have.

Here’s Our Present Lineup Of Performers For The First Weekend Of Events-January 18-22, 2024. With Performance Videos. Some Of The Same Performers Will Also Be Performing On The January 24-28 Period. We’ll Announce Additional First Weekend Performers And The Full 2nd Weekend Lineup By October 1.

Joanna Connor: Our 2024 Featured Performer

All The Great Performers We’re Announcing In Phase 1

Performance Videos:

Joanna Connor: Make Sure You Get To About 2 Minutes In If You Want To See What We Mean About Guitar Play

Joanna Connor:

Reggie King Sears-Jammin’ with Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Reggie King Sears:

Mariana Gajma, now solo performer, and the former lead vocalist of Merian

Trebor Villa: Plays Hendrix, Sings Dylan Too.

Watch For Details About Our January 22, Special Fundraising Dinner & Concert With Festival Performers (Special Headlining Guest(s) For 22 Only) To Be Announced Before October 1.

Our January 2025 Performers Booked To Date: Steve Marriner Canada, Trey Wanvig USA, Ensamble Ardiente, Mexico, Dylan Triplett USA. More Details To Come Of Course By July 2024, But Now You Have A Very Good Idea Of The High Talent Level Set For 2025. That’s What We Mean About Our “Better and Better” Mission and Plan.

Check out Steve Marriner on his recent single release

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