The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Both from the same early era, both from England. The debate among music fans rages on to this day. So we decided to continue The Debate. Who Is The Best? Who Do I Love More?

Sargent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles Most Famous Album.

It’s The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones Challenge In Tribute At Our 2003 Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest The Big Reboot For 2023. The Fest Itself Runs January 26-29, 2023 in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, And Other Shows And House Parties Run Through The Week of January 21-29.

A Great Mexico City Supergroup Put Together Just For Our Event Only Is Coming To Perform. In One Corner: Joseph Leal, Lead Vocalist-Keyboards-Guitar Of The Folk, A Very Popular Beatles Tribute Band Based Out Of Mexico City.

In The Other Corner: Eduardo Resendez lead vocalist of Stick Fingers, stage name, Jagger Stone, a well-known Rolling Stones Tribute Band from Mexico City As Well.

We’ve got a great band backing them, led by Torke Ross of Mexico City also, on lead guitar, who will also perform other great Classic Rock songs during each set. The Music Of Our Lives At Its Finest.

About 5 songs each during their Friday set and then more new music on their Saturday set in the same fashion. By Sunday Jams and Collaborations when they’ll play again, it will be clear that the Real Winners will be the fans and that your dancing shoes will be well worn down.

Where Do You Want To Be January 26-29, 2023? The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones Challenge Is In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico, nowhere else!

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