Five More Performers For 2024 To Truly Make Our Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Fest in Mexico Better and Better…Our Mission…Where Will You Be?

Pick One Only: Winter January Blues…Freezing, Snow, No End In Sight, No Great Live Music Anywhere…Or This….Rock ‘n Blues Explosions In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and Region, Mexico…The Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise In Mexico In The Warmth, Many Great Unspoiled Beaches, Tequila, Cold Drink and Fun in Abundance. You Decide Friends!

We’re very pleased today to tell you more about the 5 new performers, new 2024 Big Hearts, we’ve added to our 2024 Festival, plus a New Regional Event, and unique Concept Shows that will rock.

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September 13, 2023  Our Contact Info (Social Media At End)

Contact: Bob Rempel, Managing Chairperson. Residence & Office Address: Ixtapa-Zihua, Mexico. 

Phone/W.A:+52 755 101 5989  Emails: &  

Website: FB: 

The Paraiso Society presents the Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions Festival and our new Generations Unite theme in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and region on January 19-27, 2024. 

We Just Got “Better and Better”, Our Key Words For 2024-2026.  

Announcing 5 Additional Performers, In Addition To Our July 6 Announcement Of Performers 

Today We Are Very Pleased To Tell You That Our Second, World-Class, World Renowned Blues and Rock Guitarist Chris Duarte, of Austin, Texas, USA, Will Join Us To Headline Our Second Weekend Of Events. He will join us starting January 22. 

Now Two World-Class Quality Blues-Rock Guitarists And Vocalists. Joanna Connor ( who joins us starting January 19, and Chris Duarte (  Professional musicians with large fan bases. Both 15 albums to their credit including recent ones this year.  We say, “They are the best guitarists you’ll see in 2024 in Mexico, or any year for that matter…The Perfect 2 in 1 Package for Rock and Blues Explosions! 

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and Region Tourists, Visitors, and Local Folks That Want To Put Some Or A Lot Of Rockin’ and Bluesin Into Their Magical Experiences In Paraiso, Will Benefit Even More.  Winter Rock ‘n Blues Paradise…Much More Than Words We Say

Today We Also Announce For 2024, A Full Creedence/CCR/John Fogerty Concert By The Lead Vocalist of Canada’s Most Successful CCR Tribute Band, Gil Gaidola, and our First International Blues-Rock Recording Artist Performer, Bex Marshall of London, England, Who Starts Her USA Tour To Promote Her New Album Being Released In Late 2023, In Mexico With Us.  Plus We’re Adding One Of Mexico’s Best Young Pop and Rock and Blues Voices, Steffie Beltt, from Mexico City and Norbert Aguilar of Morelia, MX, an outstanding classic rock voice with concept sets involving AC-DC music and The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1965..

Earlier we had announced that Reggie King Sears (Fort Lauderdale, USA), Marianna Gajma (Mexico City), Trebor Villa (Morelia, MX), Kristell Rodriguez (Morelia, MX) and America Hernandez (Morelia, MX) in addition to Joanna Connor.

All our very talented 2024 performers have agreed to take time out of their busy regular gig and tour schedules to be a Big Heart Performer leader in helping us launch our “Better and Better” 3-year plan and major new fundraising campaign for music training for talented disadvantaged youth, and street animal rescue with a focus on senior animals, Multi-Purpose Facility. 

“We are forever grateful to these Big Hearts Big Talents who will join with us to help us build Better and Better Fests so that we make more positive contributions to the community and the causes we are passionate about, said Bob Rempel, chairperson of the all-volunteer ad hoc Paraiso Society organizing group. “They, and all major donors and partners, will all have feature spots on our Big Heart Wall of Honour we will create when our Project is complete and in operation.”

More On Our New Performers:  

For Chris Duarte Please Follow This Link To Our Part 1 News Relase Today For More Detailed Information:  Chris is a high-energy world-class blues, and rock guitarist, with jazz expressions also in his play from time to time. Fifteen albums to date including one released earlier this year.  He agreed to come earlier and join us on January 22, just so we could present a collaboration or two for our special Fundraising Dinner of two of the world’s best together of stage.  Priceless moments but only at the Fundraising Dinner.  When we asked if he could help us with that he quickly responded “I’m Your Guy”.  We don’t make this up folks.  A real breath of fresh air in the industry.  A good guy.  He will be with us until the end of the Fest on the 27, so many up close and personal opportunities, to get to know Chris both as a world class musical talent and as a quality person. 

Gil Gaidola: ( Gil is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Canada’s very popular Mystic Highway Band, based out of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The band performs extensively in Canada and the USA to audiences thrilled with the quality of the performance and the likeness. 

