Back To Work (Hint: Work = Labour Of Love) for 2021 Continues:
Our New Tequila, Tacos, & Cervezas (The TTC) Rock & Blues Explosion Festival for 2021: Always For Important Causes.

Tequila Blues Explosion Events & Fests on Facebook. Online For Advance Ticket Purchase & Tour Group Signups:

The “Isolate No More” Benefit Events For Local Business & Employees Affected By Covid 19 & For Mexico Tourism Recovery.

Advance Ticket Sales (Advance Sales Only for 2021 Because of Covid 19 Safety & Care Requirements) & Tour Group Signups All Begin August 1, 2021. Deadline December 15, 2020

Performer & Fest Programming Announcements Starting Soon.

You Will Be Able To Take Advantage Of Great Early Bird Membership Pricing.

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