Meet Our Performers Playlist: Bex Marshall, Mariana Gajma, Charlie Jacobson, Brandon Isaak, Cliff Stevens, Trebor Villa, Norbert Aguilar & Vudu Chile, Kristel Rodriguez, America Hernandez and 1 More Name With Legendary Status To Be Announced January 3

Playlist below plays the selections in sequence.

To see the entire playlist and play selections click on the Youtube button below.

What Real Folks Have Said About 2023 And Past Events…And I Promise We Don’t Make These Up

Fest Director Bob’s Mennonite background from Steinbach in Manitoba Canada, where there was no rockin’ for a long time, just churchgoin’, wouldn’t allow us to. (insert smiling emoji with hands in prayer here).

Yes our mission is to bring you “Amazing Nights…afternoons”, (Great Fun for Great Causes”, 4-5 Hours of Live Music Each Event That Makes You Feel Alive, Makes You Want To Get Up And Dance. Get Up Close And Personal By High-Level Performers, Big Stage Experienced, Most With Several Recorded Albums Or More…From Canada, USA, Mexico and this year for the first time. the United KIngdom. The World, in fact.

Where Will You Be? January 19-27, 2024? We Know Where Joy, Linda, Ken, Louise, Bruce, Doug aka Greaseball and all their friends will be! See Below!

In rough order of when we’ve received them over the past months.

And this from a recent Facebook Post by Director Bob (late October 2023)

“Headed back to I-Z today, but I’m so excited I’ve got to share this news right now.

We set a record Sunday. A rockin’ fun in the sun winter rock and blues paradise always for great Causes record. Joy Marsh of Port Coquitlam BC bought tickets for our largest group ever….18. At Ricardo’s Big Fun House, Ricardo’s Restaurante, in Ixtapa, January 20. Villas Paraíso A big crowd shaping up for Saturday with Friday in Zihua Madana a few tickets away from a sell-out already too.

So the big group challenge starts. Who can top Joy’s group?

They’ve already got a thank-you bottle of Tequila on their table courtesy of Ricardo Gomez Jr, our host on Saturday night in Ixtapa, and courtesy of us at Tequila Rock ”n Blues Explosions Fest 2024. Villas Paraíso Gomez Ricardo Get your big group together too and let us say thank you to you too! Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

We can’t wait to rock with all of our great fans and supporters, our Big Hearts fans and performers. Coming Soon! Very Soon!”

Where Will You Be? January 19-27, 2024? We Know Where Joy, Linda, Ken, Louise, Bruce, Doug aka Greaseball and all their friends will be!

You Could Go To Every Show And Get Something New Each Time Or You Could Pick And Choose As You Wish…Announcing Our 3 Shows Or More Ticketing Package For True Festers, Rock ‘n Blues Lovers

See Them In Performance In Our 2024 Performers’ Highlights Videos first of all. Then check out the Schedule of Events below and then you buy

And then you could become a Rock ‘n Blues Explosions (in Mexico in January) Fan(atic) 3 Timer or 4 or 5 or 6 Timer. 6 Events, Buy a 3, 4 or 5 or 6 Events Package and Save 25 percent and More On Single Event Purchases.

Priority Seating at every event for Rock ‘n Blue Explosions Fan(atics).

Plus Get 1 Each of our Fest Merchandise: 2024 Shirt, 2024 Cold Drink Koozie, Souvenir Shot Glass and Souvenir Coffee Cup.

Also, receive all Audio Recordings Of 1 Fest Event For Download at No Cost and the others at 50% off regular donation pricing.

Buy Now. Click Here to go to the Purchase Page.

Schedule of Events

Current as of October 14, 2023

Very pleased to welcome Reggie King Sears to Mexico and our blues rock Fest in 2024…the performer that the legendary bluesman Buddy Guy affectionately called “one badass m.f. (on stage)”


“This young man is one bad motherf***er (on stage)” Buddy Guy

“One of the top guitarists in the world.” G. Love, G. Love and Special Sauce

“Reggie is the future. If my prayers are answered, I will see him be a big star.” Solomon Burke

“Reggie Sears in the real deal. He has been around long before me and is truly the real deal. Check him out he is amazing.” Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

“A great talent.” Roland Orzabal, Tears For Fears

Reggie at Buddy Guy’s Legend Blues Club in Chicago

Reggie Bio (from the official website:

Former child prodigy Soul-Blues guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist REGGIE KING SEARS is back in 2023 with a new album aptly titled “Back In The Game” that expands on his signature down-home Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Southern Soul sound with deeper Funk and Neo-Soul grooves that will satisfy his fan-base while reaching a larger and younger crowd.

