Blues-rocker Bex Marshall of London, England, joins us January 19-27, and she’s bringing her special “House of Mercy” hit song, and House of Mercy solace for anyone who has “too much fun” at one of our events. Please check out the House of Mercy, the song. We love it! Know you will too. Plus Bex has a new album called Fortuna, dropping in late October, this year.

Bex Marshall, London, England

Have you seen our previous Performer Welcomes? Telling old fans to join them in the warmth near the great beaches in January, and looking to meet many new fans and friends. More coming soon as we count down the days to live rockin’ and bluesin’ in January in Mexico.

Mariana Gajma, Mexico City

Reggie King Sears, Fort Lauderdale, USA

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