Gil is also a very popular solo acoustic performer, with a large song list, and the Fest has asked him to present songs by two legendary folk-rock icons, who have recently passed: Gordon Lightfoot and Jimmy Buffet.  As well as songs like “Eve of Destruction” and “What So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding” to tie into our Generations Unite…For Peace, Love, Understanding and Mother Earth theme throughout the events of the second week of the Festival. 

Gil has a Big Heart that knows no bounds it seems, so when we told him we needed a fun but highly professional act for a concert-style show for our big fundraising dinner he said “I’m your guy”. 

(We said, we heard exactly the same thing from another performer…Chris Duarte).  There’s a theme here we remarked. “Big Hearts are Big Hearts naturally. That’s who they are in life and we love them for that. Maybe we need to get that “I’m Your Guy” shirt ready for the Fest 😀) 

Gil will perform first with a full 1 hour 15 minute plus show at a special fundraising dinner and concert Monday, January 22 and then stay around through the week and participate in the events. We also feature a “Gil Unplugged” a 2 hour Happy Hour show (why not make the happy hour longer in Mexico, we say) presentation on January 24. We’ve also extended Gil’s time on stage for January 26.

Here’s Gil and Band with an under the radar but infectious CCR song that everyone loves. Green River.

Gil, in middle.

Bex Marshall  ( From London, England, Bex Marshall is the first of many future performers from England or Europe to perform at the festival. The festival organizers are committed to showcasing the best talent from all over the world, and we are very excited to have Marshall kick off this new chapter in the festival’s history.  Bex is known for her powerful vocals and bluesy guitar playing, Marshall is a four-time British Blues Award winner and has released six albums over the course of her career. A new album, labelled “Fortuna” is to be released before the end of 2023 and signals the start of extensive “Bex is Back” touring for her.  Her previous album, “House of Mercy,” was released in 2020 and was met with critical acclaim. The title song became a popular hit in England.  The album features a mix of blues, rock, and soul, and showcases Marshall’s raw talent and emotional vocals. Bex joins us for the first weekend starting January 19 and will be with us until January 27. Guitar Clinics, Writers Workshops Including Songwriting and Of Course Great Music With Her Original And A Large Song List.

Here’s Bex with I Can’t Look You In The Eye from 2019 

Steffie Beltt  We feel honored to have her with us.  Talk about a future shining star worldwide. A powerful stage presence she is best heard and seen live.  Steffie is a young Mexico City vocalist of Mexican and Cuban backgrounds, who has already performed on stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Billy Branch and Bobby McFerrin. She fuses blues with genres such as soul , jazz , rock . , pop , R&B , funk for a unique sound that appeals to all ages.  We are very pleased to have Steffie with us to Headline our Generations Unite theme for the Fest’s second week.  Her concept show, Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress” which she has agreed to present for our fans will feature the music of all Generations from the 50’s to Current Day and is a one of a kind show that is being put together for the Festival.

More on Steffie at this link (Wikipedia)

Steffie sings the blues for you: Te Dedico Este Blues

She is truly a Big Heart as well and works actively to support street animals in Mexico.  See her wearing the Shirt proudly, below.:

Norbert Aguilar  (@norbertbones) Norbert is a well liked and respected very knowledgeable radio broadcaster, (we used to call them d.j’s), podcaster and blogger in Morelia Mexico by day and by night he unleashes his great rock voice for classic rock music of all kinds. Plays bass guitar as well. We saw an impromptu performance of AC-DC and Zeppelin music in 2023 at a Zihua event of ours, and the Fan reaction was “We want more of this, more of Norbert”.  We agreed because we likex it equally as much. So we’ve made this a set part of our Fest for the second weekend.  Norbert will do two concept sets, the Highway to Rock Heaven The AC-DC Inspired Party Rock Set and the Beatles 1965 First Stadium Show In the USA, in it’s entirety.

Here’s some very raw fan shot video from 2023.  In celebration of being back rockin’ and rollin’ in 2023 after a 2 year absence.

Event Dates And Tickets

Event Dates Are Now Set As Well. January 19, 20, 21 and January 25, 26, 27 plus free Meet and Greets January 19 in the afternoon and January 24 (Happy Hour) with live music as well. View Them Here.

We’re very pleased to announce our First Regional Event.  We’ll be at La Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Troncones on January 25 for a Full Fest Show. With a special early Bob Dylan set by Trebor Villa and a special in tribute Jimi Hendrix music set by Chris Duarte supported by Fest Performers plus much more for about 4.5 to 5 hours of live music.   (  La Mexicana Website

Tickets With Table Reservation Privileges for the January 22 to 27 Dates Are Now On Sale. Details Here.  The Details Of The Special La Grande Fundraising Dinner And Special Concert With Unique Collaborations (Connor and Duarte for example)  plus the mid Afternoon “We’re Going Sunsettin’  Experience With Fest Performers, Will Be Published On October 1.