Sears, now 31, has spent most of his life as a professional musician, became a mainstay on the Blues festival circuit and has received praise and earned respect from legends and contemporaries alike.
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Blues legend Buddy Guy called him a “bad motherf*cker”; Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Solomon Burke called him “the future” and dubbed him the new “King of Rock’n’Soul”; Noodles (lead guitarist and founding member of 40x platinum band The Offspring) said Reggie is “one of the best Blues guitarists of his generation”; G. Love (G. Love and Special Sauce) has named Sears “one of the top guitarists in the world”; Roland Orzabal (lead singer of multi-million selling Tears For Fears) called Sears a “great talent”; and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram simply called Sears “the real deal”.

Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sears is the son of an African American/Native American mother and a Caucasian father and is an example of the melting pot of culture that is South Florida. Raised in a low-income area in Fort Lauderdale’s inner-city has no-doubt informed his tough, soulful Funky Blues sound.

Shortly after playing his first gig on his 12th birthday, Sears met and befriended legendary guitarist Hubert Sumlin who taught and mentored him. Further encouragement from B.B. King who told the young man to “Keep on picking young man and keep this music alive” confirmed that he was on the right track.

Sears paid his dues by touring the South’s so-called Chittlin’ Circuit of ghetto bars, juke joints, and blues festivals Sears became a bona-fide entertainer, capable of dazzling audiences with his guitar skills, exciting them with his soulful vocals, engaging them with his natural stage presence and amazing them with his showmanship.

In 2005 at age 14 he released his debut album Transitions to rave reviews and began his first of many national tours. In 2006 he became an honorary member of The James Brown Band when he was only 15, becoming the youngest to do so.

By age 20 he had released 4 albums, racking up three top-charting #1 radio hits on the Southern Soul and Blues charts, multiple top 20 radio hits, winning multiple music awards, playing with a who’s who of legends and stars and racking up thousands of miles on the road.

Sears has racked up three #1 Southern Soul radio hits with “Dip My Dipper”(2007), “You Betrayed Me”(2009) and Dirty Dancer (2010), won multiple music awards and shared the stage with a who’s who of legends and stars such as Buddy Guy, Solomon Burke, Pinetop Perkins, The Temptations, G. Love and Special Sauce, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram and many more.

Sears’ enormous talents and ability to effortless blend multiple styles of Blues, Southern Soul, Funk, Neo-Soul and Hip Hop and weave them into a Rhythm and Blues fusion that ensures that he will continue to grow his fan-base and bring in a new, younger audience while pleasing traditional Blues fans.

Get Tickets To See Reggie and all our other Great Headliners and Performers For Our First Weekend, January 18-22, 2024 Now. Ticket Purchase Link On This Site Here. A Very Special U.K. Headliner That We Have Just Been Able To Confirm Is Still To Be Announced. Some Performers Will Continue With Us Through To January 28, 2024. And New Ones Will Join Us. Great Live Music Always We Promise!

Reggie at Ground Zero Blues Club, New York City

Mexico Beach Wisdoms for August 7, 2024…Counting Down To January 19, 2024 And The Opening Night Of Our 2024 Fest, Our 7th Year

Only For Those Ready To Get Wise At Or Near The Beach In The Warmth With Great Live Music By Top Shelf Performers. Advance Tickets with Reserved Table Privileges In Order Of Purchase (Until September 27 When We Make Our Final Announcements And Add Performers) Available Right Here On Site:

Joanna Connor The Queen Of Blues-Rock, A Superb Guitarist, Respected All Over The World…One Of The Best Performers You’ll Ever See In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

She is the most talented musical performer you’ll see in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo region in 2024. Maybe the best guitarist you’ll ever see in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. No fear in saying that. (We don’t sell used cars here friends)

We welcome Joanna to Mexico in January 2024. A true musician Big Heart who supports our big Street Animal Rescue Shelter and Musical Education for Disadvantaged Kids projects, who wants to come and have some fun together with us at our Fest. “Tell my fans, old and new, tell future musicians, to come and join in on the great blues rock fun in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico”

Bio Summary

Joanna Connor is widely regarded as one of the most talented blues rock guitarists and vocalists in the music industry. She has been praised by fellow performers and fans alike for her incredible musicianship, stage presence, and unique style.

