We’re very pleased, well we’re actually excited, to announce an additional performer headliner for the Tequila Blues Explosion Festival II in Ixtapa Mexico January 10-13: Charlie Jacobson from Red Deer, Alberta Canada, as well as further enhancements to the Festival. What a great performer list we have in Year II!

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From the announcement:
“More Performers-More Fun-More Cause-”Come For The Music & The Kids-Stay For The Beach!” Only 5 Months Away Now…And We’re Giving You More!
We are pleased to announce another headliner for the fans of Tequila Blues Explosion Fest II January 10-13, 2019 in Ixtapa, Mexico.
News Release Tequila Blues Explosion Festival II August 6, 2018

Charlie Jacobson- https://www.facebook.com/charliejacobsonmusic/
is a perfect headliner for Tequila Blues Explosion Fest at the beach. Now joining Jenie Thai and Andrew Scott, The Dahl Brothers with their Blues Brothers show and multi-instrument talents, and all our other amazing performers from Mexico and Canada, we’ve got enough great music to keep Festival attendees still asking for more when the final notes are played on Sunday, January 13 on the Blues Kruise 4 Kids.
His music will take us in many directions. Want your taste of Elvis style blues: Check this one out for example: Charlie on Youtube

An accomplished blues and blues-rock musician already, still in his 20’s, a native Albertan, from Red Deer, he has performed at numerous festivals across Canada and won the hearts of fans. Three albums to his credit to date and working on another. All on Spotify.

Ready to be a Festival headliner, and we at Tequila Blues Explosion Fest are delighted to put him in that position. He was selected by Via Rail Corporation to be its Artist On Board for their transcontinental train, after a thorough selection process by Via Rail. Soon with international festival status, we know you’ll love Charlie after you see him in Ixtapa, Mexico. “Discover Charlie Jacobson” say many reviewers. http://www.charliejacobson.com

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