For The Full September 13 News Release Part 1 Please Follow This Link

For The July 6 News Release Announcing Our First Weekend Performers Please Follow This Link


2024 Posters Week 1 and Week 2

Charlie Jacobson is a fan favorite and he’s coming back to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo with a special Chuck Berry homage and his own music.

Charlie creates fans and friends wherever he plays. On stage, he is the consummate showman with his lead guitar playing. He already has the Chuck Berry duckwalk down pat. His guitar and music skills are top of the line. Also a sought after lead guitar session musician, and a multi-instrumentalist, he came from a music-performing family. Learned to play and perform at an early age. It shows on stage.

He’ll be here for the Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Fest, our 2023 Big Reboot, for the Fest Weekend January 27-29, 2023. Don’t miss his Chuck Berry, Johnny B. Goode Show, and much of his own music too. Charlie and 50-60’s Rock and Rockabilly Music are a natural combination. And Blues too. His version of Muddy Water Blues is excellent.

We’re hoping his schedule might allow us to add him as well to the Shows Weekend, one week previously. Let him collaborate with Geoff and Chris Dahl, The Blues Brothers, excellent musicians in their own right, and with Marc Lopez, our Crooners performer. We’ll let you know soon.

Here’s Charlie on stage in Ixtapa 3 years ago. With Evelyn Rubio, Geoff and Chris Dahl, and Gil Gaidola. All great friends of the Fest, Big Hearts…we love them all. The Magical Nights are coming back friends!

Great Plans For Street Animal Fundraising By Volunteer Organizers Get Derailed By Heartless Venue Operator: The Live Music Opportunity For Puerto Vallarta February 3-6, 2022: News Release-

Please Note: Translation Available On Our Main Page: Click “Idioma”

Great Plans For Street Animal Fundraising By Volunteer Organizers Get Derailed By Heartless Venue Operator: The Live Music Opportunity For Puerto Vallarta February 3-6, 2022: News Release

The Street Animal Rescue Mexico Fundraising Rock ‘n Blues Fest Needs Its Own Last Minute Rescue.

Are You Actively Presenting Live Rock ‘n Blues Music Now? Do You Mind If Your Guests Start Dancing When The Music Gets Rockin’ We Think We Have A Great Music & Event Opportunity For You?

Interested? Let’s Talk And Firm This Up Before The New Year: I’m Bob Rempel, Volunteer Director Of Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosion Events & Fests. Permanent Resident Status Mexico. From Winnipeg, Canada. Whatsapp or Phone: +52 755 101 5989. Website. Facebook: and (my personal facebook)


It’s last-minute we know but still enough time to make this great. If you have a stage and sound and backline equipment (drums, amplifiers, monitors…often your favorite band can supply that and perform with us as well), we have an opportunity for your bar or restaurant for music at no cost to you for the weekend of February 3-6, 2022.

Alternatively, we are looking at the option of performing at open-air venues for the largest possible audience.

Background: We publicly announced a venue in July for our first Puerto Vallarta Event. That verbal agreement seems to have fallen through. Lessons learned and we’ll be smarter next time.

But that creates an opportunity for a new partner for our Tequila Rock ‘n Blues Explosions events.

We have planned our first fundraising rock ‘n blues live music event for Puerto Vallarta for February 3-6, 2022.

We have a great lineup of performers ready to come in and support the fundraising for Street Animal Rescue Mexico, our cause for the 2021-22 winter season. We bring in the “Big Hearts” we call them.

Seventy-five percent of the fundraising from the Events we do in Puerto Vallarta will go to the local organizations like SPCA Puerta Vallarta and others that apply for funding. Primarily for neutering and medical treatment campaigns to existing organizations or veterinarians. The rest of the funds go to projects in other parts of Mexico. We are in the process of making contact with all of them now to create partnerships to work together on this fundraising weekend in P.V.

It starts with a special opening night concert by our headliner Chris Duarte. On Thursday February 3. A legend in blues-rock. Clearly one of the best guitarists in the world. And he “plays his ass off for the fans” as one fan said in a quote. From Austin, Texas. Often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan. 14 albums. Tours extensively. Humble and a great guy. Perfect for our fest. And then Chris, and his partner Beth Lee, who is coming to Puerto Vallarta as well, will perform throughout our Fest, Electric country rock and soulful country from Beth.

Opening night, Thursday, February 3, Gil Gaidola, lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Mystic Highway, one of Canada’s top Creedence-John Fogerty Tribute Bands, who loves Mexico, who loves animals is ready to perform in Puerto Vallarta or region, as well. At your bar or restaurant. And then throughout the Friday through Sunday Fest as well.