Performance Video: Please Make Sure You Go To About 2 Minutes In To See The Amazing Joanna Connor playing guitar.

Many musicians have expressed their admiration for Joanna Connor’s talents. For example, Joe Bonamassa, a well-known blues rock guitarist, has said that Connor is “a great player and a great singer” and that he is “a big fan.” Buddy Guy, a legendary blues musician, has also praised Connor, saying, “Joanna’s got it all. She can play, she can sing, and she can write.”

Fans of Joanna Connor are equally enthusiastic about her music. On social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, fans frequently share videos of her performances and rave about her guitar playing and vocal abilities. Many describe her as a “hidden gem” and express their amazement that she is not more widely recognized in the music industry.

Overall, Joanna Connor is widely respected and admired for her talent and her contributions to the blues rock genre. Whether performing live or recording in the studio, she continues to impress audiences and fellow musicians with her incredible skills and musical vision.

“Music chose me. I vividly recall trying to sing Louis Armstrong’s ‘Hello Dolly’ in our Brooklyn apartment. It came on the radio often. I knew I was small, but when I researched what year this version was on the charts, I was floored by the realization that I was two years old!”

And so, Joanna Connor’s musical odyssey began. The soundtrack of her childhood in her adopted hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts was diverse and bounteous. The Blues was part of the lexicon. Joanna’s favorite record as a child was Taj Mahal’s “Take A Giant Step/ The Old Folks At Home”.

National and International accolades in the press and radio media resulted in a decade of world tours, a dozen recordings on Ruf Records, MC Records, and others, a documentary on Germany’s WDR Television, and a multitude of TV appearances and radio features.

Joanna and the band shared stages with Blues, Rock and Jazz greats, including Luther Allison, BB King, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Robben Ford, Danny Gatton, Robert Cray, Jimmy Page, ZZ Top, Joe Cocker, Etta James, and others.
With a current band of young virtuoso musicians, she dubbed the Wrecking Crew 23′, and fires were started worldwide on stages everywhere. Joanna reached out to one of her most beloved musicians, Mike Zito, and Gulf Coast Records In hopes that this tsunami of musical energy and passion could be unleashed on a record. Joanna Connor and The Wrecking Crew 23′ have found a musical home and place to launch their new record containing all original music. This highly anticipated album was released in the spring of 2023.


Facebook Fan Page

Feature Article on Joanna from Guitar Player Magazine:

“I Was Going to Do It and No One Was Going to Stop Me”: Joanna Connor Talks Breaking into the Chicago Blues Scene

Feature Article on Joanna from Forbes Magazine

More Bio: from Spotify….click link for her music)

Since releasing the aptly titled Believe It! for Blind Pig in 1989, Chicago-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Joanna Connor has revealed herself as a virtuoso stylist in modern electric blues, R&B, and blues-rock. Her take-no-prisoners playing style joins fiery single-string runs to dazzling, rough-and-ready slide guitar pyrotechnics in an approach at once incendiary and deeply soulful. Connor is also an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. 1996’s Big Girl Blues drew accolades for its raw, house-rocking approach. Despite situating her blues approach firmly in the Chicago tradition, Connor is well-versed in the genre’s long history, amply revealed on 1998’s Slidetime. 2002’s Joanna Connor Band moved toward soulful blues-funk. After 2003’s Mercury Blues, she took a 12-year break from studio recording to raise children. In 2016 Connor returned with the globally acclaimed Six String Stories. The funky, horn-drenched soul blues of Rise followed in 2019. In early 2021 she issued the Joe Bonamassa-produced 4801 South Indiana Avenue.

