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Thanks again for your interest in our show and our Cause.   We’re  Rockin’ For Street Animal Rescue. So Many Big Hearted Performers Are Here. It’s Come Together 2021 Time.  A Chance To See The Kind Of Performers We’ll Bring To Big Hearts Live Cancun Region Dec. 2-5, 2021.4 Hours & 20 minutes of Great Music, 6 Segments.  A Great Mix…All Free To Watch. A Special High Energy Fun Bonus Segment Available For All Donors To Street Animal Rescue and Neutering

Here Are The File Links.   Segment 1 and 2 Are the Only Ones Available  In The First Hour.After That  All Will Be Available.   We Presently Plan To Leave Them Up And Available Until May 12, 2021 Before We Begin Replacing Them With Our May 16 Big Hearts Show 2.

And A Hint If You Need Another Way To Find The Files:  Go To:
We do have the videos on another server as well in case of major technical issues.
Enjoy!  And please don’t hesitate to send us feedback on the performers you loved and the overall presentation.We hope you will return for the May 16 Show and them join us in Cancun December 2-5.
Bob Rempel
Segment 1     Available 6:00 pm CDT
Segment 2   Available 6:00 pm CDT
Segment 3  Available 7:00 pm CDT

Segment 4 Available 7:00 pm CDT

Segment 5 Available 7:00 pm CDT

Segment 6 Available 7:00 pm CDT

Bonus Segment For Donors.  Available 7:00 pm CDT
Password Will Be Emailed To You Separately Soon After Donation.  Please Do Not Share. Use By Donor Only Please.

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