We have Mexican performers as well. We always try to have a good blend. Viri Roots from Mexico City one of Mexico’s best blues voices will be a key part of our Bob Marley Tribute, and Fonzeca CPP Project a four-piece group from Monterrey, Mexico led by Fonzeca Alexander, who has been named one of Mexico’s top male blues voices every year the past 10 years.

In addition to the Bob Marley Tribute, Chris Duarte will help lead our Jimi Hendrix Tribute and Gil Gaidola will lead our Creedence-John Fogerty Tribute. Music that is familiar to the fans and your guests. But each will do their own originals and cover songs throughout the Fest as well so fans will get the best of both worlds.

Plus we wish to feature at least one, possibly two to three local groups and performers. This way your very good and favorite local performer or band can be part of the Fest too. And we will bring in one or two more Mexican or USA performers and announce them by mid-January once we have a Venue firmly in place and we know how the lineup looks.

Please don’t think you have to accept our plan and approach 100% without a chance to talk and us to listen. We are looking to create long-term venue partners in Puerto Vallarta and every other community we go to.

You Supply The Venue And Stage And Are Identified As Our Fundraising Venue Partner In All Communication.

You Supply The Backline (Drums, Lead Guitar Amp, Bass Guitar Amp, Possibly Rhythm Amp), Monitors, Microphones)…The Stage Is Basically Plug and Play For Outside Musicians. As We Said Earlier Often This Can Be Supplied

You Supply Meals And Or Snacks And Drinks To Performers And A Couple Of Volunteers…As Discussed And Agreed On By Text Or Email

You Support The Event Through Promotion And Advertising Through Your Existing Channels And More If Possible.

You Retain All Food And Drinks Revenue, However, We Ask That You Open Your Big Heart Too And Consider A Donation To The Fundraising Based On The Revenues Generated By The Weekend.

We Supply The Musicians, Pay For Their Travel, And Accommodation, And Other Local Expenses. Organize The Performance Lineup And Advertise The Event Online. Your Help In Finding Good Value Accommodation And Meals And Other Perks For Musicians To Make Them Want To Return To Our Events And Your Venue In The Future Is Greatly Appreciated.

We Collect An Agreed On Cover Charge At The Door, Conduct Fundraising Activities And Sell Fundraising Merchandise. Great Music And Lots Of Fun Leads To Successful Fundraising…Our Philosophy.

Some Media Coverage For Your Background Information: Mexico News Daily Issue Wire News Release

I’m Sure You Have Lots Of Questions. You Can Send Them To Me Or We Can Talk In Person Or Do A Video Chat. Whatever You Prefer. Some Images Below For Your Information. Event Posters Are Examples Only. Hasta Luego.

Presenting A Pre Glimpse Into The Talent That Will Be On Display At The Evelyn Rubio And Friends Evening For Street Animal Rescue In Mexico In Playa Del Carmen Thursday December 2

Presenting A Pre Glimpse Into The Talent That Will Be On Display At The Evelyn Rubio And Friends Evening For Street Animal Rescue In Mexico In Playa Del Carmen Thursday, December 2

View Video By Direct Link:

More Great Music Coming May 16 6:00 pm cdt

Big Hearts-Big Stars…For The Rescue! Is Back. Fundraising And Creating Awareness For Street Animal Rescue, Neutering & Awareness Mexico And WorldWide. It’s Show # 2. Lineup Here Performer Previews For Our Live Events Upcoming In Mexico: Cancun Region December 2-5, 2021, Ixtapa-Zihua January 27-30, 2022, Puerto Vallarta Region February 3-6, 2022. Mexico City: To Be Scheduled.

All Music From Show #1 April 18 Available Free To Watch For A Limited Time At This Site On Our Streams Channel

Now Booking More Big Hearted Big Stars…Blues Rock, Rock, Rockabilly Pop, Jazz Who Love Animals & Support Animal Rescue For Our June 13 Big Hearts-Big Stars For The Rescue! Online Show. We’d Love To Hear From You. Our Contact Us Links Are Above.

Order of Appearance for Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Fest January 17 & 18 in Ixtapa, Mexico

We start Friday night at 7:00 pm. At Villas Paraiso Hotel in Ixtapa. Be in your seats early. The one of a kind Blues Brothers Show comes on soon after. Vicente Contreras, teenage guitar prodigy from Ixtapa, Mexico, just before them on the lineup. Show Tickets or Dinner & A Show & Drinks Tickets Available At Midday At Villas Paraiso Hotel or Online at

“Best Tequila Blues & Rock Fest Ever” Say All The Fans And It Continues On Friday, January 17 and Saturday, 18

Equally As Good, We Feel! We regret on behalf of our fans that circumstances beyond our control required us to change the Performers’ Lineup and the Venue for the January 17 & 18 shows. We are all about Great Live Music first and foremost. Watch for more Performer Additions.