Connor was born in Brooklyn, New York, but at age four her mother moved to Worcester, Massachusetts. She benefitted from her mother’s huge collection of blues and jazz recordings and was taken to see musicians like Taj MahalBonnie RaittRy Cooder, and Buddy Guy in concert. She got her first guitar at age seven and devoted herself to blues and roots rock. At 16, she began singing in Worcester-area bands and formed the Pino/Connor Band with guitarist Ken Pino; they performed at clubs and colleges across New England. In 1984, at age 22, she boarded a Greyhound bus with a one-way ticket to Chicago. She spent her first three weeks in the Windy City haunting clubs and sitting in wherever she could. She approached Lonnie Brooks one evening, and he referred her to his rhythm guitarist Dion Payton. He invited her up to play and she left quite an impression; she was asked to replace Payton after he left. After joining the combo of slide guitar great Johnny Littlejohn a bit later, Payton invited Connor to join his popular 43rd Street Blues Band. Payton, a big draw locally, showcased her talents in prime city clubs such as Kingston Mines, B.L.U.E.S., and the Checkerboard Lounge. Connor set the town’s hallowed blues bars on fire with her slashing lead guitar work, her passionate slide solos, and soul-drenched vocals. With Payton, Connor was regularly featured alongside Chicago legends including James CottonJunior WellsBuddy Guy, and A.C. Reed. She performed with Payton at the 1987 Chicago Blues Festival. Later that year, she was ready to put her own band together.

Her 1989 debut for the Blind Pig label, Believe It! got her out of Chicago clubs and into clubs and festivals around the U.S., Canada, and Europe. From the beginning, Connor proved herself a road warrior, touring on her own, in package revues, and as a hired gun with other artists. 1992’s Fight registered on the blues charts in several countries. 1993’s Living on the Road and Rock and Roll Gypsy (1995) were cross-licensed by Germany’s Ruf Records label; they cemented her reputation as a headliner and radio staple across the continent. 1996’s Big Girl Blues charted in Europe and established her as a formidable singer as well as a guitarist. 1998’s Slidetime showcased her love of R&B and early blues. Nothing But the Blues, was a live recording of a 1999 show in Germany that appeared to rave reviews on the German In-Akustik label in 2001.

After playing in Deborah Coleman‘s bands for I Can’t Lose and Where Blue Begins, Connor left Blind Pig and signed to small indie label M.C. Records in 2002. Her debut, The Joanna Connor Band, found Connor expanding her sound to reflect her many musical interests that included funk, jazz, and soul. She issued Mercury Blues in 2003, a collaborative covers outing with Europe’s Mercury Ensemble, a cross-disciplinary chamber orchestra. Among its most notable selections were readings of Blind Faith‘s Can’t Find My Way Home,” Jimi Hendrix‘s “Manic Depression,” Aretha Franklin‘s “I Never Loved a Man,” and the Beatles, “Within You, Without You.”

Connor played locally while raising her children. She issued the live Unplugged at Carterco with Lance Lewis and appeared with mentor Luther Allison & Friends on Pay It Forward. Other than the self-released Live 24 cut at a Kingston Mines gig (when off the road, she continued to perform there three nights a week), she remained close to home, playing locally and on the summer festival circuit. In 2014, a fan’s live video captured an incendiary portion of her performance at the North Atlantic Blues Festival; it went viral on YouTube. Based on its success, M.C. Records coaxed her back into the studio for 2016’s Six String Stories. The set contained sophisticated originals co-written with longtime bandmate Lance Lewis as well as covers of Jill Scott‘s “Golden” and Elmore James‘ “The Sky Is Crying.” Connor even ventured into soul-gospel with “Heaven,” featuring the Lewis Family on backing vocals.

