Musical Education For Kids And Support For Schools of Rock And Blues Is One Of The Causes The Paraiso Society And Our Big Hearted Performers Want To Support From Our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Events. We Know We Need To Focus.

Kids Are Important To Us. Childhood Hunger Projects In Schools or Food Bank(s) Is Something We Want To Help Support With Grants From Funds We Raise. Same For Medical Treatment and Neutering Projects for Street Animal Rescue work. Capital costs of expansion of Shelters as well in the future. When we come together again in 2023, you and your support of our fundraisings such as 50-50 raffles and our own donations from profits we hopefully receive from the events will help us make grants to good projects in all these areas.

Plus we try to include up and coming youth or at least youthful performers, with rock and blues skills, from the local or regional area in our events if we can. Like we did with Vicente Contreras, pictured above, in 2020.

All that preamble brings me to a great recent article we read yesterday where Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zepplin comments on why they allowed the 2003 movie “School of Rock” to use their song Immigrant Song, in the movie after they received a heartfelt video plea from Jack Black himself. They had a history of basically not allowing their music to be used anywhere.

Robert Plant is quoted in this article saying “To Give It To The Kids Is So Important” We couldn’t agree more. Much more good stuff from Robert in the article. We loved the Movie, seen it many times, know the whole world did too. And the Led Zeppelin song was used so well. Check it out.

We need more Led Zeppelin music at our Events. Did we say that The Steely Band of Morelia, Mexico have an excellent selection of Led Zeppelin music they can include in their The Best Of Classic Rock Homage in their shows on January 20 (Ixtapa) & 21 (Zihuatanejo) this year. Of course, we could say the same for their Queen Music, The Doors Music, and on and on. They will provide all that to us.

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