We at the Paraiso Society, our ad hoc organizing group, are preparing for 2024 and our marketing campaigns after our Kick Off Announcements. It’s easy when your two best marketing messages for “Why Should I Join You” continue to be the same year after year. You just have to change the dates.

This is Paraiso, Paradise…when it’s cold everywhere else. Hidden maybe, but ready for full discovery. And we bring the Fun, the Rockin’ to Paradise. “Join the Paradise Club” and “You in Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise”.

Plus we do have the Best Beaches, many, many in the region. Soft sand, long stretches of open sand, even a few very dog friendly. “Come For The Music, Stay For The Beach” has been with us since we started in 2918

And here they are. See you in Paradise. We’ll bring the Rockin ‘n a Bluesin. With our Big Hearted Big Stage Experienced Performers of course.

See You January 18-28, 2024. Watch for announcements about our 2024 Fest and Events starting July 6, 2023. Finished 2023 with five “one amazing night” 5+ hour shows. Most were sold out. Now aiming to make 2024 even better. We are!

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