With her daughter at Indiana University on a basketball scholarship and her son making his way as a musician in the world, Connor hit the road, playing in Asia, Europe, Canada, and the U.S. She returned to M.C. Records for 2019’s Rise. Showcasing a new band, she embraced the stylistic restlessness of Joanna Connor Band and Six String Stories in a program of funky jazz, hard rock, modern blues, and R&B, with a couple of acoustic tracks added for good measure. Among its highlights were “Bad Hand” with Mike Zito, an instrumental cover of Sly Stone’s If You Want Me to Stay,” and the swinging jump jazz of “Joanna in A.” In 2020, Connor signed to Joe Bonamassa‘s Keeping the Blues Alive (KTBA) label. With guitarists Bonamassa and Josh Smith co-producing, Connor entered the Ocean’s Way Studio in Nashville as part of a three-guitar front line with an all-star cast of players who also included keyboardist Reese Wynans and bassist Calvin Turner, and a horn section. The goal was to cut a personal homage to the school of Chicago blues that nurtured her. To that end, she titled the set 4801 South Indiana Avenue — the address of legendary blues club Theresa’s Lounge that existed from 1951 to 1987 on the City’s South Side and was home to the city’s founding blues fathers. The set was announced in January with the issue of the single and video “I Feel So Good.” The ten-song full-length was released in February of 2021. The album debuted at number one on the blues charts.

The Joanna Connor Story (Youtube Video)

Rockstar Bingo Weekly Is The Perfect Way To Meet New Friends And Countdown To Our Big Live Events In January

Whoa! Happy Hours Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun On Thursdays In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. New To I-Z-Only Game Of It’s Kind Here. For Music Lovers, For Fun Lovers. 4:00 pm start.

Starting November 10 (not 8 if you see that date anywhere) at Ricardo’s Restaurante and Bar in Ixtapa. Our host: is Ricardo Gomez Jr. and yes we are the organizers and sponsors of the event. Great prizes include Festival and Show Tickets, Fest Merch, and more. Drinks, even cash.

A great way to meet new friends if you are a visitor here. And a place for local business folk who love to rock too, to connect with our visitors It’s a great mixer and yes we allow business card exchange and contact info exchange. In fact, we even encourage it and will make time for it.

Here is the full post with much more detail over at our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Facebook Page: Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests

We make Thursday Happy Hours in #Ixtapa#Zinuatanejo much more fun as we begin the countdown to January 21-29, 2023 and our big reboot of Go Mexico Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest ( At Ricardo’s Restaurante and Bar In Ixtapa. The Restaurant Location Link:

Come out and win tickets to the Fest, or shirts, drinks or cash as we play RockStar Bingo. The only Bingo game where you can enjoy listening to the Music of our Lives as we play. It all starts at 4:00 pm.

How It Works: There are over 60+ Music Bingo Playlists & matching Bingo Cards. Each week on Thursday we’ll use Two Playlists for the Game. Each Playlist has either 60 or 75 songs, running at around 60-90 seconds long. All songs are edited to feature the “hooks” of each song for easier recognition All the best songs from your favorite eras & categories of music! Your card has certain songs listed. Who get’s Bingo First? Multiple secondary winners…we play the playlist until the end for more music fun.

Come Out And Give It A Try. Special First Night Promotion: 250 peso all-inclusive national brands drinks per person during 4-6:00 pm which includes. your two Bingo cards for the night. 100 peso value. Plus 1 Free Ticket To The Festival Show Of Your Choice January 26-29, 2023 To Everyone Who Purchases Their Bingo Cards. 350 peso value. That’s Only On November 8 As We Get This Weekly Event Started. Drinks and Food options a la carte are available too. Got Questions…We’d Be Glad To Answer Them.

Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Events & Fests & The Community 2020…Updating In Progress for 2021-2023

We are currently updating this post, originally published on March 31, 2020. (And then Covid changed everything…as we all know) It will reflect how we have greatly expanded our events and locations so we can do more and have a greater impact. It will reflect fundraising since that time and Causes and individuals we have since supported as well. To date since we began on January 8, 2018, we, with the support of our great fans have been able to raise close to 200,000 pesos and put that back into the community towards worthy causes in Mexico.

But we felt that’s just not enough so we expanded greatly our locations within Mexico for the 2021-2022 Winter Season. Our cause for 2021 & the 2022 Winter Season is Street Animal Rescue Mexico. Supporting Neutering, Medical Treatment, and Special Feeding and Housing Programs by Existing Groups and Organizations through grants from our Animal Angels Fund. We’ve just finished our first Fest, The Spirit of Christmas Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Mexico City on December 11, 2021. Many great performers came out to support our Cause and helped us get the Winter Season off to a-rockin’ start. You can check out many of their performance videos on our site. Click to Videos here.

Great media support here. And our original news release issued to the media is here.

Watch For A Finalized Updated Post By late December 2022. First Published March 31, 2020.

Events & Activities Since January 2020:


Most Recently In December 2021, we held our Spirit of Christmas Navidad Mexico City Animal Rescue Fundraising 1 Day Festival. It was a small event, held during Covid restrictions still. Through the help of our Fest fans and our own contributions we were able to donate 3,500 to Susanna and Isidoro Negrete Reynoso for an operation that one of their Rescue Dogs needed

Opened the Helen M. Rempel Memorial Shelter in rural Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Started with four animals, it has the capacity for 8-10. Monthly operating costs of about 5,000 pesos. A bequest from Helen M. Rempel of Steinbach, Manitoba Canada helped us initiate this project.

January 2020 To December 31, 2022

-2 Live Weekend Rock ‘n Blues Events In Ixtapa, Mexico March 2020 (Just prior to Mexico entering Covid lockdowns for live events)

-3 Online Big Hearts-Big Stars Video Shows April, May, June 2021 with excellent support from big-hearted International Performers. All shows are still available for viewing on our Site here and at our Vimeo Site here.

-Created A Winter Season 2021-2022 Event Lineup For Mexico That Will Greatly Expand Our Ability To Raise More Funds And Impact The Work Of Local Organizations And Veterinarians In More Places In Mexico.

-One Event Has Already Been Held. The Spirit Of Christmas Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest In Mexico City On December 11, 2021. We Received Great Support From Many Big Hearted Talent Mexican Performers including Isidoro Negrete Reynoso whose lifetime of blues and rock musical contributions we paid tribute to at the event, Evelyn Rubio (Mexican born based in Houston, Texas), Steffie Beltt, Viri Roots, New Raices del Blues Group, Stick Fingers Group, Torke Ross (lead guitarist and vocals 3 Souls in Mind), Adrian Macotela (lead vocalist and drummer of Desfasados) and many others in support of these performers. All from the Mexico City region. See Performance Videos from the Event Here On Our Site and at our Youtube channel (link on the performance videos page)

-Created two Online Donation Sites At For Fans To Offer Direct Support To Our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events Angeles de Animales Fund. The Site Links Are Street Animal Rescue Mexico our general donation site, and 4 Legs For Blackie, a special site to fund major veterinary care for approximately 3-year-old Blackie who shattered his rear right leg. For your information, the leg was surgically repaired by operation with a pin inserted in his leg by a team of veterinarians in the Toluca area where we first found Blackie. Now approximately a year later, we are thrilled to tell you he is running and jumping full of life like he normally would have been.

Donations Received By Our Donorbox Sites: 8 Donations Received To Date For A Total Of $1,250 USD

Grants & Donations Made by Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Events & Fests: (Further Updates Coming Soon)

Childrens’ Orphanage Zihuatanejo 2018 & 2019

Street Animal Rescue Mexico: 2020+

-Amigos de Animales Shelter & Rescue Barra Potosi (Stasya Briggs)-Zihuatanejo region-1 Donation

-Claudio Bigotes Memorial Shelter-Toluca-Mexico City region (Natalia Ruiz Gomez)-2 Donations: For Neutering Campaign, For Shelter Expansion

-Susanna Hernandez y Isidoro Negrete Street Rescue Shelter: Mexico City-4 Donations: Medical Treatments & Feeding

-4 Legs For Blackie: Veterinarians Otzlotopec For Operation, Medication and After Surgery Care (

-Angeles de Animales Fund: For Miscellaneous Feeding & Shelter Costs 2020 & 2021

Education and Awareness(Street Animal Rescue Mexico)

Also Support For:

Youth Development Support/Realizing Potentials

Musician “Tip Me/Us” Support (Covid Live Music Cancellations)


Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Events & Fests & The Ixtapa-Zihua Community 2020.

The 2020 Tequila Blues & Rock Events for 2020 from January to March are now concluded. Our best-ever Festival, the 3rd one, with Canadian, American, and Mexican performers, and then three amazing Weekend Concert Style Shows with more visiting performers. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. View the Music Of 2020 In Video Here. Nearly 30 Performances And Growing.

Isidoro Negrete Reynoso & The Blues Machine/Maquina de Blues January 11, Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Fest III

We are pleased to report, that with the support of our music and fun-loving fans, we were able to donate to two animal rescue organizations, Amigos de Animales of Barra Potosi, MX and Animales Angeles MX of Mexico City/Toluca, our 2020 Causes, and create two funds, the Realizing Potentials Fund for young people, typically early to mid-teens, and the Birthday/Navidad Smiles Fund for younger children.

A total of $40,300 pesos was raised at the January Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Festival III and the February and March Blues & Rock Weekend Shows for the community.

Fans directly donated $9,500 pesos at the events, with the remainder coming from the Events & Organizers.

This brings the total donated to the Ixtapa-Zihua community to $165,390 pesos since January 2018, when Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Events & Fests held its first event in Ixtapa-Zihua.

We are also pleased to report that a donation of $12,200 pesos in total will be made to Amigos de Animales and Stasya Briggs, the founder and project operator, with the first portion of that donation made on March 26. The remainder to be made in late April. The Animales Angels Project, founded by Natalia Ruiz Gomez, has received $10,730 pesos to date, to help with their ongoing shelter and rescue expenses in the Toluca/Mexico City region.

Additionally, the allocation of $6,000 pesos, with possible additional funding, has been made from the Realizing Potentials Fund to 14-year-old local guitar prodigy, Vicente Contreras for specific approved guitar instruction and equipment that can help take his talent to the next level of accomplishment. The funds will be paid out to cover approved training expenses, once the training and development plan details are in place.

The remaining funds, approximately 10,750 pesos, will be available in reserve in the event that our 2020 Causes require additional support or additional needs and requests from the Realizing Potentials project or Birthday/Navidad Smiles are received. Funds may also be allocated to our Mexico’s Got Talent Showcase project for the showcase and development of youth amateur talent from this part of Mexico, currently planned for late 2020 in Ixtapa.

If you wish more background on Tequila Blues and Rock Explosion Events and our Community Involvement please review our January 23, 2020 News Release as a starting point, or contact Bob Rempel, the Events Chairperson, through this Site or our Facebook Tequila Blues & Rock page.

We sincerely thank all our Fans, Performers, Volunteers and Supporters. Without them, this is not possible.

First and foremost we are about working with high-quality performers with big hearts presenting great Live Music and Entertainment events for everyone’s enjoyment. However, our Community involvement and support for worthy Causes is a very important part of the purpose of all the events we present.

More details on the future 2020 and 2021 Events will be announced as soon as possible.

Our Mission and Purpose can be simply stated: “Great people with big hearts, having fun, enjoying the music of our lives, and doing good things together”.

A thank you from Stasysa Briggs of Amigos de Animales March 28, 2020

Dear Bob, and Friends at Tequila Blues & Rock Festival !

You made our day !


Thank you for supporting us in this fight against abuse and cruelty and ignorance !


Thank you for standing right by us protecting those who are voiceless and helpless!


Thank you for having our back when we rescue the abused, heal the hurt and feed the hungry!

We are in this fight together and thanks to you, we are step by step changing the future for animals and people all together in rural Mexico …

As you know, Amigos de Animales is the only Charitable Foundation in Guerrero includes all 3 core programs : Education, Mass Spay and Neuter , Rescue .

Our Animal Welfare education program, covering 15 local school districts, regular Mass Spay and Neuter clinics, resulting in thousands of animals spayed and neutered, and our shelter, the largest in this area, all require enormous effort, sweat, blood and money ! Lots of money!

And YOU help us keep going !
You motivate, encourage and support !

Thank you! From all of us , volunteers and rescues , from the bottom of our hearts – Thank you !

Stasya Briggs

Amigos de Animales Society is a no-kill volunteer-run Animal Welfare Charity.
Charitable Registration Number (BN): 779789510RR0001Amigos de AnimalesRescue. Spay&Neuter.

You Were Asking-Where Is Hobos Bar & Restaurant In Mexico City

We’re Getting Ready To Rock & Blues Rock On December 11 In Mexico City. Join Us!